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Frequently Asked Questions

What is News Chatbot?

A News chatbot is a conversational platform programmed and driven by Artificial Intelligence. It can help readers with their news-related queries, and provide them with the right content based on their personalized choices.

What are the Features of News Chatbot?

A News chatbot comes loaded with many industry-specific features. Like, it allows you to build Persistent Menu and highlight the important articles. You can also save user preferences and use them to tailor the news for the readers. Also, you can sell more subscriptions via News chatbot as it can educate readers about the benefits in a conversational manner. Plus, with the Pre-welcome Message feature, you can target landing website visitors with exciting news articles.

What is the Pricing of News Chatbot?

To know more about the features and pricing of the News chatbot click here

Can I Integrate CRM and Third-party Applications with News Chatbot?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and other work applications.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the bot in multiple languages.

Can I insert Advertisements within the Conversational Flow?

News chatbot allows you to design the conversational flow and set the course of the conversation. You can insert web links, images, videos, Gifs to play advertisements within the chat screen. You can also track the user engagement rate via the Goal tracker card.

Can I run Targeted Marketing Campaigns via News Chatbot?

Targeted marketing has evolved as the best way to market products and services to interested buyers. News chatbot allows you to save user preferences, and run targeted campaigns as per their preferences. You can advertise and pitch services to the users based on their personalized behavior.

What are the Benefits of News Chatbot?

AI chatbots can be your gateway to the world of personalized news. They are built on next-gen technology which can be leveraged to provide readers with personalized content as per their preference. This can help you increase the reach to a wider audience and enhance the user engagement rate as well. You can also place the advertisements within the conversational flow and boost the revenue. News chatbot enables you to track the engagement rate of advertisements via Goal Tracker functionality.

What are the Applications of News Chatbot?

A chatbot can be used for various purposes in the media industry. Businesses can market products on behalf of advertisers, and enhance the reach to the wider audience. You can insert the videos within the conversational flow and increase the engagement rate. A bot can also record user preferences to tailor the personalized experience.

How to Build News Chatbot?

To create a News Chatbot you have to sign up and create an account. Then, log into the Dashboard and create an Instance, open the created Instance and visit the Style Builder section to design the chatbot, and visit the Story Builder, Instinct AI to create the conversational flow and train the chatbot with the general queries of the readers.

What is the Future of News Chatbots?

In today's world, conversations are substituting the way people used to read the news. Also with the shift towards mobile technology, it's more likely that the next-gen of readers will prefer personalized news as per their interest. The future generation of the News chatbot can make it more engaging for people to read and understand the news, simply while answering their queries related to the news.

Can I run Marketing Campaigns via News chatbot?

Yes, you can. News chatbot allows you to build conversational marketing campaigns and run them via PPC marketing, Email and SMS marketing. Moreover, you can also run the targeted campaigns for the website visitors and leverage them with personalized content to increase the engagement rate.

What Differentiates this Chatbot from Others?

Frontman as an AI-enabled News chatbot empowers you to provide personalized content to the readers and get hands-on real-time user analytics. You can build a Persistent Menu to display important events, news, create a Broadcast message to highlight particular news, get more subscribers and enhance the reach to the users.