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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Marketing Chatbot?

A digital marketing chatbot is a virtual agent that can assist agencies with user analytics, building marketing campaigns, content promotion, and marketing via conversational channels.

What are the Features of Digital Marketing Chatbot?

A digital marketing chatbot can collect user analytics in real-time. The same data can be used to tailor and personalize the conversation as per user input. This will promote the user experience, and can also help build a long-lasting relationship with the customers. Marketing bot allows you to run promotional campaigns via PPC, SMS, and Email conversational marketing campaigns.

What is the Pricing of Digital Marketing Chatbot?

To know about the pricing of Digital Marketing chatbot click here.

Can I Integrate CRM and third party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and other third-party applications.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, this chatbot can be trained in multiple languages.

What Kind of User Analytics can I Collect via Digital Marketing Chatbot?

Analytics is considered as the most important factor in ensuring the success of the campaigns. Digital marketing chatbot presents you with precise and useful information about user engagement, preferences, and other metrics including UTM, last seen, first seen, total visits, etc. Getting hands-on these user metrics can help you build a great digital marketing campaign, and enhance the engagement rate significantly.

Can I Personalize the Marketing Campaigns?

Personalization can help you win 3X more clients. Hence it gets essential to switch towards next-gen chatbots that can remember the user preference and personalize the conversation as per their input. With smart personalization, a Digital Marketing chatbot can enhance the engagement rate of marketing campaigns by 5X.

Can I Promote Videos via Digital Marketing Chatbot?

Video marketing has become an important part of digital marketing campaigns. This chatbot allows you to insert a video/Gif/Image within the conversational flow, and redirect the users to a website/webpage and promote a service.

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Chatbot?

There are endless perks of Digital Marketing chatbots like they can be used to enhance the user engagement rate and get more detailed user data. It can eventually help in building successful marketing campaigns. Apart from this, a chatbot can help reduce the cost of marketing significantly by 2.5X, while enhancing the yield of such campaigns.

What are the Applications of Digital Marketing Chatbot?

In the field of Digital marketing, AI chatbots can be used in many fields of customer engagement. Like, it can be used to tailor personalized customer experience, get hands-on user analytics, run marketing campaigns for a specific audience, and build PPC conversational page.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing Chatbots?

Digital marketing chatbot can assist the marketing agencies to design perfect marketing campaigns for a specific audience. AI can help drive the next phase of digital marketing, by gathering the user data, analyzing the buying preferences of the customers based on location, and other factors.

Can I run PPC Campaigns via Digital Marketing Chatbot?

Digital marketing space is considered as the pitch to market products and services to the interested buyers. With the Digital Marketing chatbot, you can run PPC marketing campaigns in a new modern conversational way. Including this, you can also target the prospects via Email and SMS based conversational marketing campaigns while personalizing the user experience.

Can I Generate Leads via Digital Marketing Chatbot?

Lead generation is important to boost sales and revenue. The Digital Marketing chatbot allows you to generate genuine leads at any hour of the day, without any human intervention. This chatbot converses with the users, collects the user details and verifies them via OTP sent to SMS/Email, and all the verified details will be sent to the sales team in real-time.

Can I Export Analytics Data?

Yes, you can download and save the CSV file of user analytics.

How it can Help my Clients?

With Digital Marketing chatbot, you can take care of both clients and their customers. This bot can answer the queries of the clients, understand their requirements, and schedule a meeting as per convenience and availability.