Airline Chatbot(5)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Aviation Industry

While being frequent flier, passengers often need information on schedules, fares, boarding pass, arrival and departure gates etc. Makerobos Airline chatbot can deliver e ... Read more

Use cases

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Flight Trip Itinerary Planner

Flight Trip Itinerary Planner

Build flight chatbot to help passengers help discover right places to go and organize flight details

Airline Information

Airline Information

Build airline bot to assist air passengers with comprehensive flight details

Airline Lost & Found

Airline Lost & Found

Create airline chatbot to report lost baggage and find missing items

Search Flights

Search Flights

Build flight chatbot to help air passengers discover best flights, routes and compare air routes

Plan Your Holiday

Plan Your Holiday

Create airline chatbot to assist passengers planning holiday packages

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Airline Chatbot?

Airline Chatbot is a conversational platform that can answer the queries of the flyers in real-time and assist them with flight booking, hotel search, reschedule the booking, raise a complaint, and submit their feedback.

✔ What are the Features of Airline Chatbot?

Airline chatbot is loaded with many industry-specific features, such as: (1) Embed chatbot: Integrate the chatbot at a specific section of the webpage and start the targetted conversation with the users. (2) Autosuggest: Help users by suggesting them city name, country name, and enhance the user experience. (3) OTP verification: Verify the user credentials and confirm the booking in just seconds. (4) Pre-welcome message: Target website visitors with attractive offers as the land on a particular page. (5) Analytics: Get hands-on real-time analytics and analyze the success of the marketing campaigns.

✔ Which Plan Suits Best for Airlines?

We recommend the Business and Enterprise plans for the aviation industry. To know more about plans, click here.

✔ How to Automate User Queries?

Answering the same query, again and again, can be tiresome for human agents. To automate such queries via Airline chatbot, you should train the chatbot with these queries via Instinct AI secttion. So whenever a customer asks such a query, then the bot will reply in real-time. It can answer thousands of such requests at the same time, without letting a single user wait in a queue.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and other 3rd party applications.

✔ Can a User Book/Cancle a Ticket via Airline chatbot?

Yes, flyers can book and cancel their tickets as per the rules governed by the airline. AI chatbot can remember the user details, and when the same user repeats, it will auto-fill the required details and confirm it with the user before submission.

✔ Is this chatbot multilingual?

Yes, Airline chatbot can converse in multiple languages. It can identify the language of the buyers and starts the conversation in the same language.

✔ What are the requirements of Airline chabot?

The basic requirements of building an Airline chatbot are: (1) Repeated queries of the users (2) APIs to link with the chatbot (3) Integrations with the database, CRM, and other third party applications.

✔ What are the Benefits of Airline Chatbot?

There are many benefits of Airline chatbot, it can assist flyers and also customer care executives to tackle the genuine queries of the users. By deploying a chatbot on the airlines' website, you can enable round the clock available customer support at a very cost-effective price. Apart from support services, you can run marketing campaigns, such as PPC, Email, and SMS to win more customers via a conversational interface.

✔ What is the Pricing of Airline Chatbot?

To know about Pricing, click here.

✔ How to Build an Airline Chatbot?

To build an Airline Chatbot, you should sign up and create a new account. If you are already a registered member, then log into the Dashboard and create an Instance. Now open the newly created Instance and visit the Style Builder section to design the Airline chatbot and Story Builder and Instinct AI section to train the chatbot and build the conversational flow.

✔ How it Can Help in Lost and Found?

Lost and found is critical and important for the convenience of passengers. Announcements might not be the best way to help users find their valuables. An airline can make use of the chatbot to help users get their valuables, by displaying the found items via AI Chatbot. This way, you can increase the reach to thousands of users and let users claim their items within the chat window. Also, the bot will ask for the user address to deliver the item, in case a user can not pick the item.

✔ What is the Future of AI Chatbots in Aviation industry?

With the rising demands in the aviation industry, it has become important to address the issues of customers in realtime. This will help in enhancing the customer experience. Also, Airline chatbot can remain available on the users' smartphone and act as a personal virtual assistant.

✔ How Many Users can Airline chatbot Assist in the Same Time?

There is no maximum limit to what this chatbot can do, it can assist millions of users at the same time. This capability of Airline chatbot can create a big impact on the functioning of customer support services in the aviation industry.

✔ What are the additional features of Airline chatbot?

Aviation industry is becoming data-centered, and AI chatbots can fasten up this process significantly. They can track the user interaction pattern and analyse it to produce the better results. You can run a specific conversation to target customers and enhance the conversion rate.

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