Healthcare Automation : Fight With Pandemics Like COVID-19

Healthcare Automation : Fight With Pandemics Like COVID-19

It has been more than three months, and the countries around the globe are still fighting the war with COVID-19. It is uncertain that when will this war finally end.

Some optimistic experts believe that after June there may not be any trace of COVID-19 left, while few believe that it may take almost six to eight more months to wash out this virus from the world entirely.

However the situation goes, everyone is sure about one thing, “that this will end”. Meanwhile, it has taught many lessons as well, like how much the world needs to prepare itself for such outbreaks, and how can an epidemic become more damaging than wars.

So, to end this epidemic at the earliest, experts and governments have started to use every possible technology and tool. From traditional tools to advanced AI-tools like chatbots to Automate Healthcare System, they have started using them all.

Chatbots For Pandemics

Chatbots can perform many functions that can help the medical industry to fight crises like the COVID-19 outbreak. Here I have shown a few tasks that healthcare industries can get from Frontman.

Automated Appointment Booking And Reminder System

Healthcare Automation or Automating Healthcare System with chatbots can benefit in many ways. Like patients can easily book an appointment with the doctor in just a few clicks. They just have to visit the website, ask the chatbot to schedule an appointment, choose a doctor from the list, and pick a date for the meeting.

With being able to book an appointment, a chatbot can also integrate with the google calendar of the doctor, enabling them to save appointment details there in real-time.

Symptom Checker — Interpret patient symptoms

Just like a doctor diagnosing the disease in the patient, a chatbot can do the same with proper training. Patients can select symptoms from the auto-suggest menu of the Chatbot. It can further sort out the disease that the patient may be suffering by analyzing the symptoms of the patient.

Although the reports of the bot can’t be termed entirely accurate, it can give a preliminary diagnosis, which can make it more manageable for the doctors to understand the problems of the patient.

With Instinct AI feature, healthcare institutes can train chatbot to answer user utterances without human interaction, enabling the medical workforce to decrease their workload.

Emergency Responder for Pandemics like Covid-19

During pandemics, patients mostly confuse that what should they do, and often end up creating chaos outside hospitals. Such acts lead to more physical contact with others, increasing the chances of transmission. However, a chatbot can help patients to get guidance on what should they do in case of such emergencies.

In case of serious situations, the chatbot can send the details of the patient to the concerned team via SMS/E-Mail to avoid any incident.

Moreover, a chatbot can connect patients with doctors via a live hybrid chat system to guide on problems that chatbot wasn’t trained to answer.

Medical Triage

Triage systems run the scale from textual yelling in an emergency to well-defined coloured tagging systems. Every organization has a triage system. They all create priorities for who gets care or is transported for care based on their requirements.

As we have seen in this pandemic of COVID-19 that how people with other diseases are creating crowds outside hospitals filled with COVID-19 patients. It has also been one of the biggest reasons behind the increase in the transmission of the disease.

A chatbot can analyze the condition of the patient based on the replies on the questionaries it asks. And with the acquired analysis, it can export reports to the concerned department and makes management quite easier. It can then help healthcare industries to triage people based on their need for immediate medical treatment as compared to their chance of getting benefited from such care during medical emergencies.

Automate Healthcare to Boost General Awareness

A Chatbot can interact with every website visitor and provide the services conversationally that they were looking for. This ability of chatbots can decrease the chances of dropouts.

With attractive features like broadcast messages, conversational landing page, and embed chatbot, healthcare industries can attract more users to increase the awareness drive on their website.

Ultimately, automating the healthcare system by implementing the chatbot can help businesses to get 15X more coverage.

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