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eCommerce Chatbot : Transform Your WooCommerce Website Conversational

eCommerce Chatbot : Transform Your WooCommerce Website Conversational

One-to-one conversations are the key aspect to boost interaction between your eCommerce business and buyers

Let’s suppose you enter a nearby store, and a representative escorts and guides you with products and offers, wouldn’t you be more likely to make a purchase?

We believe, yes.

An excellent shopping experience can be attributed to the sales assistants who instantly attend the buyers and helps them with correct product information.

But the same isn’t the case with many online shopping websites and stores. For the same reason, many shoppers find it difficult to navigate through thousands of products to find a relevant one.

This experience can be changed by deploying a conversational eCommerce chatbot on your website that stays available 24/7 and steer your buyers in the right direction without any external support.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin created to develop eCommerce websites and sell online. It comes handy with multiple integrations such as inventory, tax management, and secure payment to make it hassle-free for businesses to organize and handle their online stores.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Chris Messina first introduces the term “conversational commerce”, and it means the sale of products and services via conversational tools, such as chatbot or live chat. This concept is primarily based on the implementation of messaging applications that promotes one-to-one interaction with buyers in real-time as they visit your online store.

How to Integrate your Woo-commerce Marketplace with Frontman?

Frontman is a hybrid chatbot and comes with easy to use Dashboard with tons of eCommerce features, such as media support, chat support, inventory integration, CRM integration, live chat, etc.

Connecting your WooCommerce website with Frontman is a no-brainer task. You can simply do this without having any experience of bots, programming, or any specific skill.

You are required to log in to the Dashboard and then click on your chatbot instance to access it. Now click on the Publish button and copy the code and paste it into the HTML head of your WooCommerce website.

Frontman Brings Personalized conversations to Your eCommerce

With its outstanding features, Frontman empowers your eCommerce website via conversational UI-that’s adaptable and user friendly. There are unlimited possibilities to start a personalized conversation with website visitors as they land on your eCommerce website.

Welcome your customers with personalized messages and enable exceptional shopping experience as they click on the chat button. You can define multiple user metrics or create new custom metrics to save specific user details. By simply applying the same, you can allow Frontman to converse with thousands of buyers in a personalized style.

There’s more for your eCommerce.

Train Frontman to display page-specific messages to website visitors and promote products, services, and offers, or simply provide instant assistance as a user visits help center or contact us page. While by employing features like Autosuggest, Quick Reply, and Multiple Choice, you can make it seamless for users to interact with Frontman, by merely clicking on a button.

Let’s explore more about Frontman’s features that make your WooCommerce website conversational and lets you attend each buyer individually.

1. Broadcast tailored messages to connect with the right audience

Frontman offers multiple ways to initiate conversations with website visitors so that you can promote your products and services in a personalized way. You can employ Pre-welcome Messages or Dynamic Link to start an instant conversation with buyers as they land on your eCommerce.

Pre-welcome Message feature allows you to customize your message by adding an image or banner, and add multiple buttons to take forward the user journey as per your marketing campaign. While with Dynamic Link, you can start the page-specific conversations with website visitors and boost the outreach of your products and services.

2. Start specific conversations with buyers right from the Home screen

Enable Frontman Apps and provide website visitors with Persistent Menu to start a specific conversation with buyers tailored to match with their preferences. This menu can be displayed to users immediately after they visit your eCommerce website, or you can tailor the Frontman to wakeup after a particular time and start the interaction with website visitors.

In this way, you can boost the outreach of recently launched products and offers on your eCommerce. Frontman can also track and save individual user metrics and preferences, that can be employed to analyze the outcome of promotional campaigns or personalize the ongoing conversation with buyers. This brings us to the next point of how personalized interaction with your buyers can promote their interest in your products and services.

3. Personalize the chatbot interaction with individual buyers

Setup User Inputs and train Frontman to save and employ these attributes to segment your audience. You can also employ a relevant conversational flow for segmented users to boost the reach of your products to specific users. At the same time, such attributes can also be used to remind users about their past selections, so they can confirm the details before placing an order.

4. Get out of the box user engagement with conversational PPC campaigns

Targeted campaigns are an effective way to promote products and services. By employing Frontman for campaigns, such as PPC ads and social media ads, you can elevate buyers’ ad-experience. When buyers click on the ad, they will be redirected to a chat-based landing page, where Frontman will welcome them and promote your products in a personalized way.

Frontman’s Conversational Landing Page brings ease of connecting with buyers in a personalized tone. eCommerce websites can run promotional PPC campaigns and get maximum traction with automated conversations.

Whatever your purpose may be behind a PPC campaign, Frontman allows you to customize Conversational Landing Page and tailor it to suit your campaign simply with minor tweaks to UI and conversational flow.

5. Start page-specific or product-specific conversation with buyers

Embed Frontman on particular website pages and accommodate buyers with relevant conversations. For instance, if a buyer has landed on a product page on your eCommerce store, then you can simply begin the conversation with “Hello there, would you like to learn about this product? Let me know. I’m just a click away!”

Its highly likely, that Buyers who genuinely want to explore more about a product will instantly start the conversation. With Frontman on your side, you can ensure that each user gets timely assistance without any delay. It can also collect their preferences, and if Frontman fails to answer a unique query of buyers, then it will assign the ongoing conversation to the human agents.

With timely hand over of conversations, you can ensure that none of the potential buyers closes your eCommerce website due to lack of customer support.

6. Run targeted marketing campaigns or take product feedback on the go

Dynamic Link enables eCommerce businesses to alter product marketing strategy on customer engagement channels, such as Whatsapp, Social Media Ads Email, SMS, etc. By creating and assigning different conversational blocks, you can target a specific audience more effectively and engagingly. With this, Frontman can help your sell your eCommerce products via multiple channels while ensuring omnichannel experience.

Also, as after-sales support is something that can add the cherry on the top of your customer support services, you can train Frontman to do the same. Right after a product is delivered, a conversational URL can be sent to customers to take their product feedback.

Based on the user feedback, Frontman can take forward the conversation and provide buyers with a sense of satisfaction. For quick resolution, you can choose to send the user-response to the concerned department in real-time. Or connect the ongoing chat from chatbot to your support team to better assist the customers with their queries.

7. Integrate your eCommerce with the power of conversational buttons

You can specify Frontman actions as per the behaviour of buyers on your website. For instance, Click-to-Conversation can be employed to start a conversation with buyers automatically, as they click on a specific website button, such as Add to Cart, Back, View More Products, Ask Queries, etc. When a buyer clicks on the button, Frontman will automatically pop-up and cater to the selections of buyers with relevant conversations.

8. Bring media to make the conversation engaging with buyers

For sure, images and gifs present a different perspective to the chatbot conversations. With captivating media, you can hold the attention of buyers and even start a specific conversation as a buyer clicks on a media.

While promoting your eCommerce products By inserting relevant media within the conversational flow, you can bring life to the chatbot conversation and make it more engaging for buyers to converse with Frontman.

9. Seamless integrations for better synergy between teams

Connect Frontman with CMS and ERP via JSON API, or Google Sheets to fetch and save the user details in an automated way. You can share the details with specific teams in real-time and empower them to take quick actions as per the buyer’s preferences.

Frontman Boosts ROI of Your WooCommerce Website with Intelligent Automation

Frontman can prove to be a sure-fire way for your WooCommerce website to generate higher ROI without putting extra money or efforts. One of the best benefits of integrating Frontmanwith your eCommerce website is that you can almost automate most of the tedious processes and free-up the human resources for tasks requiring human intelligence. With proper resource management, you can significantly reduce the cost of operations. Likewise, here are some additional ways Frontman can help you achieve a better return on investment.

🚀 Frontman can make product relevant conversations

As buyers visit a specific product page on your eCommerce, Frontman can be configured to start the page-relevant conversation. It can brief buyers about products, features, offers, discounts, and pursue them to place the order.

🚀 Boost conversion rate optimization with personalized conversations

Conversion rate optimization usually explains gaining a higher close rate to boost the revenue per user or ROI in a broader sense. With Frontman deployed on your WooCommerce website, can interact with thousands of buyers at the same time and pursue the conversation as per their preferences. So, it can make sure they convert into buying customers.

🚀 Frontman connects your eCommerce with the multi-lingual audience

Not being able to communicate and connect with buyers of different lingo can hurt your eCommerce in the long run. It also degrades the website experience of your online store for a particular audience. This issue can be addressed with the help of Frontman. And, its ability to communicate in multiple languages can prove to be a perfect companion for your eCommerce store.

🚀 Frontman lets you automate customer support in a human way

How do you answer the queries of the buyers on your eCommerce platform? Do you ask them to write a mail or call a human agent? If so, then you shouldn’t. Because it might deflect the buyers from your website to someone who offers hands-on support.

In this fast-moving world, buyers don’t want to wait in a queue to get the answer to their queries. But when they are made to do the same, the chances are that they may skip the queue and search for products on a website that answers their queries in real-time.

Therefore, it’s most recommended to eCommerce websites to deploy a chatbot and answer the queries of buyers instantly. Chatbots like Frontman can also be integrated with live chat platforms to empower the human agents to take over complex questions and provide buyers with perfect solutions without any delay.

By integrating Frontman with Wingman- live chat platform, you can not only boost the reach of support services but also ensure that the most reliable resources will accompany genuine buyers. At the end of the conversation, you can also take feedback from buyers w.r.t to the chatbot and live chat’s efficiency. User feedback can be translated in terms of CSAT, NPS, and CES scores to further understand the loose points in your customer support strategy.

Conversational commerce: the Sure-fire way to get the best out of your eCommerce

As a growing trend among eCommerce websites, it can be seen that many prefer virtual chat-based support tools to assist their customers. It can be either a live chat, chatbot or a mix of both. However, to scale support services to thousands of shoppers, it’s recommended for eCommerce stores to deploy hybrid chat support tools like Frontman. So, buyers can get the most out of your customer support services whenever required.

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