Railway Train Chatbot(5)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Railways

While traveling on wheels, passengers often need information on schedules, fares, platform allocations, etc. Makerobos train chatbot can deliver engaging and personalized ... Read more

Use cases

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Book Train Ticket

Book Train Ticket

Build train bot to help travelers with booking train tickets online in the chat

Train Schedule

Train Schedule

Build rail chatbot to assist travelers check out train schedules round the clock

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Create train bot to help travelers report lost baggage and find missing items

Track Train

Track Train

Build train bot to help passengers get alert when train is behind schedule or delayed

PNR Enquiry

PNR Enquiry

Create rail bot to help students to check details of the coach and seat number

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Railway Chatbot?

A Railway chatbot can be defined as a software program developed to converse with the users and answer their train booking, departure, and arrival related queries.

✔ What are the Features of Railway Chabot?

Railway bot is a powerful conversational platform that can help bridge a new era of customer support. It has a bag of features that can make things easier for the passengers like it lets users track the train, inquire about the arrival time, and cancel a booking, without waiting in a queue. Also, at the end of the journey, you can collect the users' feedback via the chat window, or Email and SMS.

✔ How to Build a Railway Chatbot?

To build a Railway bot you should first log into the Dashboard. Go to the Instances, select an Instance and then visit Story Builder to build the conversational flow of the chatbot.

✔ How to Automate User Queries?

Automation is the key to remain sustainable in this era of customer support. Approximately 80% of user queries are repeated and monotonous. To automate such queries via Railway chatbot, you should have a broad knowledge of what kind of questions users ask in general. After it, visit the Story Builder to design the appropriate conversational flow for each question. Or, you can train the chatbot with user queries via Instinct AI section.

✔ What are the Use Cases of Railway chatbot?

A Railway chatbot can be used to enable real-time customer support to the thousands of users at the same time. It can also market new offers by personalizing the conversation as per user preferences. Also, to improve the services, you can collect the feedback at the end of the journey.

✔ Can this Chatbot Handle Millions of Queries at the Same Time?

Yes, Railyway chatbot can handle the queries of different users and remember their input as well. There is no upper limit to what this chatbot can do, and when trained well it can answer most of the queries of thousands of the users.

✔ Can a User Cancle the Railway Ticket via AI chatbot?

Yes, users can cancel their journey tickets via the chat window without any human assistance. The bot will refer to the cancellation policy to initiate a refund and inform the users about the same.

✔ How it can Help Users with Ticket Booking?

Booking a ticket is quite a daunting task as users have to fill a long-form and enter their details. Also, forms consume a lot of time and kill customer experience as well. This can be improved and enhanced via AI chatbots that can converse with the users and ask them the required details one by one. It can also remember the input of the users and auto-fill the fields when the same user wants to book a ticket again.

✔ What are the Benefits of Railway Chatbot?

There are many benefits of deploying the Railway chatbot on the website. Such as a single bot can assist 1000s of users at the same time, it can answer the repeated queries of the passengers and free up the human agents to handle the complex ones. This will eventually enhance the operation speed and productivity of the Railways. Plus, AI chatbot allows customers to book a train, get a refund, and raise a complaint in a conversational manner, without any delay.

✔ What is the Pricing of Railway Chatbot?

For pricing related queries, check pricing of the chatbot plans.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Application with Railway Chatbot?

Yes you can. Frontman allows you to integrate CRM and other third party applications.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, Railway chatbot can be trained in regional, national, and foreign languages to assit the visitors and passengers.

✔ What is the Future of Railyway chatbot?

With time, Chatbots will learn about user preferences and get better in enabling real-time solutions to their problems. They can keep track of the users' travel patterns and suggest them with the relevant services.

✔ Is this Chatbot Mobile Friendly?

Yes Railyway chatbot can be used on any device. It can adapt to the responsive design witthout harming the seamless conversation.

✔ How Railway chatbot can improve ROI?

AI chatbots are fast, efficient, and precise. They can be used to answer the monotonous queries of the users and free up the human executives to handle the complex queries of the passengers. This will enhance the support operations at a very cost-effective price. Hence, the overall performance and ROI will also boost effectively.

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