Chatbots for SaaS : Ultimate Growth Tool for Marketing & Sales

Chatbots for SaaS : Ultimate Growth Tool for Marketing & Sales

Chatbots for SaaS is the most productive and innovation tool to the SaaS business model. Discover how platforms are leveraging chatbot technology to service more people, cut costs, and take another step towards building a lean business.

SaaS (software as a service) is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial industries emerging to realize the dream of digital transformation. With tremendous growth comes neck to neck competition. This highly competitive market has made it necessary for the SaaS corporations to embrace new technologies and transform their classical customer relations system into a more efficient and advanced chatbot conversational UI. Chatbots are the new stars of customer support and personalized marketing. Since the advent of messaging apps, there is a realization that people prefer to chat over any other mode of communication. And that realization has made chatbot the most sort out software by the SaaS companies, aiming to provide the best service to their customers. We know that this is not 1969, where consumers walk from shop to shop asking for products; this is 2020 where consumer spend most of the time online hopping from website to website looking for the best deal.

Makerobos frontman is an enterprise chatbot platform that enables you to build a chatbot that can manage colossal traffic, automate multiple tasks, and is suitable for big businesses.

What are the benefits of chatbots for SaaS businesses?

Chatbots is dynamic software that has multi-facet applications potential for SaaS businesses. Makerobos Frontman, a chatbot platform, offers functionalities that can benefit SaaS businesses to level-up their user experience, grow their business, and save valuable resources. Lets see how?

Chatbots for conversational marketing: Context-aware AI

A common characteristic of the consumer(target audience) for the SaaS industry is that they are highly knowledgeable in their respective field and are usually sure of what they want.

Most important, they are not looking for a sugar-coated marketing campaign with unicorns flying over; all they want is the information on what a SaaS company is offering? And is that in line with their needs? So that they can make an informed decision.

The best way of doing that is one-on-one personalized contextual marketing. A chatbot is an AI software integrated with online platforms, that can converse in natural language. A small chat with an AI-powered chatbot can provide more information than a whole marketing campaign. Chatbots benefits SaaS companies to get their message through more efficiently than they would have through conventional ways.

Makerobos Frontman chatbots are best in their class to deliver Conversational AI. Makerobos’s frontman allows you to train your chatbot on a constant basis through it’s instinct AI, that enables your chatbot to interact with prospects in humanly manner leading to better engagement and less drop-offs.

Frontman’s functionality, like phraser card, lets you predict what users might ask the bot and create conversational flow accordingly. It can be very instrumental in providing correct conversational flow with the right information to your potential customer. Frontman’s real-time analytics measures real-time engagements and empowers you by providing necessary information like most frequently asked questions, most commonly clicked buttons, and most commonly visited blocks. This information lets you regularly update the chatbot’s conversational flow and perfect your user experience.

Chatbots for Website Navigation : Guided Tours

With most of the commerce taking place online, managing traffic on your website becomes essential. SaaS companies do not want visitors to wander around clueless. They want efficient navigation through their online platform and, ultimately, through the marketing funnel. The best way to do that is a chatbot assisted navigation. Chatbot’s capabilities of intent classification and entity extraction play a crucial part here. SaaS corporations should ensure that the consumer is attended to when interacting with their online platform because every unattended customer is a lost opportunity.

Makerobos frontman’s quick reply card and multiple selection card lets chatbot assess visitors’ needs and logically branch conversation flow towards the desired outcome. This benefits visitors by efficient navigation and SaaS business by smooth user experience. You can customize these cards as per your offerings and marketing objectives.

Chatbots for Customer Support : Pre & Post Sales Support

In the long run, marketing efforts aside, existing consumer of SaaS industry needs high engagement, and due to human error factor, there are times when miscommunication occurs proving detrimental for a long-term relationship. To avoid that, SaaS corporations need to automate their customer support as much as they can. Chatbot is best way to automate customer support and fulfil high engagement demand with zero marginal cost. A chatbot can solve the majority of trivial problems. And the one they do not crack, they can act as a buffer and give enough leverage to humans to deliver the best customer support.

Makerobos chatbots for SaaS have ML capabilities that allow them to understand recurring issues and customer personalities, making them optimal for highly engaging customer service. Frontman lets you create a perfect customer service chatbot.

Functionalities like email and SMS cards empower chatbot to continually communicate with support and sales team through SMS and emails. The chatbot shares critical information about the customer with concerned teams and helps them perform their tasks more efficiently. Frontman’s date picker and book meeting functionality allow clients to book appointments through conversational UI (user interface based on a conversation).

Chatbots for User Profiling : Scan Buyers

SaaS corporation’s websites receive a ton of traffic on a typical day. Still, not all of them are potential customers. SaaS corporations need to screen them and not cause deterioration to brand image simultaneously. Chatbots have the capability of recognizing the difference in intention and level of knowledge of a visitor. And they can deliver a pre-determined user profiling process and save valuable human resources. User profiling enables the company to deploy its resource more efficiently and maximize its ROI.

Makerobos’s chatbot for SaaS can be trained in various disciplines and deployed to do multiple tasks simultaneously. Makerobos Frontman chatbots use Audience manager, which categorizes users based on predefined system attributes like geolocation, device, etc., and custom defines user attributes defined by the user(i.e., you). Frontman’s real-time analytics also track live engagements with the website and chatbot constantly. Frontman supports JSON API integration to integrate backend and CRM customer database with your chatbot. Frontman also uses user input card to record user’s verified details.

Chatbots for Lead Generation : Capture Intelligently

The first step of any marketing strategy is to generate intrest in potential customer for product. For SaaS corporations, it is even more crucial as demand in the SaaS industry is not driven by individual whims but by pure need. This can be the opportunity for SaaS corporations as the chatbot can analyse the nature of customer and trigger a optimal response. If used in the right way, chatbots can be instrumental in lead generations for the SaaS industry. Chatbots work 24/7, they get better with every interaction, and they never let you down.

Makerobos’s chatbots for SaaS can be used to create intelligent lead capture conversational flows. You can incorporate the RUN IF card into the chatbot’s conversational flow and create dynamic flows, RUN IF card works on pre-defined conditions and values attached to them. RUN IF card is best to filter out potential customers from casual visitors. Frontman’s book meeting card can also be instrumental when it comes to generating leads.

Chatbots for Branding : Promote Confidently

Brand personality is one of the most crucial factors ensuring brand loyalty. But conventional advertising and marketing strategy has limitations. Through them, a brand can only project a singular personality, which has an added risk of misinterpretation, as the success of a campaign is always subjective to the receiver’s perception.

Let us take an example of a shopkeeper for whom the only way of communicating with customers is through conversation. With the strides of time, he has perfected the art of bending his conversation manner to customer’s taste — projecting a unique brand personality (customized brand personality) to each customer, ensuring their liking and loyalty.

The same is the case for chatbots; they can bend their conversation for each individual, which makes the idea of your brand accessible and comfortable. This is not true for just the SaaS industry but for all. Chatbots have the ability to project customized brand personality and ensure brand loyalty.

Makerobos chatbots for SaaS are equipped with machine learning and real-time analytics, ensuring customized conversation each time. Makerobos Frontman provides out-of-the-box analytics to measure customer engagement as well as powerful goal tracking capabilities to keep businesses motivated to develop better conversational flows for their customers. You can also use Frontman’s A/B split feature and goal tracker feature to analyze the effectiveness of different conversational flow on your audience.

Chatbots for Segmentation: Personalized Experience

Gone are the days when classical generalized attributes (demography, geographical location, ETC.) decided companies’ marketing efforts. In this digital age, SaaS corporations need segmentation based on individual traits that are only possible through conversational engagement. Chatbot inherently is capable of segmenting each customer according to past interaction. This enables the chatbot to provide personalized engagement and the company to cater to each customer accordingly. This functionality is different from user profiling, which is a more intent and demographic-based process, whereas segmentation is a behavioral centric process based on user’s responses.

Makerobos frontman’s chatbots can use real-time analytics to measure the engagement and facilitates segmentation based ongoing conversation. Frontman takes an extra mile to meet customer preference by tailoring the conversation based on previous interactions to provide on-point advice and recommendations. Frontman records every visitor’s response on each card and saves it as an attribute to segment customers based on their response.

One final question, What if chatbot default?

Do not worry about chatbot defaulting, as Frontman provide enough leverage to design a perfect fall back response. And with time and training, instinct AI reduces the need for that.

Makerobos has introduced its new product, Wingman, a Hybrid chat platform that enables your chatbot to switch from bot-to-human conversation to human-to-human conversation. Just assign a hands-off card at a particular point in conversational flow and let your human agent take over the interaction with your audience(client or visitor). Wingman’s live view feature enables you to track every visitor on your online platform so that you never miss sales lead.

Final Take

There is no doubt that chatbots, Especially enterprise chatbots, enable SaaS businesses to save a ton of capital. They can lower your customer service costs by up to 40%. Chatbots for SaaS has additional benefits in marketing efforts. As discussed earlier, they are instrumental in reducing the unnecessary stress on human resources and increasing their marginal productivity. Chatbots themselves have high MP (marginal productivity) with 0(zero) MC (marginal cost). You need to make an initial investment in subscription fees with Makerobos and forget about additional hidden costs. Finally, Makerobos itself is a SaaS company, which means that it knows all the challenges faced by businesses in the SaaS industry. This has made Makerobos more empowered to perfect their product concerning the needs of SaaS businesses.

Beyond all the above benefits, there is an additional benefit of Makerobos’ expert team. So don’t wait more and book an appointment with our chatbot expert and start building your chatbot from scratch.

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