Alternative to Rasa Core And Rasa NLU : Makerobos

Alternative to Rasa Core And Rasa NLU : Makerobos

Chatbots are proving to be must if you want to provide world-class digital customer service to your customer. CHATBOT enable your business to be more user friendly and enables online interaction more engaging.

But when it comes to developing an optimal chatbot, businesses are left with a dilemma concerning the key question “How to build a chatbot?”

Several kinds of platforms offer the service through which you can develop a chatbot from scratch

● Coding/Non-coding

● NLP/non-NLP

● Open-source/Closed-source (proprietary software)

There are two types of chatbot you can build in terms of functionality

● Rule-based chatbots that can respond to a specific command

● AI chatbots that respond to natural language

Through this article, we will talk about two of the major platforms available at your disposal to create an optimal chatbot . And the shortcomings that are offered by an open-source platform like Rasa NLU and how Makerobos’s Frontman helps you to create a chatbot fit for your needs.

Makerobos Frontman AI VS Rasa CORE/NLU

Rasa is an API based open-source coding platform which acts as a library for NLP (natural language processing) programs. It enables you to create chatbots that perform functions like intent classification and entity extraction. It is an on-premise hosted solution which means that the user needs to have adequate infrastructure in place to contemplate the use of Rasa NLU. It can be accessed through GitHub.

Frontman is a user-friendly non-coding NLP powered chatbot-building platform. Frontman is equipped with Instinct AI that enables Chatbot in context classification. It is also equipped with functions like intent classification, CRM integration and Realtime-analytics.

Now let’s have a look upon the advantages that Frontman offers over Rasa NLU


Rasa uses spaCy as its key source for NLP word vectors. Although it is a fast network it requires on-premise memory infrastructure and server capabilities. For enterprises that are planning to develop a chatbot for customer service, doing it on Rasa would need a huge investment to incorporate the capacity to host infra heavy platform like Rasa NLU. Whereas with Frontman, enterprises need not worry about compatibility concerning existing infrastructure as Frontman is not an on-premise platform and it is hosted completely on the cloud by the service provider Makerobos. Makerobos also use inbuilt NLP library to make it a more compatible experience. In terms of compatibility, Frontman surely excels over Rasa NLU.


Rasa is a Linux based coding platform that requires knowledge of LINUX and coding. If you want to build a chatbot using Rasa, either you will need to learn at least basic LINUX or hire a team of coding professionals. Frontman solves that problem because it is a non-coding user-friendly chatbot builder that is based on LEGO-styled architecture. This allows you to create chatbot conversational flow using drag and drop mechanism. It is an easy to navigate platform.


CRM integration is crucial for enterprises due to unpredictability of human factor involved. Rasa does not provide read to plug interface to integrate with CRM. Frontman on the other hand provides enterprises with pluggable middleware connectors to fully integrate Chatbot with 3rd party CRMs allowing world-class customer service.


There is a strong learning curve involved with using Rasa, installing, configuring and training with Rasa require machine learning expertise. With Frontman owing to its user-centric interface and constant customer support allows you to create Chatbot without the worry of learning curve phenomenon.


Means to maintaining and understanding the context of a conversation, as the context in human conversation can remain the same yet the language can change drastically, for example,

“what is the best time to visit Amsterdam?”


“what about Shanghai?”

Here the context of the question remained the same but language and word vector changed. Rasa NLU do not provide users with readymade programming to enable contextual conversation. Whereas Frontman provides user with easy to use readymade tools to create a highly contextualized chatbot. Contextualization is an important feature that is incorporated in a chatbot to make it sound intelligent and create an efficient customer service.


Rasa does not provide Out-of-box integration. Frontman on the contrary is a platform where you can integrate your chatbot with other platforms with ready made middle-wares and builtin connectors


Frontman offers a great array of choices and themes when it comes to customisation based on your unique needs.


Frontman is a more compatible and user-centric platform perfectly suitable for enterprises and small businesses. Rasa is suitable for personal projects and experimentation.


Rasa is an API based software which create various problems of its own

  1. API based software are not well suited for Push architecture, i.e. they do not thrive in an environment where the system has to initiate a call. This feature as you know is crucial for chatbots.
  2. API based software is not suitable for FIFO (FIRST IN FIRST OUT) data flow.
  3. API is a single point entry gateway that can translate to being a primary target for hackers. If API is somehow compromised all other application can become vulnerable. With Frontman, this problem is not there as Makerobos put special emphasise on the web security aspect of their services.


Rasa is primarily an open-source software which creates a detrimental problem of limited warranty i.e. there is no real way of knowing when the software will cease to exist. With FRONTMAN being a proprietary software of Makerobos this problem is not there as Makerobos provide indemnification and warranty as a part of their standard license agreement. Same is the case with liability issue as open source software provide with virtually no liability or infringement indemnity protection.


Open source software seems free on the surface but there is a massive hidden cost associated, making it difficult for businesses to predict actual cost and plan accordingly. The costs include setup cost, installation, training, integrating, maintenance, customization, etc. Whereas for a platform like Frontman there are no associated hidden costs enabling you to have clarity of budget and enable you to plan accordingly.


Even enterprises providing customer services need customer support for themselves. Having said that while using open-source platform like RASA core you are technically own your own to fashion a suitable chatbot, whereas MAKEROBOS provide excellent customer support enabling you and your enterprise to excel in what you do.


Frontman provides you with the ability to incorporate features like real time analytics in your chatbot. Whereas Rasa on other hand does not provide this kind of functionality.

Just knowing about these advantages is not enough. Embark on a new journey by getting in touch with chatbot experts for a more personalized consultation and efficient contemplation of your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Build something awesome today!

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