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Chatbot Experience


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Glossary  /  Chatbot Experience

Chatbot Experience - Definition & use cases

It can be termed as the cumulative experience of users from the beginning of chat to the end. Chatbot experience largely depends on the ability of chatbots to keep users engaged while serving them with the asked information. To improve the chatbot experience, you should minimise reductant conversational flow, that is not serving any purpose to the customers. Another way of improving it includes the use of typing delays while delivering a large piece of information. So users can understand it without getting annoyed. Moreover, the repeated replies like "I'm still learning" for a complex query can also upset users and leave them with a wrong impression and experience of the chatbot. So in order to save users from grasping a bad image of your chatbot, you should train the chatbot correctly and. Most importantly, you should define the scope of chatbot at the beginning of conversations so that users can have an idea of its capabilities.

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