Consultancy Chatbot(4)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consutancy Chatbot?

A Consultancy chatbot is a computer program that can be used to fasten the customer support process by automating the monotonous queries of the customers.

What are the Features of Consultancy Chatbot?

Consultancy chatbot allows you to get the user documents directly via chat window using the File upload function. Like this, it allows you to verify the user details via OTP sent to email/number.

How to Build Consultancy Chatbot?

You can build Consultancy chatbot in just a few steps: (1) Sign up now and create an account. (2) Then login to the Dashboard. (3) Create an Instance and fill all the details. (4) Open the Instance and visit the Style Builder for designing the chatbot (5) Visit the Story Builder for building the conversational flow. Happy Boting.

What is the Future of Consultacy Chatbot?

The consultancy has been considered as one of the tiresome tasks. It includes many steps that are repeated and monotonous in nature. Hence with the integration of next-gen technology like AI chatbots, consultancy companies can tackle such tasks and boost work efficiency. The more consultancy chatbot will learn from the user engagement, the better it will get. Hence, with months of training and development, a bot can singlehandedly handle the queries of the users and can also help in building successful marketing campaigns.

How it can Help in Career Counselling?

AI chatbots can screen hundreds of candidates at once, it can ask Tier 1 questions like experience, knowledge, skills, to assess the profile of the candidates. It will then match it with the available jobs and suggest the candidates' relevant ones that fall in their domain of expertise. On the other hand, the collected user details will be sent to the hiring authorities in real-time so they can connect with the right employee.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversations are the easiest way to spread words. Conversational marketing is the one on one marketing strategy that includes two-way communication between a business and a prospect. Moreover, in this conversational era, it is one of the most effective ways to sell via chatbots.

How a Consultancy Chatbot can Help Startups?

Startups often face difficulty in scaling their operations. A chatbot can guide startups to take the right step at the right time by utilizing the minimum resources. This leads to the proper utilization of time, money and other resources.

What are the Benefits of Consultancy Chatbot?

A consultancy chatbot can free up human agents from answering the monotonous queries of the customers, and make it easier for them to handle the complex queries of the users. Including this, it can help in reducing the cost of operations while boosting the revenue as well.

What is the Pricing of Consultancy Chabot?

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Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yes, you can seamlessly integrate CRM and other 3rd party applications.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the Consultancy Chatbot in multiple languages.

Can I Run Online Hiring Campaigns via Consultancy Chatbot?

Frontman allows you to build conversational PPC campaigns that can be used for marketing and lead generation as well. You can also run Email and SMS marketing campaigns and track the user engagement in real-time.

Can I Collect Feedback of the Users via Consultancy Chatbot?

The feedback of the user can act as a stepping stone. Consultancy chatbot allows you to get thorough feedback from the applicants. This can help in understanding how to improve services and relationships with the employees.