Popular Chatbot Templates for Information Technology Industry

Photo Editing Software

Photo Editing Software

Build chatbot to help clients submit their photo editing jobs

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Create website chatbot to generate leads 24/7 without any human intervention

IT Helpdesk

IT Helpdesk

Build IT helpdesk bot to assist with IT-related tasks like raising support ticket and resolving user queries

AI Enabled Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Deliver the perfect message everytime


Better conversion rate when visitor chat on website

Accelerate revenue with chatbots


Gain 23% more qualified leads with email & sms OTP verification

Fast track your sales with inbuilt business intelligence


Achieve 55% - 200% more customer interaction on your website

Know when qualified leads are browsing your site—even if they're anonymous


Automate upto 100% recurrent task like order processing, receiving feedback & answering FAQs

Build contextual & personalized experience that stands out

Why Frontman AI?

Third Party Integrations

Securely integrate work apps with Frontman and enable seamless services to the end-users.

User Verification via OTP

Get real-time genuine leads, validate user credentials via OTP sent to Email/number.

Targeted Teaser Messaging

Grab the visitors' attention with pre-welcome messages as they land on your website.

Book Meeting on Google Cal

Schedule a meeting and share the joining details on users' Google Calendar as a souvenir.

Fetch Geolocation in One Click

Ask users' geolocation in just one click, and enable hassle-free delivery of services.

Conversational Landing Page

Spin conversational landing pages, get out of box higher conversion rate and boost the yield of PPC campaigns.

Behavioural Targeting

Start a specific conversation with the users based on their choices and interaction pattern.

Conversion Optimization

A/B test the conversation on the varied group of visitors and optimize the flow based on user input.

Audience Manager (Mini CRM)

Get hands-on real-time user information and decode the visitors' interaction pattern.

Advance Reporting & User Tracking

Get the insights of users preferences and understand the trends of the market.

Context Aware Conversations

Make sense with Instinct AI, interpret the user input, save context and reply accordingly.

Click To Conversation

Transform story block into a CTA. Start a specific conversation as a visitor clicks on them.

Plug & Play Dialogue Engine

Easy-to-deploy and Easy-to-use. Install Frontman and get started with conversational LEGO-styled cards.

Inpage Conversations

Embed Frontman anywhere on a webpage and start instant conversation with visitors.

Plug-Play-Park Chatbot Anywhere

Customize the Frontman's look & feel Story builder is your creative hub for building interestingThe analytics dashboard in the Frontman gives the power to get valuable insightsAudience manager is the information collection centre holding vital informationThe publish section let you install the Frontman
AI Enabled Chatbot Platform
  • Style
  • Story Builder
  • Instinct AI
  • Analytics
  • Audience manager
  • Publish


Customize the Frontman's look & feel to enable your customers to get things done fast, with intuitive applications and brand personification

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ What is Video Editing Chatbot?

It is conversational video editing software that empowers media agency businesses to assist their clients with their queries. It can also take their input, such as audio and visual effects that they need in their videos.

✔ What are the Benefits of Video Editing Chatbot?

Benefits of Video Editing Chatbot are as follow:

  • It can be availed on devices like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  • It can simplify the process of collecting requirements from clients.
  • With its interactive user inerface, it can boost the user experience of your clients.

✔ How to Build Video Editing Chatbot

  • Log in to the Dashboard and create an Instance.
  • Open the Instance.
  • Then go to Story Builder and design the conversational flow by dragging and dropping cards.
  • Visit Style Builder section and customize the appearance of the Video Editing Chatbot as per your business.

✔ What are the Features of Video Editing Chatbot?

  • File Upload: Allow clients to upload video files right from the chat screen.
  • Conversational Landing Page: Boost outcome of PPC marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Custom display: Hide Video Editing Chatbot from webpage(s) that serve no business purpose.

✔ How much does it Costs?

Click here and check out the pricing and plans.

✔ How to Build a Conversational Landing Page via Video Editing Chatbot?

Building a conversational landing page for PPC camaigns is simple, follow these steps and get started:

  • Log in to the Dashboard.
  • Go to the Publish section, scroll down and click on 'Conversational Landing Page'
  • Now, click on Customize button and create the landing page as per your PPC campaign.

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