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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Legal Chatbot?

A Legal Chatbot is a computer program based on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. It can help users with legal advice, tips, and can also assist by screening their legal issues to the right department. This next-gen of chatbots can fasten the legal processes that don't require personal inspection.

What are the Features of Legal Chatbot?

A legal chatbot allows you to gather the documents from users via File Upload feature, you can send the documents to the concerned department in real-time. Moreover, this chatbot allows you to create a multi-turn conversational flow that can be leveraged to communicate with a larger audience.

How to Build Legal Chatbot?

Sign up now and create an account. Then login into the Dashboard and create an Instance (Legal chatbot, Legal bot, etc). After creating the Instance visit the Style Builder, Story Builder to build and design the chatbot. Now, go to the Publish section and copy the generated widget code and paste it into the HTML section of the website. Save changes and the bot will be published on your website.

What is the Future of Legal Chatbot?

AI is evolving and helping humans to have an edge over repeated and time-consuming tasks. In the same way, Legal chatbots can fasten up the process of filing claims, provide users with the right legal advice, and transferring the cases to the right department. Going by these characteristics, legal chatbots will be the key factor in simplifying the complexity of the legal services and enabling seamless services to the end-users.

How AI chatbot can Help in Trademark Registration?

A Legal bot can collect all the necessary details from the users required for trademark registration. This will relieve users from lengthy filling forms. While on the other hand, the bot will fill all the user details in the forms and send them to the concerned team.

How a Chatbot can Help my Clients?

By deploying AI-based Legal bot on your website, you can stay available for your clients 24/7 and answer their general queries. In case, the Legal bot fails to address the concern of the user, then it will send the query to you via Email/SMS. This will enable a seamless connection with your clients and keep your legal business stay ahead of the curve.

Can I Customize Legal Chatbot?

Yes, Legal bot is fully customizable. Log into the Dashboard and open the Legal Chatbot Instance. Then go to the Style Builder, here you can change the menu color, interaction color, upload a logo, set up an avatar, write a short description, create Persistent Menu, and set a broadcast message.

What are the Requirements of Legal chatbot?

To train the bot from the beginning, you must have a good idea about the repeated queries of the users. This will help you build the conversational flow, as well as understand when to pitch a service to the users as per their query. You can automate the monotonous queries via the Instinct AI section and redirect the conversation as per user input.

What are the Benefits of Legal Chatbot?

A legal chatbot can help lawyers automate monotonous and repetitive tasks. It can help in reducing the cost of operations while enhancing the momentum of operations. Plus, being available for 24*7, a chatbot can act as the all-time active legal help advisor.

What is the Pricing of Legal Chatbot?

Click here to check out the features and pricing of the Legal Chatbot.

Can I Integrate CRM and 3rd Party Applications?

Yes, keep integrating, keep building.

Is this Chatbot Multiligual?

Yes, you can train the bot in multiple languages.

Can I Automate FAQs via chatbot?

Yes, you can train the bot with frequently asked questions and relieve the customer support team from answering the same questions. This can help in increasing productivity while reducing the cost of the operation.

Can I run Marketing Campaigns to Boost the Services?

Frontman enables you to run marketing campaigns via the conversational interface. You can build PPC based campaigns or can share the Progressive Web Application (PWA) based URL to your prospects via email and SMS to market legal service. You can also track user engagement and get hands-on user analytics in real-time.

Is my Data Secure with Legal chatbot?

Legal chatbot secures the user data with 256 bit SLA encryption.