Hello Alexa, What Can You Do For My Business?

Hello Alexa, What Can You Do For My Business?

The growing trends of Voice Assistant among people is increasing rapidly. With more than 100 million users worldwide, Amazon's Alexa is leading the race of voice assistants

With millions of active users, conversational assistants like Alexa exhibit great opportunities to scale business and customer relationships. That means, other than doing daily chores, users can also connect with a business and avail services in just a command. 

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa holds immense potential. All you need to do is integrate your business chatbot with the same to reveal unlimited possibilities. Leveraging virtual assistants for business-customer communications can turn out to be cost-saving in terms of customer acquisition, product marketing, and brand marketing. 

What is Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant Chatbot?

Amazon Alexa is introduced to help users set alarms, play songs, get directions, book a cab, turn off lights, etc. These all are the monotonous tasks that require a defined set of steps for completion. By training Alexa to do the same, users can get such jobs done in just a single voice command. 

But, Alexa isn't solely made to automate such tasks. In fact, the prime focus of Amazon behind developing Alexa is to assist buyers with shopping and provide them with a whole new conversational commerce experience.

Benefits of Alexa Voice Assistant for Your Business:

  1. Earn Customer satisfaction
  2. Elevate Customer Experience
  3. Boost Customer Engagement
  4. Boost Employee Productivity
  5. Better two-way communication

What Can Alexa Do For your Business and Customers?

Apart from doing routine tasks, Alexa can also be employed to empower your business by assisting your employees and customers with their queries. It means you can utilize the conversational interface of Alexa to promote your products and services among buyers while streaming the complex queries to support team.  

Alexa For Business and Employees: 

Popularly known as a home assistant, Alexa can now be employed as a work assistant too. 

With its conversational User Interface, it can help employees schedule a meeting, start a conference, submit leave requests, and do more with intuitive voice commands. These tasks consume much of employees' time, so by automating them via Alexa, you can boost the workforce's overall productivity. 

Alexa For Customers:  

Although Alexa comes pre-trained to do monotonous office chores, you'll need to train Alexa chatbot for your customers. You can do this by creating a relevant conversational flow and integrating the bot with Alexa. 

Businesses can leverage Alexa as a platform to connect with the next-gen of buyers. Alexa chatbot can assist your customers with their queries and provide information about your products, services, and offers. 

What are the Challenges that Come Along Voice Assistant Chatbots?

Since their inception, AI-enabled voice assistants have come a long way. But, the journey has just started. There are many scenarios where devices like Alexa might not be able to understand and answer a query. However, these challenges are not prolonged and can be sorted by continuously training Alexa with user data. 

1. Proper pronunciation is a must

Many times, voice assistants like Alexa fail to understand the clear pronunciation of words. Hence leading you towards irrelevant results or "I can't understand your query, can you please repeat". In both ways, users didn't get the expected result. Not to say, but your customer can also face the same reply in response to their queries. However, as this fault is more on the users' side than Alexa itself. So, you can't do much other than telling users to repeat their instructions clearly. 

2. Proper voice training is a must

When you integrate Alexa with enterprise chatbot, it speaks for your brand. Though voice chatbots translate text into voice, you should make use of words like Ummm. I'm thinking, hmmm, yes, I'm listening, etc. to stay relevant with voice channel.

3. Build interactive conversational flow

In order to stay connected with the audience and lead them to take action, chatbot's conversational flow must be engaging and captivating. To do so, you should keep users entertained and engaged while answering their queries or performing actions.

4. Revise conversational flow

You should analyze the performance of Alexa chatbot on a regular basis. This will help you pick conversational points where your end-users are unable to get expected results. 

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