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Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is an AI Chatbot and its Benefits?

Artificial Intelligence chatbot is a conversational agent that can interpret and understand the language of humans and can reply accordingly. There are many benefits of AI Chatbot like, it can help in fastening the business cycle while enhancing the sales and lowering the customer acquiring cost.

✔ How can AI Chatbot Boost Conversion Rate?

AI bots like Frontman can authenticate the user credentials via OTP, hence eliminating the chances of spurious leads that you may get via web-forms. Furthermore, better leads often turn into valuable customers. So, by connecting your business with genuine buyers, a chatbot can effectively boost the conversion rate.

✔ What can I Do with Frontman?

With Frontman, you can explore a whole new world of endless possibilities. This chatbot can be your perfect business suite, it can assist your customers with real-time support, and help the sales team to connect with the prospects via conversational marketing. Also, you can extend the customer support services by 24*7 at a very cost-effective price, that too while enhancing the user experience.

✔ Can I Build this Chatbot without any Coding Skills?

No worries, Frontman is a LEGO-themed conversational chatbot platform. To build a bot for your business, log into the Dashboard, visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, and visit the Story Builder section to build the conversational flow. Keynote: Understand the functioning of basic conversational cards in the Story Builder, and utilize them accordingly to create an engaging bot conversation.

✔ I want to know about the pricing of this chatbot.

You can check out the pricing details here. pricing details here.

✔ Is this Chatbot Mobile-friendly?

Yes. Frontman is device responsive chatbot highly optimized for all kinds of devices like mobile (iOS, Android), Tablet and PC.

✔ I Want to Know More about AI Chatbots?

Artificial Intelligence-driven chatbots have become the talk of the town. Businesses are relying on this next-gen tech to enable better coordination between teams and also customers. To stay updated with the ongoing developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, check out our blog.

✔ Which Plan is Right for me?

You can choose from a variety of plans tailored as per the size and requirements of the business. There are a few important factors that determine the suitability of plans like, monthly active users and business needs. You can also check out the available plans here. For your custom needs, contact sales. Enterprise plan

✔ Why Personalization Matters?

Personalization can be defined as tailoring the ongoing conversational flow as per the previous interactions of the users. Personalization enhances the user experience and helps in connecting with the ready to buy prospects.

✔ Are Web and Mobile Users Chatbot Ready?

Yes, with billions of users active on messaging applications, texting has become the primary mode of communication. This indicates that people prefer to communicate via text-based conversational platforms. Hence a conversational chatbot on your website can enable a seamless connection with the next-gen of buyers.

✔ Is it a Voice based AI or text based AI Chatbot?

At present, we have developed Frontman as a text-based AI assistant. But shortly, we will be releasing the voice-based version of Frontman.

✔ How can AI Chatbot Help me Generate Better Leads?

To generate better leads, it's important to connect with the landing visitors and answer their queries. An AI chatbot can converse with the prospects and educate them about products and services. This action promotes their interest in buying it. Hence, it boosts lead generation and conversion rate effectively. Moreover, the next-gen chatbots can verify user details via OTP and forward it to the sales department in real-time.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and Third-party Applications with AI chatbot?

Frontman allows you to seamlessly integrate CRM and other third-party applications to get and post data in real-time.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train Frontman in multiple regional and global languages, such as Hindi, English, Spanish, French, German, etc.

✔ I Want you to Build a ChatBot for my Business Website!

Sign up now and pick a plan that suits your business requirements. For chatbot building assistance, contact us at,

✔ What Are the Prime Features of this AI chatbot?

Frontman is a fast, precise, and intelligent chatbot builder platform. This bot has been built, keeping in mind the day to day challenges businesses face while engaging with their customers. Frontman is packed with many Industry first and specific features, such as (1) OTP verification: Confirm and connect with genuine buyers and prospects on the go. (2) Get Geolocation: Get the exact location of your customers and ensure the hassle-free delivery of services. (3) Embed chatbot: Integrate the chatbot at a specific section of the webpage and start the targetted conversation with the users. (4) Track Goals: With inbuilt Goal tracker, get the success rate of campaigns in real-time. (5) Analytics: Get real-time analytics of bot and user interaction.

✔ How to Edit a Template?

You can edit templates after cloning them. Log into the dashboard, then visit the Template section and copy a Template into the Instances section. Open the Instance and click on the cloned Instance, then go to the Story Builder section to make new changes in the conversational flow. For customizing the design and appearence of the bot, visit the Style Builder section.

✔ I Need Help Building this AI Chatbot

Frontman is easy to build like, LEGO board games, you can create an engaging conversational flow. However, if you are facing any difficulty then we can assign chatbot expert for any kind of assistance regarding development and chatbot building.

✔ What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is the promotion of products and services via one on one conversation with the users.

✔ Why Chatbots are Better than Forms?

Chatbots enable two-way communication with the website visitors and keep them engaged. Whereas, forms are straightforward in this approach that eventually degrades the user experience.

✔ Is My Data Secure?

You business data is secured with 256 bit SSL encryption and stored on industry-grade and dedicated secure servers.

✔ Can I Use Frontman for Free?

Yes, sign up now now and select the Free Forever plan to use Frontman for free.