Frontman Apps
Business Chatbot on Steroids

Help people discover and easily access your services throughout the conversation.

Zero Coding | Enterprise Platform | No Credit Card Required

More than just chat screen, Frontman Apps serves as way finding kiosk to your visitors

Persistent Menu


Broadcast Message


Get Subscribers


Persistent Menu

Power your Frontman with the intuitive home screen. Enlist relevant business topics and start a specific conversation with users as per their selection

Broadcast Menu

Now make important announcements that won't go unnoticed. Display video, Image or GIF along with catchy title and description to grab the attention of website visitors. Redirect visitors to a landing page or start a relevant conversation when they click on the message

Subscribe Users

Grow subscriber base significantly. Display a custom sign-up form and ask website visitors to enter their email address to get updates about your products and services

Promote Video

Insert and play a promotional video on the home screen of Frontman. Trigger a specific conversation when user clicks on the message

Learn How Makerobos Chatbot Platform Can Transform Customer Experience

  • Context Management
  • Live Visitor Tracking
  • Zero Code Integration
  • Frontman Apps
  • Conversational AI
  • Hybrid Chat (Bot + Human)
  • Conversational Ads
  • In-built Business Intelligence