Restaurant Chatbot(4)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Restaurant

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Use cases

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Menu Request

Menu Request

Deploy menu request chatbot to help with food ordering, applying discount coupons and pay for the food in-house

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Build table reservation chatbot to reserve the table in advance in the restaurant

Restaurant FAQ

Restaurant FAQ

Build restaurant faqs chatbot to address customer’s common queries round the clock

Restaurant Feedback

Restaurant Feedback

Create restaurant feedback chatbot to help customers take satisfaction surveys in the chat

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Restaurant Chatbot?

A restaurant chatbot is a computer program developed to help restaurants in taking orders from the customers, sharing the details to the concerned teams, and answering the queries of the users related to food, reservation, discount, and coupons.

✔ What are the Features of Restaurant Chatbot?

The restaurant chatbot allows you to confirm the booking of the customers by verifying their request via OTP sent to Email/SMS, Plus, a bot collects the analytics of the user engagement that can help you to understand the pattern of the users, what they like, dislike and how to enhance the customer experience. Moreover, you can also create a Persistent Menu to list the special offers and services on the front screen of the chatbot. Like this, you can run a pre-welcome message for the landing website visitors and catch their attention.

✔ What is the Pricing of Restaurant Chatbot?

Click here and visit the pricing page to know more about features and pricing.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and Third-party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and third-party applications.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, this chatbot can be trained in multiple languages.

✔ Can I Collect the Feedback of the Customers?

Getting feedback of the customers is an important aspect of improving services and enhancing user experience. You can collect the feedback of the users via conversational interface in real-time. Also, you can build a separate conversational flow for each user rating and feedback. This will help in keeping relevancy while offering regrets to the customers.

✔ Can I start Online Food Delivery via Restaurant Chatbot?

Capturing online market requires a lot of resources, but with AI chatbot like Frontman, you can answer the queries of the users, share offers, and let them place their order within the chat screen. Hence, it can multitask the processes that are monotonous and repeated. The chatbot will send the user details to the back end and send the confirmation to the customers after confirming their order. Users can track their order, raise a query, and leave a short note via conversational interface. This enhances the user experience and reduces the efforts by human executives to tackle the repeated tasks.

✔ What are Unique Features of Frontman for Restaurant Industry?

Frontman being a smart and intelligent chatbot empowers restaurants to expand the reach to the new users via conversational marketing. You can personalize the conversation as per the user input and can also create a pre-welcome message and display the offers and discounts to capture the attention of the users. This promotes the users to check out the discount and offers, and place their order.

✔ What are the Benefits of Restaurant Chatbot?

A Restaurant Chatbot can help eateries to answer the repeated queries of the users, and eliminate the queues from counters, by assisting the users via a conversational interface. This will enhance customer support services and improve user experience as well.

✔ What are the Applications of Restaurant Chatbot?

A restaurant chatbot can be used to generate orders, answer the queries of the customers, and gather feedback from the customers regarding services, food, etc.

✔ How to Build Restaurant Chatbot?

To build the Restaurant chatbot, sign up now and create an account. Then log into the Dashboard, create an Instance, and make use of Style Builder, Story Builder, and Instinct AI to design and develop the conversational flow of the chatbot.

✔ What is the Future of Restaurant Chatbot?

The future of Restaurant chatbot is likely to rely on personalized services. Personalization has become the all-time need to enhance the customer experience. This is where AI chatbots can be a great help, a Restaurant chatbot can remember the previous selections of the users, their food preferences, and compare the choices with the factors like weather, mood, etc to filter out the food items for the users.

✔ How Restaurant chatbot can Help with Table Reservation?

Booking a table is going to be too easy for customers. A bot can assist the users with their queries regarding the pricing, menu, and availability. Then, to confirm the booking, the bot will promote the user to pick a suitable date, time, and table number. It will then send the user details to the back end system for confirmation, and send the conformation to the user. In case of the complex query, a user can also avail the human assistance via chatbot in real-time, this will enhance the user experience and make services more manageable for restaurants too.

✔ Can I run Marketing Campaigns via Restaurant Chatbot?

Yes you can run and track marketing campaigns via Restaurant chatbot.It allows you to build PPC, SMS, and Email based conversational marketing campaigns and start the conversation with the prospects as they click on the link. You can personalzie the conversation as per user preferences. While the two-way communication with the interested users enhance the customer experience and makes it easier for you to pitch a service and boost orders.

✔ Can I Design the Restaurant Chatbot as per my Business?

Frontman is fully customizable chatbot that allows you to change the Background pattern, Interaction color, Avatar image, Logo, Short description, and create a Persistent Menu for the homescreen of the chatbot.

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