Conversational Ads for Social Media Marketing

Conversational Ads for Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms collectively host billions of users worldwide. With the massive presence of the audience on such mediums, they prove to be a perfect market for businesses to leverage prospects. But more often, it has been seen that with traditional tools of social media marketing, very few users fill forms and submit their details. This eventually results in poor lead generation and conversion rate.

On average, a business spends 7–15% of gross revenue on marketing and advertising on various digital channels, such as search engines, social media, and email. To be specific, Google is the most preferable media for businesses to run promotional campaigns, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

What degrades the conversion rate?

Are you getting a low conversion rate on your social media marketing campaigns?

Well, it can impact the outcome of such campaigns in terms of lead generation as well as business ROI. So, do you have a strategy to revive the engagement with your prospects?

There are few things that you should be wary of while designing such campaigns, such as:

  • Poorly designed campaigns.
  • Campaign is not tailored as per the audience.
  • Campaign is not optimized for mobile users.
  • Audience lacks product knowledge.
  • Unclear Offers, Call to Action.
  • Poorly designed landing page.
  • Lengthy and tedious forms.
  • And, more importantly, lack of conversational interfaces on such campaigns.

Why conversational interface? Because the absence of two-way communication on such campaigns can be a sole factor in the lower engagement rate. Traditionally, when a user clicks on a promotional URL, then he will be redirected to a webpage or webform to register for a demo, buy a product, etc. In this scenario, it’s highly probable that landing users might not be well aware of what they are buying or registering for!

Conversational Marketing: The Perfect Strategy to Boost ROI of SMM and SMA Campaigns

In order to know more about your prospects, it’s essential to get conversational with them.

As per a survey by Salesforce, 51% of the marketers are now powering their marketing and promotional campaigns via Artificial Intelligence driven tools. And, more than 30% of businesses now looking forward to getting hands-on this next-gen tech.

A conversational interface instead of untalkative and boring web forms can push onward the outcome of Social Media Advertising (SMA) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns. With this advanced approach, you can educate people about your products and services. When prospects get first-hand information about something they are looking for, it triggers their curiosity to know more, so they can understand it better.

One Strategy, Four Ways, Many Platforms

Businesses thrive on unlocking new heights by strategizing their social media campaigns as per the platform, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Because on every platform, user experience differs, plus the behavior of users also changes. Therefore, it gets critical to understand what content will be right for the audience as per the medium of marketing.

A conversational strategy can take forward your social media advertising campaigns to a higher notch. With AI chatbots, you can educate thousands of prospects at the same time, without any human assistance. As when a user clicks on the promotional URL, he will be redirected to the chatbot powered conversational webpage or landing page. A bot can assist the users regarding the campaign, such as:

  • It can inform users about the product.
  • It can understand their requirements.
  • And, it can collect user details for lead generation.

The same is not possible with the traditional tools of marketing. You can either redirect the users to a webpage or webform. But, both ways, the user experience remains the same. Whereas, with the next-gen chatbots like Frontman, you can offer a differentiating user experience while promoting the interest of the clients towards your business. Here are the four ways you can renew the social media marketing strategy with Frontman:

(1) Embed chatbot

This feature empowers you to embed the chatbot on a webpage at a particular position.

How does it work?

When a user clicks on the promotional URL, he will be redirected to the webpage where bot is embedded. After redirection, when a user will scroll down to the bot, it will appear and start the targeted conversation with the users. You can also run a different conversational flow for varied user base by filtering them via UTM parameters, Region, City, etc.

How to embed chatbot?

It’s easy, go to Dashboard and insert the container ID of the specific section of the webpage into the Publish>Container ID. Then, copy the generated code and paste it into the HTML of the website’s page in which you want to integrate the bot.

PS: You can select to start a new conversation every time a user visits the page.

(2) Dynamic Link

The Dynamic Link function empowers you to start the interaction with the users as they land on a specific web page.

A URL can serve as a powerful conversation enabler between your prospects and business. Dynamic Link is the most efficacious way to run separate marketing campaigns via a single chatbot. It’s easy to use and enables businesses to run specific conversational flow to target individual users.

How does it work?

When a user is redirected to the specified webpage, then the bot will appear after a defined period and start the conversation with the users. This powerful feature can be used to promote products, services, generate leads, etc.

How to build Dynamic Link:

To create a conversational URL for your promotional social media campaigns, all you need to do is insert the block name from the Story Builder, conversation nature (new), and bot’s pop-up time (in seconds). Refer to the instances below:

  • URL_Blockname

Here URL is the address of the webpage, followed by the block name (case sensitive), such as default, features, Pricing, Products, etc.

  • URL_Blockname_new:5

You can insert new in the URL to start a new conversation with the users every time they visit the same page. Here represents the time (in seconds), after which the chatbot will appear and start the conversation with the users.

(3) Conversational Landing Page

The sole purpose of the landing page is to sell. But, in 2020, the traditional pages are no more serving businesses with profitable user interaction. To transform this strategy with conversational one, you can make use of Makerobos powered landing pages, and can alter the results of social media marketing campaigns.

How does it work?

When users will click on the URL, then they will be redirected to a standalone conversational webpage. Here the bot will start the conversation while greeting them. You can make use of this strategy for lead generation, product promotion, etc.

How to build a conversational landing page?

You can build standalone pages for personalized user experience. To create a bot powered landing page, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the dashboard.
  • Visit the Publish section.
  • Go the Conversational Landing Page feature and customize the style and design as per requirements.

(4) Click to Conversation

The best way to utilize a dynamic and convincing webpage. With Click to Conversation, you can charge up the buttons. And, when a user will click on a button, then the bot will pop up from the side and begin the conversation as specified.

With this feature, a simple webpage can be turned into a powerful conversation enabler. It’s highly recommended to make use of this feature when you want the user to first read a specific piece of information available on the webpage. And, then follow a CTA by clicking on a button (Contact us, Book a demo, Check offers, etc.)

How does it work?

When a user will land on a webpage, then after reading the information. When he clicks on a specific button, the bot will appear and start a particular conversation.

Like when a user will click on the “Book demo” then the bot will appear and start the specific conversation.

How to integrate the chatbot with website buttons and text?

For doing so, you have to add the below-mentioned code into the HTML of the website.

For Website Button:

<button mr_block=”block_name:new”>Button name</button>

block_name: Enter the name of the block as defined (case sensitive) in the Story Builder.

For Text: 

<span class=”_pointer linkColor” mr_block=”enterprise_plan:new”>chat with us</span>

Insert new to start a new conversation every time a user clicks on the text or button.

Perks of running SMM and SMA campaigns via Conversational Chatbots

The performance of paid social media and digital campaigns can be altered with AI-powered conversational interfaces. A bot can amplify the intensity of such activities, from a business perspective, a conversational marketing strategy can help in:

  • Right delivery of content based on user preferences.
  • Understand user intent in a specific way.
  • Get user data even when a user left the conversation in between.
  • Run A/B split test on a varied user base in real-time.
  • Boost lead generation by 5X.

Bring Down the Cost of Promotional Campaigns and Raise Conversion Rate

With traditional tools, the ROI of running social media promotional campaigns remains below average. But as businesses highly rely on the performance of Social media promotional advertisements. It takes a lot of capital to power such campaigns. Therefore it is essential to optimize them for maximum efficiency.

A single chatbot can interact with all the landing visitors on the website and can converse individually with them. With 1:1 communication with your prospects, they feel more inclined towards buying a service or product. So, by powering your social media advertisement campaigns with such tools. You can ensure lower input cost and higher output.

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