Shopify Chatbot - Make Your eCommerce Website Conversational

Shopify Chatbot - Make Your eCommerce Website Conversational

Unbar new possibilities by integrating your Shopify website with hybrid chatbots (live chat and chatbot). Explore this article and learn how bots can seamlessly transcend the capabilities of your eCommerce store for online buyers.

Shopify is indeed one of the most popular platforms for building eCommerce websites. Millions of online sellers worldwide use it to launch their marketplace for online buyers or create a new eCommerce store from scratch.

Shopify’s growth can be attributed to its user-friendly website builder, which comes loaded with industry-grade features and code-less integrations. From the business aspect, all this brings ease of developing an online store, without any prior knowledge of programming or web development.

Much like as Shopify helps your businesses to connect with online buyers, chatbots assist them with searching products and finding answers to their queries in real-time.

Empower Your Shopify Website with Chatbot Integration

No doubt, that eCommerce websites offer a great buying experience to the users. However, when it comes to providing customers with After-sales support, due to the traditional customer support tools/methods/technique/channel, a customer has to put a lot of efforts into getting a query solved.

Traditionally, when buyers land on your Shopify website or eCommerce website, they have to:

✔️Search for products.
✔️Read product description and FAQs.
✔️Search offers and discounts.
✔️And at last, place their order.

In case of return refunds, a customer has to follow several other steps. Like, select product, return/refund reason, etc. to submit a request for the same. Sometimes it is followed by sending a mail, or calling customer support, or even sending a tweet to get assistance.

This degrades the customer experience and results in fewer customers returning to your platform to make a purchase.

Including this in the process to get assistance, customers have to switch between different applications or channels, with each offering a different user experience.

As a result, the brand-experience of your e-commerce store breaks.

However, this can be changed with the help chatbots.

Today, chatbots are the biggest differentiating factor in enhancing the user experience of eCommerce websites. They can enable personalised support to the individual buyers, and make it easier for them to find a product as per their specific requirements.

With instant chat support, buyers get a sense of commitment from your business. This association can be leveraged to strengthen your brand reliability and promote the chances of persuading buyers into customers.

These possibilities can only be turned into actual sales when you train your chatbot, keeping in mind the expectations of your customers.

Chatbot prerequisites for eCommerce websites include API integrations such as payment gateway, CRM, and pre-training with the queries of buyers related to products, payment, offers, returns and refunds.

Once equipped with the same information and API integrations, a chatbot can transform your eCommerce website into conversational commerce. Besides, it can also enable one-to-one communication between your business and potential buyers. Eventually, enriching their shopping experience via its conversational user interface.

How to Integrate Chatbot with Your Shopify Website?

It’s easy to deploy a chatbot like Frontman on your Shopify website.

Simply log in to the Dashboard, visit the Publish section, copy the generated code, paste it into the HTML head of your website, and save changes.

Tada, your chatbot is now live.

Frontman + Wingman: Perfect conversational companion for your eCommerce

Frontman chatbot builder helps eCommerce stores to create a conversational chatbot by merely dragging and dropping cards

Frontman- AI chatbot builder platform enables enterprises to empower their customer strategy via conversational UI. It comes pre-loaded with chatbot templates, and a host of features such as Instinct AI, human handover, and API integration so you can get started with bots in just minutes.

This conversational chatbot platform empowers you to automate monotonous tasks. Apart from this, you can also train Frontman for multiple campaigns such as product promotion, product recommendation, lead generation, customer support by creating relevant conversational flows.

But above all, eCommerce businesses can also tailor Frontman to assist buyers as a personal shopping assistant. They can build conversational flow and make use of user preferences to filter and display products in a personalised way. As a growing trend in conversational commerce, it’s noted that when buyers are offered with the personalized assistant, then your eCommerce becomes their priority whenever they search online for a product.

Hybrid Chatbots Do Intelligent Teamwork that Boosts ROI

Intelligent teamwork minimises the efforts and maximises the output. That means the proper use of resources is indeed an essential factor in ensuring maximum ROI for your eCommerce business. Hybrid chatbot platforms work on the same concept. The generic queries of buyers are answered by a chatbot, while in case it fails to answer a question, human handover request will be sent to a human agent.

Here we have explained the critical problems that downgrade the credibility of eCommerce, and how Frontman + Wingman hybrid chat platform can prove to be the one-stop solution.

1. How to segment, target and retarget buyers?

Conventional Way 

Traditional tools are very much useful in targeting buyers and boosting sales and revenue — however, such tools only produce generic information about buyers.

For the same reason, online retailers often face difficulty while advertising products, services, and offers to buyers. One of the ways many eCommerce segments their audience is by tracking the interaction of users and employing details, such as products searched, location, device type, logged in users, gender, age, preferences, etc. to display relevant products and services.

Frontman AI Way

Frontman initiates 1:1 conversations with buyers and brings a whole new world of user details. That proves to be effective when employed to segment, target, and retarget buyers. This chatbot can automatically segment visitors on your eCommerce, as per their previous and ongoing interaction on the website. Ultimately helping you to launch and promote products by connecting with the right audience.

Similarly, you can train Frontman to ask particular questions to buyers and save their responses, analyse their behaviour, and accordingly display products and services. You can visit the Audiences section in the Dashboard to overview and filter results by selecting specific users (returning, new, session time, etc.) and get instant hands-on information about the efficiency of a campaign.

With two way communication, Frontman not only easily segments the buyers but also communicates with them and promotes your products and services.

The chat snippets below explain the ease of product segmentation and targeting via Frontman when a buyer selects Aviator sunglasses.

Frontman: Hey, there, I’m your personal shopping assistant. What are you looking for!

Buyer: Sunglasses (@Instict AI — catch user utterances and initiate relevant conversation)

Frontman: Maybe I have some cool pair of Sunglasses for you.

Frontman: Let me know your sunglass preferences, so I can save you time while shopping! 🚀 (@Multiple Choice- Insert multiple buttons, save user input, and logically branch conversation)

🕶 Aviator sunglasses

🕶 Cat-eye sunglasses

🕶 Round eye sunglasses

🕶 Square eye sunglasses

🕶 Wrap-around eyes sunglasses

Buyer:  Aviator sunglasses 🕶

Frontman: Great choice, I think they will look fashionable on you.

Here, you can use the Carousel card to display products to a buyer. Carousel card allows you to insert product details such as Image, Title, Description, Product link, and add up to three Buttons such as Buy now, Add to wishlist, Add to cart. With each button, you can assign a different chat flow and influence buyers to take appropriate actions within the chat window.

Getting back to the above chat, Frontman will follow the conversation with buyers as per their individual preferences. All the user inputs will get saved into assigned Attributes to learn about the personal product preferences of buyers. These attributes can be employed to segment buyers based on their preferences.

In case if a buyer leaves the chat and revisits your eCommerce website after some time. Then you can train Frontman to Retarget the buyer by displaying previously viewed products.

The conversation between Frontman and buyer can take place like described below:

Frontman: Welcome again. Still, looking for Aviators? (@Quick Reply- take single input from users)

Buyer: Yes

Frontman: Awesome, let me grab Aviators for you, while you enjoy this coupon (BYNW) for next purchase

Furthermore, you can integrate Frontman with Wingman- a live chat platform, to empower human sales reps to initiate a quick conversation with specific buyers. Hence, better opportunities to sell products to segmented buyers and boost ROI effectively.

2. How to provide hassle-free customer support?

Conventional Way

Traditional tools of customer support generally require a user to put efforts to get an answer. But still, in this conversational age, many eCommerce platforms still rely on time-consuming customer support tools to assist their customers, and it includes:

  • Knowledgebase: A self-serve way that allows users to find the answer to their query on their own. It includes reading product FAQs, description, etc.

  • Email support: When buyers don’t get the required assistance from website based support channels, they usually write mails. However, getting help via email many times takes hours as it depends on the availability of customer support agents.

  • Call support: Regarded as a way to get instant help. But with usual call wait time and time to connect with a human agent, a buyer or customer has to wait in a queue for an average of 10 minutes. Even when a customer is connected with an agent, some issues like call drop, call transfer, further degrades the experience.

  • Standalone chatbot: Many eCommerce websites employ chatbots as an automated way to answer the repeated queries of buyers. However, in the case of complex queries, it either recommends the buyers to drop a mail or call support agent.

  • Standalone live chat: Usually presented on eCommerce websites to assist buyers with their queries via human agents. A buyer has to fill a form and provide details regarding the type of support. Based on this information, a live chat agent is assigned to buyers. Though live chat is a great way to humanise the interaction with buyers, However, live chat is only feasible when you have enough humans to attend the queries of buyers.

P.S: From a buyer’s perspective, each time when they open one of the mentioned channels, they get different user experience. This variation in the experience can lower the interest of buyers in making a purchase.

Frontman AI Way

Skip the nuance with one-stop hybrid customer support platforms, Frontman and Wingman. Integrate these tools to answer the repeated queries of buyers wrt to the products and services offered. Or, hand over the chat to a human representative to ensure that none of your buyers has to wait in a queue.

For instance, when a buyer questions Frontman about a smartphone’s features, size of the cloth, or needs to know when an item will be back in stock, etc. You can keep a tap on all such repeated queries, and provide them with instant solutions. With up-front support from your eCommerce, it gets easier for buyers to understand and buy your products.

You can also train Frontman chatbot to instantly start a conversation with buyers based on the webpage they are viewing. So, if a buyer is visiting a smartphone, you can launch this chatbot to ask and answer queries.

Refer to the chat conversation below.

Frontman: Hey there, I’m your personal shopping assistant. Got any queries regarding this smartphone? Ask me (@Autosuggest list- automatically display a faqs)

Buyer: What is RAM memory of this smartphone?

Frontman: 8Gb DDR4 memory

Moreover, Frontman can also assist your customers with product return and replacement. Customers can submit the product’s images to describe their issue; the same feedback can be shared with the relevant department in real-time to ensure quick action.

Refer to the chat conversation below.

Frontman: Hey there, welcome back. I’m your personal assistant, how may I assist you today


⭐Rate product

🚚 Return product

🚚Replace product

Customer: Return

Frontman: Please select a reason for return (@Autosuggest list- display a list of reasons)

Customer: Quality of the product is not adequate

Frontman: Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll quickly arrange a return for you

Frontman: Please select a date and time slot for return (@Date Picker- allows users to select date and time)

Customer: 7–10–20, 9am-12pm

Frontman: Great I’ll assign someone to pick the product. You’ll soon get a confirmation for return.

In the case of complex queries, Frontman instantly raises a ticket and transfers the chat to human agents. With real-time support, customers get their queries solved within minutes, that too without writing a mail or making a call for the same. With this, Frontman and Wingman ensure that your buyers and customers don’t have to switch between different applications or channels to get their query solved. Hence strengthens the brand experience of your eCommerce.

3. How to boost user engagement and ensure higher reach of marketing campaigns?

Conventional Way

eCommerce websites put a lot of efforts to ensure the higher reach of marketing campaigns. Some standard practices include website quizzes, PPC marketing, social media marketing, etc. These may prove to be efficient, but as these tools lack two-way communication with buyers, the conversion rate remains minimal.

Frontman AI Way

With the help of Frontman, you can run multiple campaigns on your Shopify website to target a varied audience base. As soon as a visitor lands on your eCommerce, Frontman can employ the previous interaction or ask a few questions to learn about users and take forward the conversation accordingly.

Besides, you can also make use of Frontman while promoting products and services via PPC marketing. Unlike web forms, when buyers click on the ad link, a conversational landing page will be displayed. Here, Frontman can answer buyers’ product-related queries and provide them with a broader understanding of your products.

eCommerce websites can make use of Frontman features to excite their marketing campaigns; it includes:

  • Dynamic Link:

This feature of Frontman allows you to send buyers a conversational URL and start personalised marketing campaigns as they open it. You can share Dynamic Link via Social media, Email, SMS, or any other customer engagement channel.

  • Conversational Landing Page:

Frontman makes your PPC marketing campaigns conversational. Simply build a landing page to generate a lead, promote and sell your products and services.

  • Human handover:

Connect Frontman with Wingman and empower your marketing campaigns with the human touch. Live chat agents can track the journey of visitors on the website and can initiate a conversation with buyers to make sure they get the most out of your campaign.

  • Pre-welcome message:

Train Frontman to display unique offers to website visitors. You can also select multiple conditions to filter visitors and run different campaigns for them.

  • Auto engage:

Frontman can be triggered to start promoting your products and services as a visitor lands on your website. You can set a specific Autoengage duration and start the interaction with visitors at the right time.

  • Click to Conversation:

Take instant actions as buyers click on a website button or link. Frontman can be tailored to start a relevant conversation with buyers as per their input.

4. How to boost the ROI of eCommerce?

Conventional Way

From an eCommerce perspective, the ROI largely depends on the cost of customer support operations and marketing.

But, above all, the shopping experience of your website plays an important role, and if a buyer doesn’t get a good experience, then he might not place an order.

Thereby, to boost ROI, it’s recommended to eCommerce stores either cut short the cost of operations or marketing without wrecking the shopping experience.

Frontman AI Way

Timely actions as per buyer requirements can be the best way to boost ROI of your eCommerce website. Frontman ensures that every visitor gets the required assistance in real-time.

Frontman makes your Shopify store as a personal store for buyers. It can be trained to act as per the user interaction, such as when a buyer clicks on a specific button, visits a product page or closes the shopping cart. By taking chatbot-driven timely actions, you can ensure a higher ROI.

Finding what works best for your eCommerce is a sure-fire way to boost the ROI. With Frontman, you can maximise the interaction with buyers and get better results for marketing campaigns. While when it comes to reducing customer support operation cost, Frontman with Wingman empowers you to attain and answer buyers that are genuine for your business. Hence ensures you get the most out of your business.

5. How to enhance customer experience?

Conventional Way

Providing customers with good customer experience indeed costs a lot to eCommerce stores. One of the issues that many consumers face while reporting a problem is the unavailability of instant support. Some standard practices that business follow are:

  • Email royalty points after the product purchase
  • Email product purchase message
  • Employ a dedicated team to assist customers via email and call

Frontman AI Way

Frontman being an omnichannel chatbot, can be deployed to any customer engagement channels. Like if sending a mail is necessary to customers after they place an order. Then you can also include a conversational URL in the mail. When customers click on it, a chat-based page opens to assist buyers with their queries, simply thank them for the order or promote offers and discounts.

Also, as customer experience can be associated with after-sales support, Frontman can ensure that none of your customers has to experience any delay in assistance. It can promptly ask your customers about their product experience and take relevant actions, such as raise a ticket, connect with a human agent, etc.

By taking real-time actions as per your customer query, Frontman provides each customer with adequate support whenever they ask. eCommerce can also send customers with conversational product guide, with Frontman explaining a product using interactive media and personalised conversations.

6. How to Collect user feedback in real-time?

Conventional Way

eCommerce is a customer-driven industry, and to stay relevant; it gets essential to learn about the feedback of your customers. As seen, eCommerce websites utilise several techniques to accumulate user feedback, such as:

Emails: After product delivery, you can send an email to customers asking to rate their experience. Emails are a great way to do this, but as customers have to open a different application to do the same, most of them skip this step.

Web forms: You can deploy feedback forms on the website and display it to specific users (returning, new, purchased within 30 days, etc.) However, as forms lack two-way interaction, very few users take part and submit them.

Survey forms: Surveys can be run to understand the feedback of users in general. Unlike webforms tell you about the feedback of users, a survey form explains the overall experience of the participants. Like, you can ask questions, “Would you like to recommend our products to your friends” with a “Yes”, “No’, “Likely” options. And, the form will present you with the number of people selected yes, no, and likely options.

Frontman AI Way

Frontman allows you to take user feedback via the website, and SMS, email. You can either tailor Frontman to take user feedback when a buyer has placed the order. Or, after the product delivery, you can send an email or SMS containing the conversational URL to collect the feedback of individual buyers. As a customer clicks on the feedback URL, Frontman will pop-up and ask specific questions one by one.

Follow the chat snippets below for good and bad feedback, and learn how Frontman can attain your customers.

Frontman: Hey, there. Thanks for shopping with us. Rate your delivery experience on a scale of 10.

Buyer: 9

Frontman: Thanks for your awesome feedback, your feedback keeps us thriving.

In case if a customer provides low rating, then Frontman can change the course of conversation to understand the issue further.

Frontman: Hey there. Thanks for shopping with us. Rate your delivery experience on a scale of 10.

Buyer: 1

Frontman: Apologies for inconvenience, may I know your issue! (@Autosuggest list- display a list of delivery issues)

Buyer: Late delivery

Frontman: Rest assured, your feedback is shared with the right team

Frontman: We’ll make it right, so you can get on-time delivery of products

Frontman: Is there anything else I can assist you with (@Quick reply- Take single input, in terms of Yes or No)

Buyer: No

Frontman: Thanks for your time, we appreciate your feedback

This way, Frontman brings ease of collecting user feedback. It can initiate a personalised conversation with each user and ask them relevant questions as per their past interaction and activity on the website.

The same feedback can be instantly shared with the relevant department. If the need arises, the ongoing chat can be assigned to a human representative to assist the customer accordingly.

Frontman lets You do all things from One window

With Frontman deployed on your eCommerce, you can provide buyers with a seamless buying experience. You can take the product requirement of individual buyers and recommend relevant products, answer queries, or provide human assistance whenever required. Here are the top features of Frontman that make your eCommerce store conversational.

🚀Autosuggest list- Display a list of items as buyers enter a few words. You can recommend products, faqs, state, city, Pincode, etc.
🚀Pre-welcome message- Announce offers, or start a personalised conversation for landing visitors.
🚀 Embed chatbot- Integrate Frontman on a webpage to start targeted conversations.
🚀 Push notification- Send notification to cart abandoning buyers while promoting offers, discounts.
🚀 Payment gateway integration- Let customers place their order within the chat window.
🚀 Conversational mobile experience- Empower mobile users with personal shopping assistant tailored to assist them in real-time.
🚀 Instant human support- Transfer ongoing conversation to human for quick assistance.
🚀 Take customer feedback- Ask customers to rate your eCommerce store and services in terms of CSAT, NPS, CES instantly.

Frontman helps acquire more buyers with fewer resources

There are many ways Frontman can help generate better revenue than traditional customer engagement tools. By deploying it, Shopify stores can eliminate tedious processes and bring down the cost of operations.

Frontman can act as a personal assistant for your customers and assist them with their queries without any delay. By tailoring Frontman chatbot to pop-up and start a conversation with buyers as they click on a specific button or embed the chatbot on a web page and start a conversation with buyers when visiting the same page.

With Frontman, there’s always room for more. Build a chatbot for Shopify website in just minutes. Get started now. 

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