Banking Chatbot(8)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Banks

Banking institutions can easily train Makerobos chatbot with millions of questions frequently asked by customers during their banking experience. The chatbot will not onl ... Read more

Use cases

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Create recharge chatbot to assist paying bills and answer queries 24/7

Bill Payment

Bill Payment

Create bill payment chatbot to help paying bills and answer queries 24/7

Fund Transfer

Fund Transfer

Build fund transfer chatbot to assist transferring funds round the clock



Create insurance chatbot to view and compare insurance policies without human intervention

Credit Card

Credit Card

Build credit card chatbot to assist customers with credit card related services

Bank Survey

Bank Survey

Impement bank survey chatbot to perform surveys and collect feedback

Trading Account Applicaiton

Trading Account Applicaiton

Deploy trading account application chatbot to help businesses open trading accounts by conversing with the bot.

Premium Calculator

Premium Calculator

Deploy banking chatbot to calculate premium on a monthly or yearly basis for long or short term loan. Let business and individuals converse with the boat and get answers for premium related queries

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Banking Chatbot?

A Banking chatbot is a computer program that can converse with the users, understand their queries, and reply to them instantly like messaging apps.

✔ How can a Banking Chatbot Help Users?

Banking with ease is the future of the banking sector. There are numerous ways a conversational Banking chatbot can help users like, it can enable all-time active customer support, users can check and track their transactions, raise a grievance in just minutes, without waiting in a queue for hours.

✔ Can I Use it in Different Languages?

You can train the Banking chatbot in different languages. Once trained, a bot can answer the queries of the customers by interpreting their responses.

✔ Is there any Risk of Data Theft?

We got you covered, with our secure servers and highly optimized security backed by 256 bit SLA encryption.

✔ What are the Prime Features of Banking Chatbot?

This chatbot comes loaded with the industry's first and industry-specific features that can help you create banking services seamless for the end-users. (1) Embed chatbot: Integrate the chatbot at a specific section of the webpage and start the targetted conversation with the users. (2) Broadcast: This feature allows you to broadcast a message via a conversational interface to all the landing visitors (3) Teaser Messages: Start the targated conversation with the website visitors as they land on a particular page.

✔ What are the Results of Conversational Marketing in Banking Sector?

You can run marketing campaigns via Frontman. This bot allows you to run conversational PPC campaigns at a very cost-effective price while getting you 13X better results than PPC forms.

✔ How to Automate the Monotonous Queries of the Customers?

Chatbot automation is the easiest task. All you need to have is: What most of the users ask? and how to match their requirements! Go to the Story Builder and place the conversational cards according to the requirements.

✔ Can I Collect KYC Documents via AI Chatbot?

From customer viewpoint, Banking is considered as an easy job. But, AI chatbots like Frontman can make it easier for both institutions and customers. Like, the KYC documents feature allows banks to collect the documents from the end-users and send them to the concerned department in real-time. This can enable hassle-free and secure banking via a conversational interface.

✔ Why I need Banking Chatbot?

Banking services are the need of the hour but it gets unreal to provide 24*7 active customer support to the customers. Whereas, banking chatbot can make it happen at a cost-effective price. It allows you to enable the 24*7 hassle-free movement of services to the end-users. This enhances the user experience and makes them pursue a product or service.

✔ What are the Benefits of Banking Chatbot?

The banking sector often faces trouble in solving the issues of customers on time. Not to mention, some times it takes weeks to resolve an issue regarding a transaction. But, as banking is a highly crucial service, AI chatbots can help such institutions to answer the queries of the customers as they ask. Bots can answer 80% of the monotonous queries in real-time. Whereas when unable to answer, it will transfer the conversation to the human agents for further assistance. The contextual handoff saves human agents to answer the repeated queries of the users. Moreover, the mix of bots and humans can make banking services efficient and reliable.

✔ What Banking Services Can I offer Via Banking Chatbot?

You can enable an array of banking services seamlessly to the end-users. Be it transaction alert, fund transfer, apply for a loan, apply for a credit card, apply for new account, and other services, or let a customer raise a ticket within the chat window. A bot can tackle most of the queries without any delay and human intervention.

✔ How Can I Market Banking services via AI chatbot?

Banking chatbot allows you to run PPC, Email, and SMS conversational marketing campaigns. You can market banking services to the end-users by personalizing the conversation. Engage with selected users by running targeted campaigns and download reports for downstream analysis.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Apps with Banking Chatbot?

Integrate all you can, Frontman allows seamless integration with CRM, and third-party applications.

✔ How to Build a Chatbot for Banking?

You can build a chatbot for the banking website in minutes. Visit the signup page and register for an account. Now, log into the Dashboard and create an Instance for the Banking Chatbot. Click on the newly created instance and visit the Style Builder section to change the appearance of the banking bot. And, click on the Instinct AI to train the bot, and Story Builder section to build the conversational flow. In case of any queries, you can get in touch with our experts. We'll assist you to build a powerful conversational flow as per the requirements.

✔ What is the Future of Banking Chatbots?

Today's banking services are more inclined towards personalization. AI chatbots can make it happen at a very efficient rate and cost-effective prices. They can remember the interaction with the users and use the same data to offer personalized service as per the user preferences.

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