Online Chatbots Explained: A Super Simple Guide for Beginners

Online Chatbots Explained: A Super Simple Guide for Beginners

The puzzle of ultimate customer experience has been solved; The answer is a chatbot!

We are currently witnessing 4th industrial revolution taking its shape and it is all about automation (Not industrial automation but digital automation). The initial phase of the 4th industrial revolution that we live in is all about digital transformation. Here humans will take a seat back and will let the computer take front seat, driving towards a world where humans will be left to focus on the creative aspect of businesses and not worrying about the trivial side of the job.

Online chatbots, as we talked about earlier fits right into the customer service aspect of business when it comes to the question of digital transformation. From beginning to end of customer engagement cycle, customer service remains a crucial aspect of user experience. Perfecting it through an online chatbot can be a winning game for the business that is aiming to offer optimal user experience to their customers.

Law of land for this world is quite clear, those who adopt innovation will prevail and who rejects innovation will succumb to oblivion. Having said that, if there is time to adopt chatbot then it is now and here.

What is a chatbot?

How does online chatbot work?

How online chatbot benefits businesses across the spectrum?

Why should you choose online chatbot?

Where to get an online chatbot?

These are the questions that are about to be answered. Through this article, I am going to enlighten you with brief understanding of chatbots.

What is a chatbot? How does online chatbot work?

A chatbot is a conversational program designed to initiate, understand and imitate human conversation in natural language through various digital channels. Chatbot functions on predetermined logic and understanding of Natural language (language evolved through time naturally e.g. English, Greek or Hindustani).

There is primarily two types of chatbot out there based on the ability that chatbot possesses.

  1. Rule-based chatbot- These are bots that function through simple conditional computer programing also known as ITTT(if this then that) framework. They imitate conversion on pre-determined conversational response scenarios which is defined in advance. They are not capable of learning as they go and are incapable of understanding the context if the conversation takes a turn towards not defined territory (that goes beyond their knowledge base).

  2. Artificial intelligent chatbot- These are the chatbots that respond to natural language. They do so by the virtue of AI and Machine learning (ML) powered Natural Language Processing. They are trained by the artificial intelligence embedded into their programming with add on capabilities of machine learning. They are perfected with time and training. They are designed to learn through each new experiences and update their database perpetually.

The ability of AI chatbot to converse humanly is the outcome of NLP (natural language processing). NLP is the technology that sits at the crossroads of Linguistics, Computer science and Machine learning. It is the study and implementation of how a computer or computing entity perceives natural language. It enables chatbot to perform crucial functions of Intent classification, Entity extraction and Context management (not a part of NLP, but a crucial ability).

It would not be an understatement to say that AI chatbots or conversational chatbot are the true need of the hour and hence they are the focus of this article.

Now let's talk briefly about three pillars of an efficient conversational chatbot.

  1. Intent classification — to understand the intention of user or reason behind interaction.
  2. Entity extraction — to be able to extract basic information about the entity that user is interested in.
  3. Context management — Ability to maintain and understand the context of conversation throughout the engagement.

An example to simplify the understanding

user- “inform me about the price of air tickets to Hong Kong”

bot- “$200”

user- “what about Shanghai?”

boy- “$300”

Here in the first statement intent is to know the price tickets and entity is Hong Kong. Further down the conversation, we see the ability of context management i.e. to understand the context of the statement(that is to know the price of tickets to shanghai) despite the language being changed completely.

These are the functionalities that rule based simple chatbots are incapable of performing.

Though entity extraction and intent classification are two common functionality of conversational chatbots, Context management on the other hand is achieved through rigorous training and extensive experimentation. To look for yourself the power of true contextual AI chatbot try Our product at Makerobos and take Frontman for a spin.

Coming to next important question.

How online chatbot benefits businesses across the spectrum?

The real statement I should be making is how it improves customer service experience? It is quite evident that today’s economy is not product-based but truly an Experience-based economy. Where the customer does not focus primarily on the product but the experience it facilitates. To be more elaborate customer is now focusing beyond classical attributes of value, function and usability of the product/service and more on the experience derived throughout the process of product/service engagement. And that means customer service is now more important than it ever was. Having said that I also need to acknowledge the fact that the majority of the business will be online(digital transformation as talked about earlier), so the scope of human to human engagement is long gone. The only way businesses would provide quality customer service and get their message through will be online. Whether it would be through a website, social media platforms, mobile app or messaging app.

Why you should chose online chatbot?

Online chatbots have the potential to revolutionize customer service. Let us see HOW?

  1. Online chatbots take interpersonal communication on another level by engaging with each consumer in real-time they ensure sustainable customer engagement.
  2. Online chatbots can be instrumental in projecting brand personality through conversational marketing.
  3. Online chatbots record conversational data in real-time and are instrumental in targeting each customer by the account of their individual needs.
  4. Online chatbots work beyond the office hours ensuring the customer service to consumers regardless of the time of engagement.
  5. Online chatbots are cost-efficient and get more efficient with time(Machine Learning).
  6. Online chatbots are instrumental in guiding the customer on an online platform. saving crucial time and achieving desired targets.
  7. Online chatbots take the focus off the tedious jobs and let business focus on creative aspect and product quality.
  8. Online chatbots ensure service quality and consistency as they do not act on individual whims but on a state of the art technology.
  9. Online chatbots improving the attention span of consumers especially on an e-commerce platform.
  10. Online chatbot make the navigation of websites and platforms more efficient.
  11. Their ability to function across multiple channels enables the enterprise to have a 360-degree conversational marketing strategy.
  12. Online chatbots can automate FAQ’S improving customer support.

Try true potential of online chatbots by trying our product Frontman and see for yourself the power of our engineering.

Messaging app chatbots - I feel the need of talking about Messaging app chatbot separately as messaging apps are instrumental in conversational marketing especially with respect to online chatbots. In terms of the user base, messaging apps have long surpassed the social media platform, they have become instrumental for delivering brand premise through conversational marketing. Messaging apps are most ideal channel when it comes to using chatbot and customer engagement through conversation. They are also perceived most personal of all communication platforms and also considered efficient by most of the consumer. Messaging apps are easy to navigate making it optimal for direct communication with users e.g. they are sometime used as notes keeper by users owing to their usability.

Makerobos offers online chatbots that can function on all major messaging platform. These are

Now lets talk about final question

Where to get an online chatbot?

A online chatbot is not a conventional type of software they are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Developing them is not a simple process of just coding. They have to be trained, tested and improvised on a constant basis. With respect to enterprises, online chatbots have to be integrated and customized subjective to each enterprise’s unique needs.

Here is a detailed comparative list of companies providing these services.

Online Chatbot Platform Comparison [Comprehensive Review]

Time for home run ...

Why to wander around when you are already on a perfect chatbot platform that can provide for all your needs and build a chatbot that meets all your requirements.

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