Coaching Chatbot(4)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Coaching Institutions

In coaching business, time, funds, and resources are typically limited. The pros of having a chatbot available to students are multifold like chatbot can answer questions ... Read more

Use cases

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Course Advisor

Course Advisor

Make course advisor bot to help students find online educaitonal programmes & courses

Test Prep

Test Prep

Deploy test preparation bot assisting students with exam preparation and practice test

Coaching Admission

Coaching Admission

Build coaching admission bot to screen potential students for the enrollment

Student Psychoanalysis

Student Psychoanalysis

Are you a doctor? Having your own clinic? Or your own school? Want assistance in carrying out student-psychoanalysis test? All you are looking for is a chatbot!

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Coaching Chatbot?

A coaching chatbot is a virtual assistant programmed to learn from the user interaction and assist them with curriculum plans, assignments, deadlines, textbooks to prefer, etc.

✔ How to Build a Coaching Chatbot?

It's easy to build a coaching chatbot from scratch without any prior knowledge of programming. Sign up now and create an account, then log into the Dashboard. Now, visit the Instances section to create an Instance or you can use one from the Templates section by cloning one. The cloned templates will be moved into the Instances section. Open the Instance, and visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, and Instinct AI to train the bot with repeated queries and the Story Builder section to build a conversational flow as per the marketing, and lead generation campaigns.

✔ What is the Pricing of Coaching Chatbot?

Click here to know more about the features and pricingof the coaching chatbot.

✔ How to Get Started with the Coaching Chatbot? I Don't Know How to Build!

Coaching chatbot is a LEGO-based chatbot builder platform. You can use various conversational cards to compose the conversational flow. At first, you have to signup and create an account. Then log into the Dashboard and create an Instance and open it. Visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, Story Builder and Instinct AI to build conversational flow.

✔ Can I Run PPC Campaigns via Coaching Chatbot?

PPC marketing can help you get a good engagement and conversion rate. You can build the lead generation and marketing conversational flow and run them via PPC campaigns. As a user will click on the URL, the bot will pop up and start the conversation.

✔ How it Can Help Students with Admission?

AI chatbot stay available for 24*7, it can answer the repeated and monotonous queries of the users. Students can inquire about a course and can ask the Coaching chatbot to know about the course duration, eligibilty criteria, and fees.

✔ How Can I use it for Lead Generation?

Coaching chatbot can help you generate better leads than forms or other traditional tools. It can keep users engaged and answer their queries. You can verify the user credentials via OTP and send the verified details to the concerned team for real-time action.

✔ How it can Help in Online Classes?

Online coaching has become popular among students. You can leverage the next-gen tech based Coaching chatbot to connect with the users looking for online courses and study material. It can answer their queries regarding the course duration, fees, etc. Moreover, a chatbot can also help in expanding the outreach of such programs to the wider audience and filter out the interested ones using multi-turn conversational flow.

✔ What are the Benefis of Coaching Chatbot?

A Coaching chatbot can be your gateway to unlock the future of education and make it more feasible for students. You can deploy a single AI chatbot to tackle multiple operations simultaneously. Like, it can answer the general queries of the students, and at the same time can prefer a course to other students, while marketing the available courses to the prospects. The multidimensional workability makes them cost-effective as well as the time-saving machine.

✔ What are the Features of Coaching Chatbot?

A coaching bot can understand the requirements of the users and provide them the relevant solution instantly. (1) It can verify the credentials of the users via OTP. (2) It can transfer the chat to the agent based on the complexity of the query. (3) It can offer students ebooks, quick notes, study material, etc.

✔ Do I Need to Train the Coaching Chatbot?

Yes to make the bot perfect, you need to train it with the monotonous queries of the users. Log into the Dashboard, and visit the Instinct AI section to automate the repeated queries. Or you can build a conversational flow via the Story Builder section.

✔ Does this Chatbot Support CRM and 3rd Party Integration?

Yes, you can integrate the CRM and other third-party tools with the chatbot.

✔ How it Can Help Students in Test Preparation?

Coaching chatbot lets you to connect with hundred of students via single conversational window. You can build the quizzes and make it fun for students to learn complex concepts.

✔ How Can I use it for Marketing?

A Coaching chatbot can fulfill your marketing needs. You can personalize the conversation as per the user's preferences, and target them with the relevant courses. In addition, you can also run PPC campaigns, Email and SMS marketing campaigns via a conversational interface.

✔ How Many Users can it Handle at the Same Tme?

Unlike human agents that can answer a single user at one time, or live chat agents that can answer 3-5 users at the same time. Coaching chatbot doesn't hold back the customer support services and stays available 24*7. Moreover, there is no upper limit, it can assist thousands of users at the same time without even letting a single one wait for a second.

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