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Problem Fixing Chatbot : Six Problems Customer Support Agent Can’t fix Alone

Problem Fixing Chatbot : Six Problems Customer Support Agent Can’t fix Alone

Despite considerable advances in science over the past century, the limitations of human intelligence still struggle to cope up with their multitasking deficiency.

Human Brains are the outcome of a blind and unguided evolution, designed to solve practical problems impinging on our survival and reproduction; that’s how Artificial Intelligence came into existence.

In this era of Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence has taken us towards the beginning of the Second Industrial revolution where News has been taken over by Social Media, and TV has been taken over by Netflix.

The evolution of Natural Language Processing along with the Artificial Intelligence chatbots, have captivated the customer support region deliberately.

The chatbots are thoroughly remoulding the platform for Customer Service by counting on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

The diligence of AI-chatbots to serve multiple visitors 24/7, answering repetitive FAQs, funnelling prospects to specific products, building the email list on autopilot, and providing customer service around the clock has turned them into an effective game-changer.

According to Outgrow, 80% of businesses are projected to integrate some form of chatbot system by 2020.

Nowadays, consumers expect to find the information they’re looking for online quickly and easily. If a business can’t provide that type of experience, they get frustrated.

Let’s give the once-over to some of the most popular feedback about chatbots :

   37% of consumers expect to get quick answers to questions in an emergency.

   34% of consumers use a chatbot as a means for getting connected with a human.

   33% of consumers wish to use chatbots to make reservations, order online, etc.

   About 95% of consumers believe ‘customer service’ is going to be the primary beneficiary of chatbots.

Hence it has been derived that the chatbots bridge the gaps between business communication channels and deliver a better, speedier online experience brand visibility to your consumers.

What is a customer support chatbot?

A Customer Support Chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to answer the basic customer queries.

AI-powered chatbots are typically better integrated with the CMS and CRM platforms that brace the online presence of a brand, allowing them to tap into customer information and provide personalized experiences.

Chatbots feed upon existing information and resources, like FAQ’s or knowledge base articles, to assist and resolve the customer’s query.

Do you know what?

All of this can be taken a step further by using Makerobos’s “Frontman Bot” suggesting relevant answers before the customer even finishes typing.

The Frontman is an all-new sensational chatbot developed at Makerobos that can understand users’ input and respond to them accordingly.

Having “Frontman” as your customer support agent means there will be faster and consistent support for your customers with fewer repetitive, transactional queries for your support agents.

Your website should have a chatbot feature, if:

1. Your growing base of customers is global, which requires multilingual support.

2. Your multiple channels (e.g. website, app, social media, etc.) involves customer support.

3. Your customer service is unable to assist 24/7.

4. You want to reduce your customer support cost.

5. You want to educate your consumers proactively, and pre-emptively resolve their queries.

Now you’re familiar with the impressive power that chatbots wield, Let’s take a look at some of the most reliable options available for your customer support team:

1. Decreased Case Volume

  • The case volume for customer service representatives can be reduced significantly by using Chatbots.
  • Chatbots are a self-service tool which doesn’t need consumers to connect with human representatives for the repetitive yet important resolutions.
  • The chatbot may link a costumer’s query to the knowledge base or FAQ pages for the solution which frees up the human agents to focus on complicated and time-consuming cases.

2. Flawless Integrations

If a consumer’s problem is complex and requires live assistance, chatbots can transfer the chat to a human agent.

These instant integrations create a better customer experience because the consumers don’t need to recite their problem again, and representatives can read the previous thread to pick up the case where the bot left off.

3. Task Automation

By using Task Automation feature, chatbots can also integrate with your CRM to customize customer interaction. It can track each customer’s experience with your brand and fetch relevant information like previous order history, contact details and open tickets if any.

Task Automation is incredibly important because according to research, before the beginning of an interaction, about 72% of consumers expect that their service representative should be aware of their contact information.

If the service representatives aren’t available for the transfer, then chatbots can also use the follow-up options.

Task automation like this generates a more consistent consumer experience.

4. Personify your brand

The flexibility of chatbots engages consumers on various levels which include acting as a consumer’s primary resource for technical support, sales information, or account management.

Chatbots can also be programmed for different types of conversational styles, from precise and technical to friendly and empathetic to analytical and humorous.

The bots with various types of personality attributes keep customer engagement energetic.

5. Easeful Marketing Funnel

To simplify the consumer’s purchasing process, use your chatbot to pop up on any product page to provide them with some additional information, or even a discount voucher.

Chatbots can also assist consumers with the process of gathering information, like the product they wish to purchase, the method of payment they want to use for buying the item, and method of shipment which they want to prefer.

6. No more IVR

Atleast for once, all of us had been through that annoying Interactive Voice Process (IVR) during phone calls to customer support.

These systems ask the customer questions and forward them accordingly through each response until it reaches the pre-programmed destination.

Whereas, a chatbot, on the other hand, is also used in a so-called similar way but with less IVR intervened frustration.

It makes the consumer feel that their issue is being acknowledged and understood. At the same time, the chatbot can try to direct them towards either a solution based on previous situations or to a human representative.

When Marketing meets Automation ~ Magic Happens!

Artificial Intelligence is changing everything. It’s also changing the way we support our consumers, whether it’s about asking simple questions or trying to make a purchase decision. By expanding your website by automated chatbots, you can skyrocket your sales.

A chatbot will save your time, improve the customer experience and will build a robust customer support experience for your site or mobile app.

So, as your business adopts its first chatbot, remember the old-age lesson from Captain America, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

If you’re ready to get started, build your first customer service enterprise chatbot with Makerobos Now.

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