Education Chatbot(9)Uses Cases, Benefits & Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Education Chatbot?

Education chatbot is a virtual agent that can talk with humans in their language using Natural language Programming and send them replies accordingly. AI bots also make use of machine learning to learn from real-time and stored user data. Education chatbot has the potential to advance the education sector and its approach toward learning and personal growth.

How Can a Education Chatbot Help Students?

Education chatbot can be a great help to students, it can assist them in pre and post admission. Like in the case of pre-admission, AI chatbot can help students while searching for a new college or university, understand the admission process, get information about the scholarship program, and help in the preparation of interview questions. While in the case of post-admission, it can help students with assignments, group projects, study material, view results, etc.

How Can I Automate the Monotonous Queries of the Students?

Frontman allows you to build the education chatbot via a simple and interactive LEGO-themed chatbot builder platform. Get hands-on the repeated queries of the users, then go to the Instinct AI section of the Dashboard and train the bot with the repeated queries of the users.

How to Buid a Education Chatbot?

To build the Education chatbot, you have to first signup and create an account. Now, log into the Dashboard, you'll be redirected to the Instances section. You can create an Instance or clone one from the Template section. You can change the design of the Education chatbot via the Style Builder section, and build the conversational flow via the Story Builder section.

How AI can Help Students in Learning?

AI chatbots can make it easier for students to improve their learning curve. Students can avail e-books, lecture notes, short notes, and reference material and set up a meeting with the faculty to clear their doubts. Moreover, AI chatbots can be trained to ask specific questions and help track the day to day progress of students in their academics.

How to Train the Bot with Repeated Queries of the Students?

You can train the chatbot with the repeated queries of the students. Log into the Dashboardand visit the Story Builder section to build the conversational flow. Here, you can make use of various conversational cards and place them by dragging and dropping into the builder.

Which Plan will be Right for me?

We have categorized the plans as per the Monthly Active Visitors, check out our plans and pick a plan that suits your business requirements.

How Education Chatbot Can Help in College Event Management?

Event management can be made easier via AI chatbots. You can collect pre-event feedback from the participants to understand what key elements you should include. Also, you can answer the queries of the students regarding the event, and at the end of the event, you can get the post-event feedback from the students to understand how the audience perceived the event! And, what areas needed more improvement!

What are the Benefits of Education Chatbot?

There are many benefits of Education chatbot on a university/college/school website. At first, the website will act as the central interaction point between students and institutes. Being available on the website for 24*7, an education chatbot can take queries from the students and assist them upfront. In the case of complex queries, the bot will transfer the query to the concerned authority. This will ease the students and help desk agents to better handle the complex queries regarding admission, criteria, eligibility, etc.

What are the Prime Features of the Education Chatbot?

Education chatbot is one of its kind, it can be a stepping stone towards enabling smart learning. With the 24*7 availability, Education chatbots can answer the never-ending queries of the users and speed up the operations of the help desk team. Institutes can integrate their CRM and other 3rd party applications to get and post the data into their system in real-time.

Can I Integrate CRM and Other Third-party Application with Education Chatbot?

Yes, you can integrate backend and third-party work apps with Frontman.

Can I Collect Students' Data from Education Chatbot?

Frontman allows you to gather and share the user information to the concerned department via Email/SMS or by integrating the CRM with the bot. You can assign specific attributes to save the user information, this can also be used to personalize the conversational journey of the user and enhance the user experience as well.

What is the Future of Education Chatbot?

As anticipated, AI chatbots are going to play a crucial role in magnifying the face of Education. When trained well, it can answer the complex problems of the students and help them understand the concept. With this, smart learning can be enabled without additional human assistance.

What is the Pricing of the Education Chatbot?

To check out the features and pricing of the Education chatbot, you can visit the Pricing plans here Pricing plans here.

Can Education Chatbot Collect Admission Forms?

Education chatbot can change the face of forms that students often have to fill. It can ease the process by collecting the user inputs via the conversational interface. A single bot can collect the details of thousands of students at the same time. This will ease the management to collect the forms and repeat the same task for each student. Hence, it will reduce the operation cost of educational institutes.