Building Humanlike Chatbot : 6 Effective Yet Simple Ways

Building Humanlike Chatbot : 6 Effective Yet Simple Ways

Quick replies and attentive engagement do attract the visitors of the website. And thanks to the chatbots to make those actions possible. Also, this technology has been helpful for companies who have to handle international clients as well but have to face issues of different time zones. The issue often ends up with the dissatisfaction of the visitors with the service.

However, chatbots are bounded with time zones, which enables businesses to provide customer assistance to international clients without any time zones issues. The automated support and 24*7 availability are just the primary benefits of a chatbot. It can help businesses in many other tasks as well as appointment booking, behavioural analysis, and conversational forms.

The chatbots do look simple, but with creative ideas and innovative designs, it can simply do wonders that one can’t even expect.

Types of Chatbot That Looks Simple But Can Results Very Efficiently

Here we have made a list of types of creative chatbots that can help businesses to get efficient and productive results. Believe me, they just look simple, but once you start using them, there will be no going back to traditional tools for the same tasks !!

1. Chatbot: I Can Always Be There For You

The best and the most beneficial thing that a bot can provide to businesses is, with this tool, companies can be available for their customers to assist them even without human intervention.

The visitors can get replies from the chatbot even if they text it late at night. Can businesses manage to provide such service with other tools at this efficiency and cost?

The answer is- Undoubtedly — No!!

The human department for such task costs a lot, and they also may not be able to serve visitors as efficiently as they can on days. With a chatbot, businesses can’t just overcome such problems but also help customer staff in reducing their workload during days.

2. Hello there. I am a Chatbot

What happens when a visitor redirects to your website? Do they look for things that they want? Or do they don’t find the website right for their needs in the first impression? It can also be possible that they don’t like something about the website, and just because of that, they leave it. It is just so confusing !!

With chatbots on the website, businesses can welcome every visitor and may pleasantly ask them what do they want. And even in the case, visitors leave the conversation in between; businesses can analyze the possible reason about the same. It can help them to investigate in which section they can make improvements to decrease lead dropouts.

3. I Can Generate Leads For You

Clearly, the primary expectation of businesses while investing is to get more sales and revenue. However, investing in chatbots can help businesses to achieve the same. By eliminating web-forms with conversational form can help businesses in generating more leads. Also, conversational bots have behavioural analysis feature, which can help companies to understand their customer psychology regarding their brand or product.

With automated conversational forms, behavioural analysis features, and simplified customer assistance service. Businesses can decrease their expenses and boost the productivity of their employees. Ultimately, the applications of a chatbot on a website can help companies to increase their leads and ROI.

4. Let’s Conduct A Survey

Apart from other things, businesses can use a chatbot for surveys also. With automated surveys through bots, companies can get 60% more submission from the participants.

Industries like Healthcare, Education, Travel, Banking, etc. can use bots for surveying their users. It can help them to understand how they feel about their services and enable them to provide their users with better services.

Moreover, with chatbots in companies, the HR department can monitor their employee’s moods, emotional states, and thoughts about their company. It can help them to decide which task should be given to the employees.

Businesses can collect feedbacks post services with features like NPS Score, Emoji, and Star Ratings. With such interactive feedback collection formats, companies can get 5x — 6x user responses than web-forms.

5. Want to Book an Appointment?

It doesn’t matter which industry it is; almost all of them need to provide an appointment booking facility to their customers. For automobile dealers, they need to offer a test-drive schedule facility, for the healthcare industry, they need to provide an appointment booking facility with the doctors or for the hospital visits, and so on.

How can businesses make Appointment Booking facility more engaging and interactive that it can help companies to generate more leads as well? 

Well, it is a one-line answer. By deploying Chatbots on their website !!

An appointment booking chatbot can help businesses to enable their customers to book or schedule appointments within the conversational flow. Bots can also help companies to keep their customer call queues free and decrease the workload of the customer support service for the same.

6. From Creativity To Sales

The thing that businesses need to understand about Chatbots is that they don’t have limited uses. Apart from all the common use cases, companies can implement it on their website for other creative purposes.

Like e-commerce website can publish a bot on their website to conduct quizzes and competition. With more engagements of visitors in such interactive quizzes, businesses can get higher chances of lead conversion.

Also, apart from using a chatbot as a quiz bot, companies can use it as a virtual assistant for their employees. A virtual assistant can be trained for every individual and help them in their day-to-day office works like managing files, setting reminders, and sending updates.

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