Hospitality Chatbot(9)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Hospitality Sector

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Use cases

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Hotel Concierge

Hotel Concierge

Create chatbot to welcome customers and confirm reservations.

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation

Build chatbot to help customers enquire about availability, amenities and hotel fare.

Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

Deploy chatbot collect feedback on food quality, ambiance and staff behaviour.

Room Service

Room Service

Build chatbot to answer queries related to room service like food ordering from menu and setting up early morning reminders

Bus Booking

Bus Booking

Implement bus booking chatbot to help travellers book ticket online and ask FAQs

Cab Booking

Cab Booking

Implement bus cab booking chatbot to help travellers book cab online and ask FAQs

Hotel Deals

Hotel Deals

Deploy chatbot to offer hot and last minute hotel deals to visitors and convert them into paying customers

Hotel Navigator Concierge

Hotel Navigator Concierge

Implement hotel navigation concierge chatbot to help hotel residents with navigational queries and update on services

Hotel Faq

Hotel Faq

Deploy hotel FAQ chatbot to answer FAQs and do check-in and check-out using bot

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is a Hospitality Chatbot?

Hospitality chatbot is an AI-based program that makes use of Natural Language Processing to understand the queries of the users and reply accordingly. This bot can help customers to search for hotels, book a hotel, avail room service, and drop their feedback.

✔ What are the Features of Hospitality Chatbot?

Hospitality chatbot is a device responsive conversational platform that allows you to build the multi-turn conversations, here are some of the prime features of this chatbot: (1) Let users schedule a meeting or book a room using Date Picker functionality (2) Integrate Google calender for setup meeting reminders (2) Run personalized marketing campaigns. (3) Capture user attention with Pre-welcome message. (4) Integrate CRM with the bot. (5) Create Persistent Menu.

✔ How to Build a Hospitality Chatbot without any Programming Skills?

You don't need to have any programming skills to build a chatbot for your hospitality business. Frontman is a LEGO-based chatbot builder platform. To create a bot for your business, signupand create an account. Then log into the Dashboard and create an Instance or pick one from the Templates section. Now, open the bot Instance, and go to Style Builder to design the chatbot, visit Story Builder to Build the conversational flow, and Instinct AI to train the bot with the monotonous queries of the users.

✔ What is the Future of Hospitality Chatbot?

You can integrate CRM and other third-party applications with the Hospitality chatbot.

✔ Can Hospitality Chatbot Boost Customer Engagement Rate?

Hospitality chatbot can start the conversation with the visitors as they will land on the website. With Pre-welcome messages and Persistent Menu, you can bind the interest of the buyers and keep them engaged for long. Thus it will result in an increased engagement rate.

✔ How to Train Hospitality Chatbot?

Training is the most important aspect of AI chatbot. To make your bot perfect, you can start with the repeated queries of the users. Map the queries together and build the conversational flow via the Story Builder section. You can also make use of the Instinct AI section to answer the repeated queries.

✔ What are the Specific Features of Hospitality Chatbot?

Frontman is developed and designed as a perfect Hospitality chatbot. It lets you watch the videos and images of the hotel, room, restaurant, and read the reviews of other customers in an interactive conversational manner. Including this, here are some of the unique features of the hospitality chatbot: (1) Get feedback from the customers and run a specific conversational flow based on the input. (2) Track lead generation and marketing goals via Goal tracker. (3) A/B test the conversational flows.

✔ How to Know if Bot Conversations are Effective or not?

You can always check the effectiveness of the chatbot by placing the Goal tracker card at different conversational turns. It will help you to understand the deflection point. Also, you can build two different conversational flows and can analyze which one is more effective by placing the A/B testing card and Goal tracker. Get the results in the Analytics section of the dashboard.

✔ What are the Benefits of Hospitality Chatbot?

From providing 24/7 active customer support to run conversational PPC campaigns, a Hospitality chatbot can upscale your business. Via this bot, you can provide customers with relevant and personalized services. Also, you can track the interaction of the users with the chatbot and analyze the best ways to pitch a service, without degrading the customer experience.

✔ What is the Pricing of Hospitality Chatbot?

Click here to read more about the pricing of the Hospitality chatbot.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and Third-party Applications with the Hospitality Chatbot?

Hospitality chatbot can be integrated with CRM and other third-party applications.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the bot in Hindi, English, Marathi, French, etc.

✔ What Kind of Services can I offer via Hospitality Chatbot?

You can integrate all your business offering with the Hospitality chatbot like, book a room, book a cab, avail food, register a complaint, inquire about travel packages, etc.

✔ How can a Hospotality Chatbot Boost Online Booking?

Hospitality bot can clear the queries of the users and remembers their preferences. By engaging with the users in real-time, this bot makes it easygoing for them to search and find suitable services. In the case of repeated users, a bot can be tailored to pitch services based on the previous interaction. This enhances the user experience while also promotes them to avail services.

✔ Can I collect feedback of the users via Hospitality chatbot?

Yes, you can collect the feedback of the users and run a separate conversational flow for different ratings.

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