E-commerce Chatbot(10)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for E-commerce Sector

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Use cases

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E-commerce Store

E-commerce Store

Deploy e-commerce bot to find products, ask questions and buy items straight from the chat.

Fashion Advisor

Fashion Advisor

Make chatbot to assist the shopper in selecting the right outfit like a personal fashion stylist.

Compare Products

Compare Products

Build chatbot to compare products brandwise, check out the latest deals and buy items within chat

Search Merchandise

Search Merchandise

Create search merchandise to generate lead and market products.

Track Orders

Track Orders

Deploy track orders to helping customers track orders, pass delivery instructions and collect feedback post delivery.

E-commerce Seller

E-commerce Seller

Deploy e-commerce seller to enroll new sellers and respond to account queries round the clock



Deploy payment chatbot to accept payments from visitors around the world.

Beauty Advisor

Beauty Advisor

Make beauty advisor to educate women on easy to try makeup techniques and suggest beauty products

Product Refund

Product Refund

Create product refund bot to return an item purchased from online marketplace within chat

Exchange & Replacement

Exchange & Replacement

Create product merchandise exchange bot to echange an item purchased from online marketplace within chat

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is E-commerce Chatbot?

E-commerce chatbot is a computer program that can assist buyers to search, compare, and buy a product, or raise a query regarding a product with ease. This next-gen technology can be an influential enabler between an E-commerce platform and users.

✔ What are the Features of E-commerce Chatbot?

AI chatbot can turn online commerce into conversational commerce. It allows you to create a Persistent menu on the front screen of the bot and list the important items, offers, etc to attract the users as they land on the website. In case of any queries, customers can raise a ticket directly via the bot, and the ticket will be assigned to a human agent in real-time.

✔ What is the Pricing of E-commerce Chatbot?

Click here to know about the features and pricing of the E-commerce chatbot.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yess, integrate and automate your work without any hassle.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train this chabot in multiple languages.

✔ Can I run Marketing Campaigns via E-commerce Chatbot?

Exceptional marketing campaigns are the need of the E-commerce businesses. It can help in connecting with the right audience and establish a presence in the market. With conversational marketing, you can connect with the visitors as they will land on the website. The active assistance help prospects to inquire about a product and place their order. You can personalize the bot conversation as per user input to enhance the engagement with the customers. Moreover, apart from the in web marketing experience, you can also run PPC, Email, and SMS conversational marketing campaigns.

✔ How it can Help in Product Replacement/Refund/Return?

AI chatbots can free up human agents from handling return/refund/replacement issues of the customers. It can ask a few questions to the users, such as reason, images of the product, and feedback. The bot will then do the background check with the return and refund policy, and act according to the customer request.

✔ What is the Conversion Rate of E-commerce Chatbot?

Chatbots allow you to establish a first-hand connection with the landing website visitors. This marks the presence of active customer support, which further motivates the users to place their orders. Thus, with E-commerce bot, you can get up to 3X conversion rate than with traditional tools of customer engagement.

✔ What are the Benefits of E-commerce Chatbot?

AI chatbots provide a myriad of benefits for the E-commerce sector. Like, AI bot can answer the repeated queries of the customers and help reduce the operation cost by 3X. On the other hand, being available for 24*7, a chatbot can enhance the outreach of an E-commerce business and double the operations. Apart from this, in terms of Analytics, a chatbot present you with in-depth user analytics, that can be used to design marketing campaigns for a varied customer base.

✔ What are the Applications of E-commerce Chatbot?

E-commerce chatbot can be used to provide active customer support, market products, and enhance sales effectively. Moreover, it can also collect important user metrics that can be used to empower the Research and Development department.

✔ How to Build E-commerce Chatbot?

Building an E-commerce bot is super easy, you need to first sign up and create an account. Then log into the Dashboard and create an Instance. Click on the new Instance and visit the Style Builder to design the bot, Story Builder to build the conversational flow, and Instinct AI to train the chatbot with the repeated queries of the customers.

✔ What is the Future of E-commerce Chatbot?

The future of conversational commerce relies on user personalization. AI chatbots can make it happen, they can save user preferences, analytics, and other metrics to personalize the user experience. With this advanced approach, AI chatbots can change the face of the online market around the world, and make it more sustainable for the future of shopping.

✔ What are the Unique Features of E-commerce Chatbot?

Conversational commerce is a powerful way to understand your customers while selling them a product. You can insert Gif, Images, and Videos in the conversational flow and make it more engaging. A video can help users understand the product in detail while they can also ask their queries to the chatbot and get an answer in real-time.

✔ Can I get the Feedback of the Customers via E-commerce Chatbot?

Yes, you can collect the feedback from the customers and can direct the conversation accordingly. In case if a user is not satisfied with the product or quality fo the product, then E-commerce chatbot can assign the issue to the human agent for quick assistance.

✔ Can I Provide Personalized Shooping Experience to the Users via E-commerce Chatbot?

Personalization has become a driving factor in the growth of E-commerce businesses. You can personalize the shopping journey of the users from the beginning to the end. E-commerce chatbot can remember the preferences of the users, size, preferable delivery time, address, etc. It can display the products as per their input and preferences of the users.

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