Top Six Reasons for Chatbot Failures and How to Fix Them

Top Six Reasons for Chatbot Failures and How to Fix Them

If your chatbot worked today alright for your customers, consider yourself lucky. While you own a chatbot that works in a way according to your need, there are five others way it could fail and be threatening to your reputation. But, how does it fail? Aren’t they supposed to be undefeated?

FYKI: Its humans, whose fault is responsible for their loss.

However, despite Chatbot being the hottest technology around, the things are not as seamless and flawless as we assume them to be.

Today many companies won’t take a second chance to implement and introduce chatbots for their websites. It seems like the use of chatbots has some restraints.

Why Chatbots are failing to deliver appropriate quality?

Chatbots are programmed by humans and usually follow a process. The makers exclude actions for the chatbot to take based on what a user says. Chatbots fail because its unavoidable to pre-train a chatbot to work perfect in every exact situation.

Communication with natural language is a complex thing; consider slang, misspellings, intonation, humour, and short forms. It’s a fact that I’m a human and I don’t always turn on right sarcasm or humour in interactions.

So why are chatbots out there failing to deliver on right potential?

As a result, chatbots fails. For a variety of reasons, we explain below, how customers are frustrated, brand reputation hurt, or result into bad user experiences. They’re -

1. No proper training

It’s quite a myth that AI and machine learning work perfectly without human intervention.

Like human, machines need collection, selection and processing of proper training data. Due to this reason, machines are able to interact with humans as desired. Thus, machines need to learn natural human languages- informal words, phrases, relations between two words etc. For enterprises that don’t have a proper and relevant training data readily available, this can result into time consuming in building conversational AI chatbot applications.

Fix: Take a required time to train your chatbot on maximum situations and instances possible. Expand sources to gather more additional training data. Monitor steps to continuously improve training.

2. Entailing in informal conversations

This is what every enterprise is afraid of.

Chatbots may be programmed by humans to unknowingly respond yes or no to a question on a conversation. There are numerous other ways by which chatbots say irrelevant things that damage your brand image. For example, a chatbot could be confused and completely ignore something that was said previously. This is very hard to fix in chatbots.

Note: To avoid this don’t make your bot responding to a question which is not understandable or revert something blindly.

3. Regulations on protecting user data

Data is at the core of any conversational AI, and is used to personify the conversation, improve the quality and deliver accurate insight to the brands. Therefore, it’s mandatory that enterprises obtain the benefits while complying with regulation and legislation.

While GDPR is an EU regulation, the modification impacting brands around the world. It’s to be expected that regulations will increase throughout globe in the future. For organizations, the demand is not just in collection of data, but also in fetching the information for exporting or modifying in a secure and auditable way.

4. Lack of Personification

When it comes to any type of conversation, humans are pleased to feel like they’re engaged in an interaction with any other human being — or something — that can relate to them. While the thought of adding a “personality” to a chatbot may sound strange, it actually helps customers connect with the bot and the site. Just because users know that they’re chatting with a machine, doesn’t mean that they should feel like they are.

Thankfully, the process of giving your chatbot a personality isn’t anything cumbersome. You can assign chatbot its own name, reply mannerisms and even some mockery that can be sent to the user depending on the time of day, mood and how they feel about it. All these info make your chatbot more engaging.

Again, some simple ways to tackle this issue:

  • Handing the Conversation Over to a Live Agent: Some conversations are always better handled by humans. So, if a chatbot cannot handle a situation or fail to understand the questions of a user, it should hand over the conversation to a human representative or agent.
  • Follow-up Conversations: If a chatbot cannot resolve an issue, it can ask for a phone number or an email. In this way, a human agent can review the conversation later, come up with a solution, and help the user with a follow-up conversation later on.

5. Less Inspection

Until now, we have been talking about the issues that are related with initial brainstorming and development process.

You need something more for successfully implementing the chatbot in your business. Despite all the arrangement, design and training, your chatbot is likely to fail a lot of intents and queries initially.

Testing out a chatbot in a setup of software and running the bot application in the real world are two different things. Chatbots fail due to this reason that no one continuously monitors the activities later on.

With technology like Wingman, you can monitor customer insights. If you want to be on the long run, do checkout.

6. High Quality with Less Budget

Apart from the designing and developing a chatbot, there are lot of factors to keep in mind — data collection and training process, teaching conversational methods, fallback procedures, platform integration, and so on.

People often overlook it, but going through all of the steps mentioned above requires an adequate budget too.

While designing chatbots for our clients, we often face this kind of scenario; the client has too high an expectation but not enough budget to follow up.

So before switching to chatbot for your business, ask yourself the following questions –

  • Do my business need 24/7 customer monitoring?
  • Will the chatbots with current potential can serve my customers properly?
  • Do I have the budget to invest in adopting a personalized chatbot for my organization?
  • What am I expecting from my chatbot with the present budget?


Whether admit it or not, AI is opening up new ways for your businesses.
To get the best feedback from customers, you need to provide most satisfying chatbot experience.

Otherwise, you risk yourself with frustrated customers.

Here’s the final thought we want to leave you with: the fact that some chatbots fail today doesn’t mean that it’s better to give up and stop experimenting.

Customers and employees are expecting more from these chatbots than just responding with natural language. However, this is opening up a whole new way to engage with them, in the way that they want and not the way that the brands want. As businesses expand their AI bot solutions across their organization, an experienced multi-bot architecture will play an important role in their ability to deliver improved outcomes and gain business rewards of AI-powered automation.

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