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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Estate Chatbot?

A Real Estate chatbot is the Artificial Intelligence based computer program developed and designed to assist the property buyers with their queries regarding prices, availability, location, and scheduling a meeting with the agent.

What are the Features of Real Estate Chatbot?

The Real Estate chatbot offers plenty of industry-specific features of the realtors. Like, it can be used to build the conversational PPC, SMS, and Email marketing campaigns, verify the user credential via OTP sent to SMS/Email, create Persistent Menu and list important projects in the homescreen, and track user engagement in real-time.

What is the Pricing of Real Estate Chatbot?

Click here to know about the features and pricing of Real Estate Chatbot.

Can I Integrate CRM and 3 party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and all your work apps with the Real Estate chatbot.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, you can train the Real Estate chatbot in multiple languages.

How Appointment Feature Works?

Users can schedule an appointment with the real estate agents via AI chatbot. The bot will ask the users to pick a suitable date and time for the meeting. The same details will be assigned to the users and agent Google Calendar as a reminder.

Can I Upload 360-view Videos of Apartments?

Real Estate chatbot supports 360 view videos for your customers. The video can be played within the chat window, and can also be viewed in a new tab.

Can I Offer Financial Services via Real Estate Chatbot?

Yes, you can also offer financial services via Real Estate chatbot. This bot can help users with available EMI options, finance policies, down payment, and mandatory documents. In case, a user wants to know more about the financial services, then the bot will redirect the conversation to the human agent, will track the conversation in the background, and learn from it. So next time when the same query appears then it can handle it without any human intervention.

What are the Benefits of Real Estate Chatbot?

There are many prime benefits of Real Estate chatbot ranging from customer care to marketing and sales. They can help businesses to lower down the cost of operations, expand operations, target prospects with personalized marketing, and boost up the engagement with the possible buyers by being available for 24*7.

What are the Applications of Real Estate Chatbot?

A Real Estate chatbot can be used as an active customer support tool, it can answer the general queries of the users, generate genuine leads, book users' appointments with the agents for property visits and other queries. Also, you can upload the Videos/Images/Gifs of the apartments. So, whenever a user will inquire about it, the bot can assist them via relevant content.

How to Build Real Estate Chatbot?

Real Estate chatbot is easy to build. Sign up now and create an account then login into the Dashboard and generate an Instance. Open the Instance and visit the Style Builder section to design and customize the appearance of the chatbot, now visit the Story Builder and Instinct AI section to create the conversational flow and train the chatbot with the repeated queries of the customers.

What is the Future of Real Estate Chatbots?

The best thing about Real Estate chatbot is it can learn from user interaction and get smart with time. At present, bots can answer the repeated queries of the users. But, with continuous learning, in the next few years, they can answer more than 90% of the queries. Plus, by analyzing the inputs of the users, a bot can understand the requirements and will display detailed findings that users will like.

Can Real Estate Chatbot Boost Lead Generation?

The Real Estate chatbot converses with the prospects, understand their requirements, and display them relevant projects. This process helps a customer directly get to the phase of exploration. Hence, it enhances the user experience. When a user shows interest in the displayed property then the bot will ask for the user details and verify the credentials via OTP sent to SMS/Email. As a result, Real Estate chatbot can get you a much better lead generation rate than forms.

Can I Run Marketing Campaigns via Real Estate Chatbot?

In today's world, marketing is irrelevant when not personalized as per the audience's interest. Real Estate chatbot allows you to build and run personalized conversational marketing campaigns via chatbot, PPC, SMS, and Email. Such campaigns can help you target the prospects, increase user engagement, and generate better leads.

What are the Unique Features of Real Estate Chatbot?

This bot is loaded with many industry-specific features that can be used to differentiate your business from others. You can build Persistent Menu for the homescreen of the chatbot and list special offerings. Like this, you can make use of the Pre-welcome Message feature to highlight the special offers and discounts to the landing website visitors, and embed the bot on a specific section of the website.