Event Management Chatbot(7)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Event Management

One of the nice feature of chatbot is its ability to aid in event management. It can designed to show booking dates, allocate seats and provide venue details when asked b ... Read more

Use cases

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Deploy chatbot to help attendees confirm conference registration and respond to queries related to sessions and conference speakers.

Event Booking

Event Booking

Deploy chatbot to help attendees confirm event registration and respond to queries 24/7

Post Conference Review

Post Conference Review

Build chatbot to improve organisers fine tune future events by getting user feedback.

Event Explainer Promotion

Event Explainer Promotion

Deploy event explainer promotion chatbot to provide assistance attendees with program details, collecting feedback and answer frequently asked queries

Event Catering

Event Catering

Integrate event catering chatbot to collect catering orders, answer FAQs and grow business 24*7 without human involvement

Annual Expo Registration

Annual Expo Registration

Deploy annual expo registration bot to register visitors for the expo event, promote highlights of the event and collect feedback 24x7 during the program

Birthday Invitation

Birthday Invitation

Deploy birthday invitation chatbot to invite guest, share event highlights, time and location details of the event

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Event Managemet Chatbot?

Event management chatbot is a software program developed and designed by Makerobos to provide real-time support to the website visitors by answering their queries in real-time. The active support enhances the user experience as well as stands out your business from the crowd.

✔ What are the Features of Event Management Chatbot?

The Event management chatbot lets you create PPC conversational landing page, Verify the credentials of the users via OTP, schedule an event within the chat window, track marketing campaigns, and lets you get hands-on deep analytics.

✔ How to Build Event Management Chatbot?

You can build an Event Management chatbot in just minutes. Simply, register for an account and log into the Dashboard , then visit the Story Builder section and start building the conversational flow, you can also change the bot appearance from the Style builder section in the Dashboard.

✔ What is the Future of Event Management Chatbot?

Event management is a comprehensive field, hence the future possibilities of AI are endless. And, it's highly likely that AI bots will manage most of the queries of the customers and help solve the queries without any human interaction.

✔ Live chatbot vs AI chatbot? Which one is better?

In the domain of Event Management, AI chatbots are more effective and cost-efficient than Live chat. You can automate the monotonous queries of the website visitors and add many other elements in the conversational flow to enhance the user experience. Plus, a single bot can handle thousands of users at the same time, hence allowing the human agents to work on the complex queries of the users without letting them wait in the queues.

✔ How Hospitality Chatbot can help Sponsors and Organizors?

This bot can gather critical information about the users and what they prefer. This can help organizers and sponsors to learn about the participants and design the theme of Events accordingly.

✔ What are the Industry-specific Features of Event management chatbot?

This chatbot offers an array of features that are designed for the Event Management industry. Such as, this bot allows you to integrate CRM and other third-party applications, verify user details via OTP verification, arrange a quick callback with a human agent, and contextual handoff for the users to live chat agents for better resolution.

✔ What are the Unique Features of Event Management Chatbot?

Event management chatbot comes with many unique features that are designed to enhance business productivity, such as: (1) Pre welcome message: Display special offers and discounts as a welcome message to the website visitors and catch their attention. (2) Track Goals: Keep an eye on user engagement and analyze at which point most users are turning away from the conversation. (3) Persistent Menu: Create a menu for the homescreen of Frontman and list important business offerings.

✔ What are the Benefits of Event Management Chatbot?

The benefits of AI chatbot in the Event Management industry are manifold. A single chatbot can answer the queries of hundreds of visitors at the same time. The one on one support makes it easier for the users to get support in real-time. This enhances the user experience and promotes the user's interest in availing service. While the cost-effective prices of the chatbot give you an upper hand in reducing the cost of customer support, marketing, and sales.

✔ What is the Pricing of Event Managemeent Chatbot?

To know about the pricing of Event management chatbot, click here

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and 3rd party applications using our JSON API module with the Event management chatbot.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the bot in multiple languages.

✔ How AI Chatbot can Help Event Managers?

Event managers often search for analytics to interpret the success of the events. Now it has got easier with the AI chatbots, they can collect the real-time interaction data of the users and share it with the Event managers.

✔ How a Bot can Help in Selling More Tickets?

Event management chatbot is loaded with many customer engagement features that can help sell more tickets. Like, with the help of the Pre-welcome message, you can display offers and discounts to the website visitors. Or you can design the home screen of the bot with a creative Persistent Menu. These ways you can catch the attention of the customers and can sell more tickets as well.

✔ How Personalization can Help in Lead Generation?

Personalization boosts user engagement and make bot communication rich and engaging for the users. Thus, promotes them to continue exploring the event and its details, which eventually results in better lead generation.

✔ Can I run PPC Conversational Marketing Campaign?

Yes, you can design a conversational landing page for PPC campaigns and track the success in real-time using the Goal Tracker feature.

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