Chatbot Types / Use-cases And Business Applications in 2020

Chatbot Types / Use-cases And Business Applications in 2020

The buzz around AI and Chatbot is going incredible. Every day new stories and articles are getting published about the latest advancements of AI-based communicative tools. Also, many market leaders and innovators are investing a considerable part of their capital to achieve maximum potential out of conversational tools like Chatbots. But surprisingly only a few investors know about different types and distinctions of chatbots.

Types Of Chatbot

Here we have divided chatbots based on their functioning and abilities. It can help you in extensively learning about the functions and features of different chatbots:

Marketer Chatbot

The chatbots in this category are kind of marketing freak. They are like a salesman sitting at the door of your website. And as soon as leads knock the door, it engagingly welcomes them and tries to convert them into a customer. Mainly, they are trained to perform functions like:

Chatbot for Lead Generation

Without having good leads, businesses can’t increase their ROI. The conversational ability of chatbot enables enterprises to generate 15x more leads, which increases the chances of higher conversions. Marketing chatbots are preferably beneficial for sectors like Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Digital Marketing, etc.

Chatbot for Sales Funnelling

Many times, businesses lose potential prospects between the awareness phase and the decision phase. A chatbot can interact with every potential prospect in the awareness phase and help businesses to minimize that loss. Eventually, it empowers them to supercharge their sales funnel.

Chatbot for Appointment Booking

Clients mostly need to wait in phone queues to book an appointment. Likewise, forms filling process for reserving appointments is also quite uncomforting. A conversational chatbot can change it for the better. It allows businesses to provide easy to use appointment booking interface to their clients. The conversational ability of chatbot can keep them engaged and assist them while scheduling their meeting.

Chatbot for Conversational Form Filling

In a survey, it is found that only 5 % of website visitors fill web forms. And almost 38 % of users leave webpages as soon as webforms appear on their screen asking for the details.

Although getting user credentials and data is a very needful factor for growing a business. But with web-forms, things often ends-up negatively. However, with chatbot being an excellent substitute for web-forms, companies can get 42 % — 78 % more output from the visitors.

Knows-Everything Chatbot

Chatbots in this category are like an omniscient of the company that knows everything about their products or services. They can be a great help for buyers in assisting them with their queries regarding the website.

Chatbot for Customer Support

Almost every enterprise has to invest 16% to 42% of their capital in customer support. With automated support services from a chatbot, businesses can save a lot of expenditure. Also, with the savings, they can make their services available for 24*7. Ultimately, improvement in customer support services and decrement in the costing of the same, businesses can boost their ROI by 8x to 12x.

Chatbot for Website Navigation

When visitors land on a website, they usually fail to figure out where to click to get the information that they are looking for. With the lack of active support from websites end, it results in visitors abandoning the website. Businesses can deploy a chatbot on their website to address this issue and decrease their bounce rate. Moreover, offering visitors correct guidance in an interactive conversational way can increase visitors' interest in the website.

Presenter Chatbot

While going for shopping, you must have seen a manikin outside stores holding a banner with a broadcast message to promote offers, discounts, new products, etc. The chatbots in this category are the same as those manikins. But technically more capable than them. They are focused on performing tasks such as:

Chatbot for Conversational Ads

The concept of advertisements begun with banners and oral announcements. After the introduction of digital advertising and observing an increase in the use of social media. Marketers started advertising on Google and Social Media platforms for boosting their reach.

But, with display advertisements, it gets inefficient to interact with every prospect. Thus, it results in meager lead conversion. To get the maximum outcome from there, the idea of Conversational Ads With Chatbots introduced. This method of advertising was found out to be very successful. Many enterprises analyzed 60%-75% more lead conversion than other traditional tools with this technique of advertisement.

Chatbot for Display Latest Offers

Presentation matters a lot, especially when it comes to a brand or company presenting an offer to their prospects. They can use both digital and offline methods to showcase their latest offer. But, it has been seen that poorly presented offers via web-forms fail to gain the attention of buyers. Well, with these kinds of failure, brands often end up facing a huge capital loss.

However, a chatbot has many attractive broadcasting features that can help businesses to advertise the latest offers on their website dynamically. With the refined presentation of offers, enterprises can eventually boost interaction with visitors by 12x-18x.

Sidekick Chatbot

BFFs are like a partner who always helps you, irrespective of the circumstances. Similarly, chatbots in this category are like a professional companion that can help you to optimize the workload.

Chatbot for Helping in business operations and management

The management sector plays a significant role in the growth of industries like hotels, banking, education, etc. Implementation of Chatbot in those industries can help the management in performing many monotonous tasks within seconds. By automating the rote tasks, it can also empower organizations to focus on other skillful tasks. Ultimately, it can increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees, which can result in a higher ROI for the company.

Button-Based Chatbot

What if you want to get product assistance, quote, trial, etc. and in order to do it, you just have to click on buttons? Can thinks become this easy?

Astonishingly, this is precisely what button-based chatbot offer. When users ask a query, then it offers them to give the reply on the same just by clicking on buttons.

Chatbot for Survey And Feedback Collecting

It may sound very tiny to a user, but only companies know how much every single review and feedback matters for their growth. The higher number of reviews and thoughts from customers can help enterprises to understand their flaws, and find scopes for development.

Unfortunately, a very less number of customers agree to participate in form-based reviewing and feedback submission campaigns. However, it is found that review submission via conversational tools has achieved 60% more response rate as compared to web-forms. Chatbot offers features that enable customers to submit a review or survey response by just clicking a button. Businesses can even customize the button into an emoji or star card, or substitute it with an NPS score bar as per the need.

Chatty Chatbot

Nowadays, almost every sci-fi movie involves an intelligent robot in their stories. Well, it is humorous that people still just imagine conversing with a smart bot, while it can happen in real life. A chatty bot powered by AI that can be personalized for someone is not only a fantasy anymore.

Chatbot as Virtual Assistant

Do you ever wanted to talk to a bot and expect it to answer you with the answer as a human agent could do?

This tool is like a digital humanoid agent that can be customized for an individual. One can just chitchat with this tool, train it for their professional work, or maybe just use it for tasks like “playing music” or “make a call”.

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