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Chatbot for Human Resources

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Use cases

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HR HelpDesk

HR HelpDesk

Build chatbot to help employees with the queries related to company policies, annual leaves and government holidays

Leave Approval

Leave Approval

Deploy chatbot to help employees apply for planned or ad hoc leaves and get instant approval

Employee Performance

Employee Performance

Create bot to support, motivate and align employees goals with those of organisation

Employee Mood Tracking

Employee Mood Tracking

Build employee mood tracking bot to track employee morale

Skill Assessment Quiz

Skill Assessment Quiz

Implement skills assessment quiz bot to help HR professionals to conduct routine skill assessment quizzes

Manager Evaluation Quiz

Manager Evaluation Quiz

Deploy manager evaluation bot to evaluate managers based on their professional knowledge and status quo

HR Outsourcing Services

HR Outsourcing Services

Deploy HR outsourcing chatbot to help companies with back office support, recruitment and people management

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Create customer service training chatbot to train newly hired resources on domain knowledge and handling customer queries

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is HR Chatbot?

An HR chatbot is a conversational platform designed and developed to answer the queries of the candidates and screen them by asking a few questions, such as areas of interest, work experience, domain expertise, skills, etc. All these details will be sent to the relevant team for further assessment.

✔ What are the Features of HR chatbot

There are many amazing features of HR chatbot like File Upload feature allows it to collect the resume and other documents of the candidates and send them to the concerned department in real-time. Plus, it can verify the credentials of the users via OTP verification, categorize the profiles as per relevancy, so unwanted profiles don't appear in your way of hiring.

✔ What is the Pricing of HR Chatbot?

To know more about HR chatbot and its pricing, click here

✔ Can I Integrate CRM and Third-party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate the chatbot with CRM and other third party applications at no cost.

✔ Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, HR chatbot can be trained in multilple languages.

✔ How can a Chatbot Help HR Managers?

A chatbot can be used to automate the repeated tasks of the HR managers. This will provide them time to focus on tasks that require human intelligence, thus will increase the productivity of the HR managers as well.

✔ How to Get Employees Feedback via HR Chatbot?

The feedback of the employees can help understand the internal processes of the company. From hiring to the work fucntioning, an employee can rate the service and submit the response via conversational interface. The submitted responses will be submitted to HR managers in real-time, so they can analyze the feedback of the employees as they submit it.

✔ How HR chatbot can Help in Performance Analysis of the Employees?

A bot can collect the performance data of the employees from the back end and analyse it weekly/monthly/annually against the defined metrics. This will ease the HR managers from doing monotonous task, while the chatbot can also filter out the employees whose performance is not matching with the goals of the organization. The bot will then send these profiles to the HR managers for further pursual.

✔ What are the Benefits of HR Chatbot

HR chatbot can help HR managers to step out from the repeated tasks. This will, in turn, enhance work productivity and enable better management at a very low cost. A bot can also help HR managers with hiring, as it can ask questions to the candidates and screen them based on their response.

✔ What are the Applications of HR Chatbot?

HR chatbot can help managers in multiple spaces like in case of recruiting new candidates, the bot can assess their profiles by matching it againt the defined standards. The filtered profiles will be sent to the managers for futher pursual. Similarly, HR chatbot can help in onboarding, basic trainning, and annual assesment of employees. Plus, a chatbot can also verify the leave applications of the employees and ensure hassle-free work environment. A bot can singlehandedly manage all these tasks efficiently. So by automating such tasks via AI chatbot, HR managers can keep their focus on important tasks that matter.

✔ How to Build HR Chatbot?

To build a HR chatbot, you have to first sign up and create an account. Now log into the Dashboard and create an instance or clone a predefined teamplate. Open the instance and go to Style Builder, Story Builder, and Instinct AI to design and build the conversational flow of HR chatbot.

✔ What is the Future of HR Chatbot?

Undoubtedly, HR chatbots will get better with time. But, it's highly unlikely that they can handle the core functioning of the business and replace the HR managers. However, certainly with the continous learning, HR chatbots will become the face of HR management deoartment. They will get better with hiring candidates as per the profile.

✔ Can HR chatbot Help in Leave Approval Process?

Answering leave applications consume a lot of time and energy of HR managers. Hence, it's necessary to handle and automate such tasks via AI chatbot. HR bot can interpret and evaluate the application of the employees and check the remaining leaves of the month and allow the candidates to take a leave. In case an employee need to get in touch with the HR managers then the bot will transfer the conversation and learn from their interaction. So, when next time the same issue persist, HR bot can handle the situtation without any human assistance.

✔ Can I run Hiring Campaigns via HR Chatbot?

Yes you can run PPC, Email and SMS based hiring campaigns via HR chatbot. At first, you need to build the conversational flow and train the chatbot with the repeated queries of the users. A conversational campaign can help you get better response and conversion rate as well. You can analyse the user interaction and improve the performance of the campaign in real-time.

✔ How can HR chatbot Help in Onboarding?

Onboarding might seem like an easy job, but it's time consuming and monotonous. HR managers have to repeat the same process again and again regarding informing the employees about the policies, and work culture. But, this can be changed via HR chatbot, it can educate the candidates about the required information in a conversational manner. Also, a bot can answer the common questions asked by the candidates and get their feedback at the end of the conversation. So, you can improve the conversational flow and make it perfect.

✔ How HR Chatbot can Benefit Employees?

A HR chatbot can offer personalized experience to the employees. It can recall the name of the users, answer their queries and help them keep a connect with the HR department 24*7. Employees can fetch details like remaining leaves, performance, pay, and ask for feedback regarding the work and process.

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