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AI Chatbot


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Glossary  /  AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot - Definition & use cases

Artificial intelligence chatbots are the computer program or conversational agent, that's smart enough to understand and respond to human queries. The inception of ELIZA in the 1960s, a natural processing program that can interpret human language, is the very beginning of the era of the conversational chatbots. Now, with ongoing advancements in the field of A.I., NLP, and ML-like technologies, chatbots have emerged as the leading innovation of the 21st century. For the same reason, A.I. chatbots are now counted as a necessary tool that enterprises must-have. The implementation of AI chatbot can bring ease of doing online business by automating the repetitive and tedious tasks, that occupy the maximum resources of a company. With wide adoption across different industries, Ai chatbots have become the most employable tool across enterprises for automating business operations, such as marketing, customer service, ticket generation, ticket routing, information accumulation, etc.

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