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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthcare Chatbot?

A Healthcare Chatbot is an AI-based program that can understand the queries of the users and help them with medical assistance at any hour of the day.

What are the Features of Healthcare Chatbot?

A healthcare chatbot allows you to create a Persistent Menu and list the important medical services in the homescreen. Like, you allow users to download reports, prescriptions, and other medical documents directly via the chat window. It can also be used to screen diseases, setup appointment, etc. Healthcare chatbot allows you to run two conversational flow simultaneiusly and A/B test to understand which one is more effective.

What is the Pricing of Healthcare Chatbot?

Click here to check out the features and pricing of the Healthcare Chatbot.

Can I Integrate CRM and third party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and bring all third party applications in one place.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the bot in multiple languages.

How Healthcare Chatbot can Help Users with Pathology Reports?

Pathology reports shouldn't cause a delay in the treatment of the patients. But more often, it has been seen that people have to wait in queues to get the pathology reports. This can be improved with the Healthcare chatbot that allows users to download the report on their smartphone. The bot can summarize the report and highlight the sections that require medical attention. This can make it easier for people to understand it. Also, the bot can answer the queries of the users regarding the report, medical terms, normal value, effects, etc.

How Healthcare Chatbot can Help Users with Sex Education?

People often feel diffident while discussing their sexual health and problems. Healthcare chatbot can a great help here, it can educate people about sex-related issues, symptoms, and alert them when medical attention is required. In the case of medical inspection, a bot can help users to schedule an appointment with the doctor without any human intervention.

What are the Benefits of Healthcare Chatbot?

AI chatbot can serve endless benefits in the healthcare sector. They can be used to automate the tasks that can be handled without any human intervention. Such as booking an appointment with the doctor, order medicines online, download pathology reports, etc. This will lower the cost of operations while expediting up the operations. With the 24/7 availability, AI bots can make it easier for the users to get in touch and get medical assistance service right from the chat window.

What are the Applications of Healthcare Chatbot?

A Healthcare chatbot allows users to book an appointment, order medicines, avail medical help at home, get pathology reports, read tips about baby healthcare, etc. You can also run PPC campaigns to enhance the outreach of medical services to a wider audience

How to Build Healthcare Chatbot?

You can build a Healthcare Chatbot in just minutes. Sign up now and create an account then log into the Dashboard and create an Instance. Open the Instance and visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, Story Builder and Instinct AI to train the bot with the repeated queries of the users and build the conversational flow.

What is the Future of Healthcare Chatbots?

AI chatbot can become the lifeline of the healthcare sector, they can initiate fast and speedy actions on critical cases, alert the doctor in case of emergency, and other departments such as blood banks to get the required blood type. This can shape a better future for humans and enhance the reach of medical services to a wider audience.

Can Users Book an Appointment with the Doctors via Healthcare Chatbot?

People often have to wait in queues for getting an appointment with the doctors. But, this can be improved with the help of Healthcare chatbot, it allows users to book an appointment with the doctors via their smartphone, as per the availability. When an appointment is confirmed, the doctor and the user's Google Calendar will reflect the booking date and time as a reminder.

What Kind of Healthcare Services can I offer via Chatbot?

A chatbot can be used to offer a wide range of healthcare services. Like a user can check symptoms, book an appointment, order medicines online by uploading the prescription, and also avail healthcare services at home via smartphone.

How Healthcare Chatbot can Help Pregnant Women?

Healthcare bot can help pregnant women with diet plan as per their age and month of pregnancy. It can also suggest them exercises, and help them keep weekly track of the pregnancy while providing them with the best tips.