Chatbots for E-commerce : Conversational Commerce And Retail Bot

Chatbots for E-commerce : Conversational Commerce And Retail Bot

E-commerce chatbot is proving to be critical in delivering quality user experience to customers on e-commerce platforms. E-commerce chatbot or chatbot for e-commerce has narrowed the gap between offline and online customer experience. With the world entering into experience driven economy, e-commerce chatbots have become one of the most desired software for e-commerce businesses.

Lets talk about e-commerce for a bit.

The world is changing faster than we ever imagined, a new normal has emerged, and it is here to stay. I am talking about the shift towards online! The world is becoming more online than offline, and COVID19 now legitimizes this transition. The global pandemic has taught us one crucial lesson, among others, that we are truly living in the age of e-commerce.

Ecommerce(Electronic Commerce) or internet commerce is the buying and selling of products or services over an online platform.

The advent of e-commerce has brought one fundamental challenge to being. How to provide first-hand quality customer service(guidance, recommendation, etc.) on an E-commerce platform?

Here comes Ecommerce Chatbots.

What is an E-commerce chatbot?

Ecommerce chatbot or chatbot for e-commerce are specialized conversational AI programs designed to engage with existing or potential customers on an online platform through conversation for sale and customer service.

Ecommerce chatbot can engage, recommend, and guide customers through the buying process on an e-commerce platform in real-time, without a real human’s assistance.

Makerobos offers state of the art chatbot platform Frontman to build an e-commerce chatbot. You can use a lego based architecture GUI(graphic user interface) to create an optimal conversational flow for your chatbot. Frontman is an enterprise chatbot platform that enables you to build a chatbot that can manage colossal traffic, automate multiple tasks, and is suitable for big businesses. Enterprise chatbot capabilities are not a standard functionality that you find in most of the platforms out there.

How chatbot benefits e-commerce businesses?

Chatbot for E-commerce benefits to online sellers in multiple ways. Let’s see how Automated conversations by e-commerce chatbots benefit e-commerce businesses? And how Makerobos frontman enables you to build an optimal e-commerce chatbot? Let’s contemplate them one-by-one.

Chatbot for conversion funnel : be proactive

E-commerce chatbots are instrumental for each stage of the conversion funnel. The conversion funnel is a technical term used in e-commerce operations to describe the customer’s engagement cycle with an e-commerce platform. It has multiple stages corresponding to the sales funnel stages, and each needs a proactive engagement from the seller’s side to enable conversion.

Chabot’s natural language conversation capabilities enable it to guide the customer through his/her engagement with the e-commerce platform. Due to a lack of communication between customers, they wander around online platforms and eventually disengage. Chatbot benefits e-commerce businesses by ensuring efficient navigation through the e-commerce platform and ultimately through the conversion funnel. Chabot’s inherent abilities of intent classification and entity extraction enable it to offer proactive guidance to customers and eventually leading to a sale.

Makerobos’s chatbot for e-commerce is powered by NLP(natural language processing) to extract correct information about the customer’s intention and offer optimal guidance. The constant guide also incorporates regular email and SMS support; this is enabled by Frontman’s email and SMS cards through which chatbot can trigger official communication with the concerned team and customers in real-time, increasing conversion rate.

Chatbots for personalized customer service : be omnipresent

Customer service is critical for a seller to make a sale. E-commerce has multiple advantages over offline commerce, like convenience, time-saving, and a wide range of products. But what e-commerce lacks from the consumer’s perspective is a sheer lack of real-time customer service/support. A constant conversational engagement is instrumental in building trust and satisfaction among customers translating into long-term brand loyalty. It is quite challenging and expensive to provide continuous human-to-human customer support to customers on an online platform. As a result, customers are generally left alone, with no access to real-time customer support and suggestions. E-commerce businesses can solve this crucial problem by providing real-time customer support through a conversational e-commerce chatbot. Chatbots for e-commerce are trained to assist the customer and provide suggestions based on customer’s preferences and intentions. Contextual management and NLP capabilities of a chatbot enable it to provide for a cratered personalized customer service experience to customers just like a customer service executive at a real showroom or a shop.

Makerobos chatbots for e-commerce are the best in their class to deliver customer support. Makerobos’s Frontman offers functionalities like instinct AI to train your chatbot. Makerobos wingman offers hybrid chat capabilities to enable e-commerce platforms best in class customer service. Hybrid chat allows the chatbot to switch from bot-to-human conversation to human-to-human conversation using a hands-off card.

Chatbot for User Profiling and screening : be analytical

E-commerce websites receive a ton of traffic on a typical day. Still, not all of them are potential customers. E-commerce platforms need to screen them and not cause deterioration to brand image simultaneously. Chatbots have the capability of recognizing the difference in the intentions of different customers. They can deliver a pre-determined user profiling process and save valuable human resources. User profiling by chatbots benefits e-commerce businesses by enabling it to deploy its resource more efficiently and maximize its RoI. Chatbots have access to real-time analytics, allowing them to access, update, and implement companies’ user database in real-time and empower e-commerce platforms to offer the best user experience.

Makerobos’s chatbot for e-commerce can be trained in various disciplines and deployed to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Makerobos Frontman’ Audience manager uses two types of attributes for user profiling: system attributes and custom attributes. System attributes(geolocation, device info., etc.) are saved automatically by the Frontman, and custom user attributes are specified by the user while creating conversational flow. You can use a user input card to receive this information. You can also use JSON API to integrate backend customer data and improve the function of your chatbot.

Chatbots for conversational commerce : intelligent and contextual conversation

Conversational commerce is defined as e-commerce that takes place through a purely conversational medium like chatbots. The conversational commerce approach is omnichannel by nature; i.e., it can occur through multiple channels like websites, mobile apps, messaging apps, and voice conversation. Conversational commerce is a step-up from e-commerce and needs a highly intelligent and contextual chatbot to function. Chatbots benefits e-commerce businesses by enabling fully automated conversational commerce by handling customer’s queries, suggesting them optimal choices, and analyzing their preferences simultaneously.

Makerobos chatbots are highly contextual and empowered with instinct AI(to train your chatbot and update your conversational flow). Its real-time analytics provides you with crucial user engagement trends like frequent user inputs, clicked buttons, average time spent, etc., enabling you to create optimal conversational flow. You can also use JSON API to use backend customer data and improve the functions of your chatbot.

Makerobos offers multiple channel integration of your chatbot to realize true conversational commerce potential of your business. These are

Chatbot for customized branding : brand centric conversation

Brand personality is one of the most crucial factors ensuring brand loyalty. But conventional advertising and marketing strategy has limitations. Through them, a brand can only project a singular personality, which has an added risk of misinterpretation, as the success of a campaign is always subjective to the receiver’s perception. Chatbots benefits e-commerce businesses by delivering brand centric conversation to each customer.

Let us take an example of a shopkeeper for whom the only way of communicating with customers is through conversation. With the strides of time, he has perfected the art of bending his conversation manner to customer’s taste — projecting a unique brand personality (customized brand personality) to each customer, ensuring their liking and loyalty. In the case of e-commerce, replace shop by e-commerce website and chatbot with the shopkeeper.

Chatbots can bend their conversation for each individual, which makes the idea of your brand accessible and comfortable. This is not true for just the e-commerce industry but for all.

Makerobos chatbots for e-commerce are equipped with machine learning and real-time analytics, ensuring customized conversation each time.

Makerobos Frontman provides functionality like a phraser card to enable Frontman to access customer needs and intentions and act accordingly.

Chatbots for behavioral targeting : customized engagement

E-commerce company’s most crucial strategies to target potential customers and increase conversion rates is through behavioral targeting. For those who do not know about it, behavioral targeting targets a consumer based on his/her past online behavior. A chatbot can access information about the user’s past behavior and pre-judge his/her intentions. A chatbot benefits e-commerce sellers by providing a customized conversational engagement and increases conversion rates. Tools like glass messages(auto-trigger messages)are instrumental in delivering a personalized experience.

Makerobos’s Frontman places particular attention on creating chatbots for e-commerce with capabilities like AI, ML, and NLP. Makrobos provide a specific window to make glass messaging conversational flow. Other than the frontman audience manager, you can use JASON API integration to extract your customer base’s back-end and CRM data.

Chatbots are cost saver : an economic proposition

Chatbots benefit companies by decreasing the cost of customer service, analytics, and resource management. Chatbots have zero MC(marginal cost) and have incredible MP(marginal productivity) potential. Their learning curve is also incredible. E-commerce chatbots benefits e-commerce businesses by reducing unnecessary stress on human resources and increasing their overall productivity.

With Makerobos, all you need to do is pay an upfront subscription fee and forget about additional costs.

Chatbots for push marketing : prioritize your sales needs

E-commerce chatbots are critical for push marketing. By conversational marketing strategy through chatbots, brands can push optimal products to potential customers and increase sales figures. It is like a classical case of offline engagement between a customer and a business owner. Business owner/seller presents an optimal product in front of a customer, subjective to the seller’s knowledge of the customer’s past and present behavior. Push marketing enabled by chatbots can be a game-changer for online marketers in the e-commerce space regarding sales figures and conversion rates.

Makerrobos frontman lets you use the goal tracker’s feature to evaluate your campaign’s success in real-time. Goal tracking function on pre-determined standards and percentage values attached to them.

Chatbots for lead generation : a perfect first contact

The first step of any marketing strategy is to initiate a customer’s interest in your product or service. Chatbot act as the first contact with a potential customer when he/she engages with your platform. This first contact determines the customer’s future action and purchases. The chatbot can benefit the e-commerce platform by engaging with the customer and providing suggestions according to his/her needs. This enables the business to generate leads and customer’s interests efficiently.

Makerrobos’s Frontman provides a quick reply card. Using Quick Reply, the chatbot can pause conversational flow and respond according to the user’s response. A quick reply card is also used to logically branch conversational flow and user segmentation(profiling according to conversational history).

What an e-commerce chatbot can do?

Chatbot offers a conversational UI to customers on an online platform. Conversational UI is a conversation-based interface where functionalities are offered through chat with AI-powered conversational programs like chatbots. lets see, what an e-commerce chatbot can do?

  1. Storekeeper for e-commerce- deploy chatbot to engage with customers on a merchant website, find the desired product, and offer customary greetings.
  2. Fashion adviser -deploy an e-commerce chatbot on an online fashion store to help customers choose the right outfit, just like a personal fashion advisor. Suggest choice based on latest trends, size availability, and consumer’s preference.
  3. Product comparison- deploy chatbot in an online marketplace to help consumers compare products of various brands and price segments.
  4. Search merchandise- deploy a chatbot on an online store to enable customers to find the right product through conversational means.
  5. Track orders- deploy chatbot to enable customers to track a particular order through conversational UI.
  6. Payment- deploy a chatbot on an e-commerce website to accept online payments by customers around the world.
  7. Product refund- deploy chatbot to enable refunding through conversational UI.
  8. Exchange and replacement-deploy chatbot to facilitate exchange and replacement of products through conversational UI.

So wait for no further and build a perfect e-commerce chatbot for your online business using frontman. Subscribe with makerobos frontman and get access to your exclusive dashboard.

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