Conversational AI Chatbot : Common and Avoidable Mistakes

Conversational AI Chatbot : Common and Avoidable Mistakes

Building the very first conversational AI chatbot for your businesses is quite an exciting task. Knowing that you can implement a tool on your website that can work as a human representative and can do many repetitive tasks is itself a fascinating thing. With a chatbot on your website, you can conduct analysis, automate customer queries, decrease the costing in the customer support, get more leads, and boost lead conversion.

For both new businesses as well as old businesses, chatbots can be a resounding winning tool to capture the maximum stand in the market. With a less number of common errors and missteps via chatbots, companies can overcome the challenges that they have to face in the competition.

Although a chatbot can be beneficial and profitable for businesses in many ways, still, there are few mistakes that companies make while implementing a chatbot on their website.

Here are the four most common mistakes that you should avoid while making a conversational chatbot for your website. This analysis can help you to understand how you can design a bot that can provide the best results.

Forgetting About Regular Maintenance

Let us suppose that you have made a flawless conversational chatbot, and it is working fine. But then what? Will it work the same for always without any change and update?

The answer is, “No.” Why? Because when you build a conversational chatbot, it demands regular updates and changes.

For example, if you have a healthcare chatbot, and during winters, you want to make people aware of how they can avoid getting infected with seasonal diseases like flu. Then you will need to update broadcast messages and make details of cold-related problems visible at the top.

Also, you may need to update conversational flows based on the analysis of how visitors are reacting to it. With the in-depth analysis from where the visitors are leaving the conversational flow, you may need to change it from time to time for even better results.

Using Chatbots for Non-Essential Things

Before building a chatbot, the first thing that you should ask yourself is, “Why do you need it?” For sure, there can be many advantages that you can take from the chatbot, but you should focus that all of them are “Essential Things”

First, you will need to calculate that at where you are spending the most, and then how can a bot help you there. When you successfully able to manipulate the expenditure part, then the second goal should be to identify that at where you are spending most of your workforce. And then, you will have to analyze what are monotonous tasks in that field that you can automate with chatbots. The last focus should be to automate the sources from where you are getting leads like social media pages, your website, and PPC campaigns.

Moreover, you can also use a chatbot to simply make management in your company less stressful and more manageable. Also, you can design a virtual assistant for every individual of the company’s management team.

You can consult us by clicking here, to understand how you can get the best out of chatbots for your business. You can also book a demo to see how a chatbot can work for your company to help you with many things like improving customer support services and getting higher leads.

Avoid Crafting Non Engaging Conversational Flow

Even if everything is perfect in the chatbot design except the conversational flow, then the implementation will be completely useless. Having a convincing and attractive conversational flow while building a chatbot is very important.

Few things you should ensure to make a good conversational flow for your chatbot:

  • Good writing is pivotal to make an engaging conversational flow.
  • The design of a conversational flow should be small and straightforward.
  • The conversational flow should use words related to the industry.
  • The conversational flow should sound humanoid.
  • The use of gifs, images, videos, and emojis in the conversational flow can be a game-changer.
  • Regular updations and changes in conversational flow to test the best flow can be a lot beneficial.
  • There should be a feedback and review collection card at the end of the conversation.

Keeping Chatbots at The Front Stage Without Any Backstage Support

Does having chatbot means that you don’t need humans anymore in customer care services? Does it mean that there is no need to invest in the human workforce in the customer support department?

Businesses often misunderstood that a chatbot can reduce the human intervention for customer support but can’t take over the place of human representative for the same. Even after having a chatbot in the companies, they should also have human representatives for the resolution of the complex queries. Moreover, the users should have a choice between human and bot to get assistance on their problems.

With frontman, you can automate customer utterances and eliminate the need for a human representative for the same. But also, you can enable users to connect with customer care executive for even better resolution. Also, while the user converses with the Frontman, the human representative can monitor their conversation. And can take over the conversation if they want to capture leads before they drop-out.

The Hybrid Chat Support System of Human + Bot can help businesses to keep stability between the investment and customer service.

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