Makerobos - Frontman: Enterprise Chatbot For Your Business

Who says we aren’t?

Who is not passionate about technology and high quality work? But the art of delighting the customer is not very sorted science. A single business message has the potential to connect, co-operate, take action and essentially change entire relationship with the customer forever.

It is hard to fully comprehend the magnitude of impact the bland user experience can have on businesses. Many organizations jump into new ventures without knowing what problems they have to address, how to identify new customer segments and product lines, what are the methods to generate revenues and most importantly how to predict buying behavior of a customer?

Established in 2018, Makerobos started off its journey with a vision to build engagement centric platform enabling businesses to communicate with their customers just like concerned, logical & empathetic human does. With conventional models of customer engagement waning fast, we always feel excited about building path breaking products using technologies including conversational artificial intelligence, automation, emotional engagement and prescriptive predictions that can shape future businesses