Customer Care Chatbot(3)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Chatbot for Customer Care Sector

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Use cases

User Engagement Feedback & Survey Education & TrainingMore
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Create customer satisfaction survey chatbot to collect instant feedback on recent purchase or customer support interaction all in the chat

Complaint Registration

Complaint Registration

Build complaint registration chatbot to register complaints in the form of chatter

Game Review

Game Review

Deploy Game Review Chatbot on your website and collect reviews and afterthoughts of gamers in the game

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Customer Care Chatbot?

A customer care chatbot is a computer program that can converse and assist users regarding their queries and provide them with the needed resolution at any hour of the day.

✔ What are the Features of Customer Care Chatbot?

Customer care chatbot can be trained and designed as per the domain of the industry. It allows businesses to provide real-time resolution to the customers, in case if bot fails to provide a relevant solution. Then it will raise a ticket and transfer the query to a human agent for quick assistance. Including this, a bot can ensure after-sales customer service and reduce the cost of customer support operations by 4X.

✔ What is the Pricing of Customer Care Chatbot?

To know more about the features and pricing of Customer care chatbot, click here.

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and third party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and other third party application with the Customer Care chatbot

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the chatbot in multiple languages.

✔ Can I Personalize the Customer Support Services via Chatbot?

Customer care chatbot can remember the previous interactions and conversations of the users. Using the same information, a chatbot can personalize the customer support journey of the users. It can help in enabling seamless services to the end-users and enhancing the customer experience at the same time.

✔ Can I Collect Feedback of the Customers via Chatbot?

Yes, you can. Customer care chatbot can collect the feedback of the users conversationally. It can even start a specific conversational flow as per user ratings. And, you can choose to send the feedback of the customers to the concerned team, so the right action can be taken at the right time.

✔ What are the Benefits of Customer Care Chatbot?

There are many benefits of customer care chatbot like it can provide an instant solution to the users without letting them wait. Plus, a chatbot can handle thousands of user queries at the same time, and that too at a very cost-effective price.

✔ What are the Applications of Customer Care Chatbot?

There are endless applications of the AI chatbots as per the domain of the business. In general, they can assist users with their queries, raise a ticket and assign the query to an agent, track progress, and inform the user about the resolution. Apart from these applications, AI chatbots can generate user analytics that can be used to enhance user research and development and understand the reason behind the monotonous queries to reduce them.

✔ How to Build Customer Care Chatbot?

Building a Customer care chatbot is super easy. Sign up now and create an account, then log into the Dashboard and generate an Instance, or clone a pre-built Template. Then visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, visit the Story Builder and Instinct AI section to develop the conversational flow and train the bot with the repeated queries of the users.

✔ What is the Future of Customer Care Chatbots?

At present, Customer care chatbot can be trained to answer 80% of the queries that are either repeated and monotonous. However, as chatbots will continue to learn from the user engagement, they can manage to answer over 98% of the queries of the customers. This can help businesses reduce the cost of customer care operations by 9X. While speeding up the operations by 30X.

✔ Can a User Raise a Ticket via Customer care Chatbot?

In case, Customer care bot fails to answer the query of the users. Then it will ask the user to raise a ticket and get human assistance (if available). The ticket will be assigned to the human agent without any delay, while the details will be sent to the users. The bot will track the progress on the ticket and will inform the users about the estimated time of the resolution.

✔ Does this Chatbot Learns by itself?

Yes. Though it can answer 80% of the repeated queries of the customers. In case if it fails to provide adequate support to a user. Then it transfers the query to a human agent and learns from the conversation happening between user and agent. Customer support chatbot tracks the conversation from beginning to the end. So when in future the same query repeats then the bot can handle it by itself.

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