Fix Your Enterprise Chatbot Failures : Tips And Tricks

Fix Your Enterprise Chatbot Failures : Tips And Tricks

Is your business chatbot failing to catch up with the expectations of your marketing and sales team?

The evolution of A.I. Chatbots through Natural Language Programming has turned up the Conversational Commerce into a demolishing trump card.

Their diligence to serve multiple customers 24/7, answering repetitive F.A.Q.s, funneling prospects to specific products, building the email list on autopilot, and providing customer service around the clock has turned the chatbots into an effective game-changer.

According to outgrow : 80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation, but the limitation of bots to understand the human context can often emerge as the limitation of natural language programming.

If the bots are trained efficiently with curated information, they can skyrocket your sales!

Making an efficiently automated bot requires something which money can’t buy and here comes the following points, which are enclosed by the shotgun approach that our bot experts use here, at the Makerobos to make chatbots that are doing wonders in the Conversational Commerce Industry.

By using the following points, you can avoid the mistakes which make our chatbots end up into chaos.

1. Lack of objective

The fact that determines the popularity of a brand is how much does it care about the people.

54% of people are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message.

The conversation of bots must be designed because a majority of users expect the bots to keep talking with them.

The chatbots must be empathetic with their customers because providing empathy in customer service means that you make your customer feel heard by acknowledging their feelings.

For example, “Glad to help, please don’t hesitate to knock if you have further query.” is a great way to end a conversation. Some chatbots overdo it by saying, “Glad to help, which package you would like to buy?

If your bot doesn’t know how to complete a conversation, then you’re burning bridges between the brand, and it’s customers.

2. Dull personality of a chatbot

Nowadays Every other website is using Coversation Commerce in the form of a “Chatbot”, that welcomes you as soon as the page loads on your screen. And yet, some of these are extremely annoying, irritating, or downright useless.

There are several factors that should be taken care of while designing a bot with a human-centric approach with the help of Natural language Processing. These include:

a. Define right persona of your bot

The real human interactions tend to keep us engaged not only with the hobbies, job, or passion of an individual but also by its behavior. So, let’s take a look to determine why does it matter.

Persona is an imaginary model used for the design and development process of an automated chatbot.

In marketing and user-centered design, personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic attitude or behavior.

When it comes about determining the persona of a chatbot, it should be able to segment the customer based on their hobbies, interests, age, gender, and other aspects as well.

The persona of Chatbot must possess the Unique Selling Points (U.S.P) of your brand. Just see how successful you would be by selling T-shirts to boys through a bot that sounds like their girlfriend.

b. Define personality of your chatbot

According to a recent survey, Customers prefer the brand which keeps itself connected with them.

Personality is the unique combination of natural, emotional, and behavioral factors which are illustrated by the way an individual reacts in different contexts.

Adding up a personality to the Chatbot will appear to its customers like a brand that speaks which mentions that it must sound like a person, not like a machine reciting the menu. However, bots are the voice of your brand; hence they should seem to every user like a person.

When it comes to the personality of a chatbot - various frameworks have been designed to derive out their personality and among all of them “ THE FIVE FACTOR MODEL” (FFM) is used on a universal scale.

The FIVE FACTOR MODEL or (FFM) is based on five aspects of personality, which includes “ Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion, Neuroticism.”

When designing a bot, it must be clear that how you want your bot to score in each aspect of the (FFM) because it will determine their behavior in different situations.

The proper application of FIVE FACTOR MODEL will allow your bot to make the conversation sound real concerning the context.

c. Show up your bot with an intresting avatar

Avatar is the next phase of bot designing, which represents its personality and persona traits in the form of a real-life person, concept, or artificial entity.

Designing of avatar revolves around the fact that how are you working to give it a personality.

The design of your avatar must involve demographics and persona of the target users because their likes and dislikes will decide the influence rate of your bot.

For example, if your target audience Belongs to the U.S then giving your Chatbot an avatar of some Indian Cricketer would burn the bridges between your brand, and the target audience.

People will be passionate about your avatar, hire multiple designers, and leave no stone unturned because to meet up the demographics, more concepts and ideas should roll into the plan.

Give a name to the avatar to influence the audience positively because it’ll develop a personal relationship between your audience and the Chatbot.

Your avatar will reveal the beauty of your product, and if people love your avatar, then they’ll love your product too.

3. No user feedback mechanism

Feedback is an excellent opportunity to improve your bots because a chatbot failure dictates that a user isn’t satisfied with the answer they’ve received.

The only way to make user feedback worthful is by analyzing it efficiently in a sequenced manner.

Use feedback with appropriate charts and diagrams to interpret the feedback in a better way.

4. Lack of budgeting

In the maximum number of scenarios, the client expectations with bots are always higher than their budgets.

Apart from designing and development, other factors are also involved in the process of making a bot which includes training process, testing procedures, platform integration, and so on.

So before planning to deploy bots into your business, think about the following questions.

a) Does your business require 24/7 customer support?

b) Does Chatbot in the given Budget have the ability to serve your customers properly?

c) What are your expectations from the chatbots?

Before spending money over such assets, it is essential to know which way the wind is flowing.

5. Lack of proper testing

Use customer surveys to test all of your chatbot designs; the testing must be done before the launch date of the Chatbot with a limited set of customers.

Testing must be done in an efficient code of conduct to ensure that while using the bot, either with text or voice interface, they’ll have to cover all kinds of unexpected inputs decently.

Every cloud has a silver lining, Don’t quit the chatbots 

In this time of COVID-19 Crisis, many of the brands have started realizing the importance of Chatbots.The Second and Third generation chatbots have leveraged a lot by using these tactics, Feel free to use them and let us know if you want to build an enterprise chatbot for ever growing brand, contact us at or schedule demo right away!!

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