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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Survey Chatbot?

A Survey Chatbot is a conversational virtual agent which can converse with the users and promote them to submit their feedback regarding a product or service and send it to the concerned team in real-time.

What are the Features of Survey Chatbot?

A Survey Chatbot allows you to create Persistent Menu and enlist important marketing events in the font menu of the bot screen. Also, you can take feedback from thousands of visitors in a conversational way. You can access the user analytics from the Audiences section of the Dashboard and learn about user preferences.

What is the Pricing of Survey Chatbot?

To know about the pricing of the Survey Chatbot, click here.

Can I Integrate CRM and 3 party Applications?

Yes, you can integrate CRM and other third party application with this chatbot.

Is this Chatbot Multilingual?

Yes, this chatbot can be trained in muttiple languages.

What Kind of Surveys can I Run via Survey Chatbot?

You can manage and cover a wide range of surveys ranging from political, market research, product, service, movie reviews, patient healthcare survey, etc. Survey chatbot allows you to build the separate conversational flow for the varied audience and track the user engagement in real-time.

What are the Benefits of Survey Chatbot?

Unlike tedious forms, AI chatbots can smartly converse with the users and make user interaction engaging. This can help marketing agencies to capture insights about user preference and market trends. Also, Survey chatbot can reduce the cost of running such campaigns by up to 2.5X. While boosting the user engagement rate by up to 4X.

What are the Applications of Survey Chatbot?

A survey chatbot can be used to: Take product survey, website feedback, customer feedback, movie review, and calculate NPS, CSAT, and CES conversationally.

How to Build Survey Chatbot?

You can build a survey chatbot in minutes. Sign up now and create an account, then log into the Dashboard and generate an Instance. Click on the Instance and design the chatbot with the help of Style Builder, develop the conversational flow from Story builder and train the chatbot with the monotonous queries of the users via Instinct AI section.

What is the Future of Survey Chatbots?

AI chatbots are the new way to survey, they can act as a conversational medium for gathering user feedback regarding a product or service. Survey chatbots enable the real-time transfer of user input to the concerned department so that the right action can be taken without breaking the user experience. Also, this user data can be used to strengthen market research.

Can I run PPC based Survey Campaigns?

Yes, Survey chatbot enables you to build the PPC based conversational marketing campaigns. You can track the user engagement in real-time, and change the campaign whenever needed.

How to Train Survey Chatbot and Why it's Important?

Training is an important aspect of Survey chatbot. As when trained well a bot can converse with the users by keeping them engaged for a long time. Hence, it's recommended to train the bot with all the repeated queries of the users as per the domain of the survey. This can help in getting the response of all the survey questions from the maximum of the participants. To train the Survey Chatbot, log into the Dashboard and visit the Instinct AI section and enter the repeated queries of the users.