Top 8 Innovative Implementation Of Chatbots in India

Top 8 Innovative Implementation Of Chatbots in India

A decade ago, while standing in long queues to pay electricity, mobile, or water bill, no one would have ever thought that they would ever be able to pay their bills from a smartphone within a minute. But surprisingly today, we are doing it via UPI payments and e-wallets.

Our way of living has changed a lot in the last few years. With the introduction of advanced technologies and innovative ideas for development, lifestyle has become more comfortable. The chatbot is one of the most successful tools for better interaction with peoples, doing monotonous tasks, decreasing human labor load, increasing work productivity, etc. After its inception, people started using it in many ways that no one has ever imagined. Here we have a few examples of innovative use of chatbots in India.

1. Gaadi Bot (CarDekho Gaadi Store)

CarDekho Gaadi store is a retail auction model for pre-owned cars. This model is launched by in 2019 to expand their reach in the used automobiles resale industry. They have eliminated all the hazels that customers face while reselling their cars. They also have implemented Gaadi Bot on their website partnering with Makerobos Innovation Labs to make reselling even easier. Users can now directly book an appointment for checking maximum car valuation with Gaadi bot in just 2 minutes. Gaadi bot also has an amazing language feature. This bot makes conversation in “Hinglish” (Hindi in English alphabets).

Top Features of Gaadi Bot

  • Users can book an appointment for the maximum valuation of any car for free in just two minutes.
  • Gaadi bot can assist with all the offers and services offered by Gaadi Store at a single place.
  • It has a very positive and attractive user interface.
  • It can make conversation in the “Hinglish” language.

2. iPAL Chatbot (ICICI Bank)

ICICI Bank is among the top 5 private banks in India. This bank is known for its financial services and a wide range of banking products. But even for them, handling massive customer queries and long queues was getting exhausting. To deal with those problems, they introduced iPAL Chatbot. The results were unexpectedly good. Not only queries and queues were controlled, but they also started getting more productive results from their employers and a higher number of positive feedback from their customers for their services.

Top Features of IPAL Chatbot

  • It can assist with basic banking needs with just voice commands.
  • It can tell you about the latest bank products and services.
  • It can sync with Alexa and Google home also.
  • It can guide on how to apply for loans and credit cards.
  • It can update you with your account balance whenever asked.

3. Karl Chatbot (Jeep India)

In 2017, the Indian Automotive Industry became 4th largest in the world. And to keep accelerating in the competition of the growing market of the Indian automotive industry, Jeep-India has partnered with Makerobos Innovation Labs for the implementation of Karl chatbot on Karl Chatbot’s assisting and “book a test-drive” ability has helped Jeep-India to reduce their costing on many customer support expenses. After the implementation, they have seen a higher lead generation and engagements. Karl chatbot has become a tool for Jeep-India to increase their customer base in the automobile market.

Top features Of Karl Chatbot:

  • It can book a test drive in just a few clicks.
  • It can suggest the best Jeep SUVs as per the user requirements.
  • It can assist with the nearest dealer or service center.
  • Saves human resources that spend on customer assistance.

4. TIA Chatbot (Tata Capital)

Tata Capital is a Tata Financial and Investment services subsidiary. Being the 5th largest financial company in India, they needed to improve their services to keep themselves on the top list. So, they introduced TIA chatbot in 2019. Customers are now able to get a loan from Tata Capital in just 5 min with TIA. In just a few months, Tata has revealed that 25% of its customers use TIA for loan and finance assistance. After analyzing the success of TIA in generating more leads, Tata has also introduced chatbots in their other subsidiaries.

Top Features of TIA Chatbot

  • It helps users in wealth management.
  • It provides an easy and interactive EMI calculator.
  • It can quickly approve insurance purchases. 
  • It can answer FAQ’s asked by the user.
  • It can assist users in real-time to save queues at call centers.

5. Travel Planner Chatbot (Travel Triangle)

Travel Planner is one of the best travel assistance chatbots in India. It can assist users with hotels, flights, and private cabs pricing and availability for travel. It can also help in planning trips and can prefer the best season for traveling to any place. Travel planner provides better filters than any other travel assistance chatbot like “Trip for solo”, “Family trip”, “Trip with friends”, etc. Travel Planner Chatbot’s interacting tactic helps the user to decide the destination, budget, and all other factors required for traveling. It makes travel planning easier for the user, and also generates higher leads. 

Top Features Of Travel Planner

  • It has better filters than any other travel assistance chatbot.
  • Attractive and innovative conversational tactics.
  • It connects with emotional sentiments while planning the travel to attract users and to interact with them more deeply.
  • It helps the user in finding the best season to travel at the desired destination.
  • It also helps in making traveling plans faster and easier, which increases user engagement.

6. Disha Chatbot (PathKind Labs)

Pathkind labs was launched in 2017 by Mankind pharma to achieve organic growth. Since then, they have provided satisfactory service to more than 14 lacs customers. To further promote pathology services in India. They have partnered with Makerobos Innovation labs in 2019 to implement Disha chatbot on their website. This innovative idea of Path kind labs has helped them to get more leads. Disha is also helping path kind labs to provide faster services like booking an appointment and getting reports online.

Top Features Of Disha Chatbot

  • Customers can check pricing with all necessary details directly from the chatbot.
  • Disha chatbot can book an appointment for any test in just a few clicks.
  • Reduces crowd from work-place and call queues by offering online reports and necessary details through the chatbot.
  • It also helps in finding the nearest PathKind Labs, and collection center.

7. Eva (HDFC Bank)

HDFC Bank is India’s largest private bank with a net income of ₹21,078 crores (2019). This bank provides various banking products and services. Apart from banking products, they also offer varieties of digital products like Payzapp and Smartbuy. Managing all these services and products was indeed a tough task. But thanks to EVA Chatbot. This chatbot is the first and largest banking chatbot in India. With continuous learning, it has now achieved 85% accuracy in just 4 years. It is astonishing to know that EVA Chatbot has assisted users on more than 1.2 million queries !!

Top Features Of EVA Chatbot

  • Users can check all the latest updates and offers via EVA Chatbot.
  • It helps the user to search for the exact query by suggesting queries through a drop-down menu as the user types.
  • It has the easy to use User Interface.
  • It can assist with any query with 85% accuracy.
  • It has helped HDFC to work more systematically and productively by decreasing the workload of employers.

8. ABG Assistant (Aditya Birla Group)

Aditya Birla Group is India’s 3rd largest private conglomerate with more than 30 subsidiaries. They have their reach in almost every industry in India. And just like every rich industry has assistants for their work, their website also has ABG Assistant Chatbot. This chatbot works like a navigator which can navigate visitors at whichever page they want to go. It doesn’t have abilities like other chatbots but is unique.

Top Features of ABG Assistant

  • It can help visitors to navigate at whichever page they want to go.
  • It has respectfully welcoming skills, which creates a positive impression on the visitor.


In every debate and conversation about Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have become the most popular subheading of it. With the increase in chatbot use cases, businesses and industries are seeing an uptick in their customer support and lead generation. Law firms, Banks, Healthcare organizations, Automobile industry, etc.,  are upgrading themselves with a chatbot for primary uses like assisting, inquiring, booking, filtering, etc.

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