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Recruitment AI & Chatbots : Screening, Recruitment & Human Resource Automation

Recruitment AI & Chatbots : Screening, Recruitment & Human Resource Automation

In 2019, businesses started using chatbots for many things in their company and were kind of testing how more chatbots can help their business. But 2020 is the year when enterprises have started using them for things that even inventors haven’t imagined.

With such a significant increase in the use of chatbots by businesses, anyone can easily predict that in 2020, more than 90% of companies will be using a chatbot, at least for the HR Department, for sure.

What is HR And Recruitment Chatbot?

HR Chatbots are one to one automated conversations tool for candidates and employees. It can store, track, and connect with companies existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. So that, all messages, conversations, and chatbot exchanges can be stored and reported on, for legal, compliance, and recruiting audits.

Businesses can save a lot of capital and revenue by using chatbots for recruitment works. Bots can help them to get higher leads and improve their lead conversion rate. By automating HR operations with a chatbot, businesses can also allow their HR representatives to focus on more productive tasks, and decrease their workload.

Recruitment And HR Chatbot Use Cases

As we have discussed, businesses can use chatbots for many things in recruitment and HR operations. Here we have made a list of main use-cases out of them.

1. Quick Applying Procedure

Earlier for applying to companies, applicants have to prepare a CV, go to the website, and search for opportunities. However, with a chatbot on the companies, from making a CV to applying for the job, the whole process can be automated. Traditionally the process of applying in a company used to take almost half an hour, but with bots, it can be reduced to less than half.

Also, a chatbot has a behavioral analysis feature. With that feature, businesses can categorize every applicant as per their input that whether they meet with the eligibility criteria or not. It can make easier for companies to choose the right employee for the job. Moreover, a chatbot can assist applicants with their queries and answer FAQs.

2. Automated Selection Process

When an applicant’s application is considered for the further process, many times, they are given a task. And to manage the same, an HR Representative has to manage the assigning and submission process. And for the same, they have to spend a lot of time and workforce.

With automated chatbots, companies can eliminate the time the HR’s spend in assigning and submission process of their task. A chatbot can assign and manage the test process and can forward the task further to the concerned department and answer the reply to the applicant. This automated system of the selection process can help HR Representatives to make the selection process successful even without their intervention.

3. Candidate Experience Survey

The biggest issue that businesses face regarding the traditional recruiting process is that they have to hours in weeding through unqualified applicants. Candidates don’t get enough information about the job from web-forms based job postings, and they don’t also get an answer to the job even if they want to know. The only way for them to get answers to the queries if to apply for the job, and hope a recruiter engages them.

Businesses can conduct surveys for the applicants to ensure that they have all the skills required for the job. A chatbot survey can ask questionnaires to the applicants interactively like a human and analyze the capability of the applicants.

The analytical reports can help HRs to determine the best employee for the job and make employing procedure easier for them.

4. Scheduling Interview

A chatbot can allow eligible applicants to schedule an interview within the conversational bot. Also, HRs can get real-time updates about the meeting on their google calendar. So, when the date for the interview comes, they can get the remainder of the same. Businesses can also make a good impression on the applicants, who can help companies to create positivity about the job.

Moreover, businesses can allow applicants to subscribe for job updates, in case they don’t get selected for the job. It can help companies to get connected with the unselected applicants.

5. Employee Screening

HR Representatives can monitor the employees’ moods and emotions while doing the job. Based on employee engagement surveys with a bot, HRs can also determine, who should be assigned for the task, and who has been performing well and unwell in their jobs.

HRs can also keep connected with the employees and help them in getting their leave approved, and in proceeding their salary increment and promotion requests.

6. HR and Employee Self-Service

With chatbots, companies can enable employees to get assistance with their queries regarding job terms and policies. Also, they can ask the bot about the same at any time, even after working hours. It can furthermore help HRs in saving their time by eliminating such monotonous tasks and focusing on more productive works.

Companies can also use a bot for training customer service executives without human intervention, to evaluate the skills of the managers, and for managing outsourcing recruitment.

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