Hybrid Chat : Bot + Humans for Excellent Customer Support

Hybrid Chat : Bot + Humans for Excellent Customer Support

In the last few years, there has been a subsequent increase in the use of chatbots. It has continued to create opportunities for enterprises all around the world. Those who are familiar with chatbots have gained more interaction with their customer base than others as this tool puts their business right in the middle of the work.

If you still haven’t used this tool, then let me clarify to you how it can help your business. A chatbot enables you to have a humanoid conversation with your customers and interpret their requests, based on functions they are trained. They can assist conversationally to help your customers in getting their queries resolved, without needing human interaction.

But can they take the place of human employees and eliminate their needs?

No, applications of the chatbot aren’t towards human employees elimination from their jobs. Here are three main points to support the disagreement of the above question:

Chatbots can’t just eliminate the need for humans in the work

Chatbots are designed to reduce the workload of humans to reduce their work-stress, boost their productivity, and increase their working speed. And not to just eliminate humans from the company.

Digital workspace is changing every day. And it’s up to you to decide which strategy could be best for, not just your business success but also for those who work for your organization. Not every customer query could be handled by a chatbot, because sometimes giving a personal human touch to a potential customer can help you to get a lead conversion that was about to lose.

To get answers of your questions regarding applications of a chatbot, I suggest, make one for your website and analyze by yourself that where chatbot should be used and where human interaction is required. It will also explain to you how new technology like chatbot can never eliminate the need for humans in an organization. And to understand the concept of the hybrid chatbot.

Hybrid Chatbot

Customers should have a choice between chatbot conversations and live human agent, and with a Hybrid Chatbot, it can happen.

What if a customer wants to converse with a Live Agent rather than a chatbot for the resolution of their query? Does your chatbot offer Live Chat also?

According to a report, 75% of users were willing to choose a chatbot for the resolution of their queries in 2019. And in the upcoming years, these stats will rise to even higher numbers. But what about the rest of 25% of users?

For the success of a business, entrepreneurs should remember that every lead matters. And to do that, companies should be focused on providing equally qualified service to all of them, or else they may lose many potential customers.

Your chatbot should be able to provide customer assistance services via conversational Hybrid Bot for 24*7, which can offer live chat option during working hours. Using both human and chatbot for customer assistance can empower you to make a balance between providing relaxation to your employees, and offering qualified services to your leads. It will be like embedding your bot in the first stage and putting human support at the backstage.

Do you still think chatbots can eliminate human workers from an enterprise?

Handle Important Yet Redundant Task With a Hybrid Chatbot

Let's take an example of Karl Chatbot at Jeep-India Website. Visitors repetitive queries are like -

I want to Schedule a Test Drive. 
I want to know about the features of the new Jeep Compass
Tell me where can I find the nearest Jeep dealer?

Leads that are interested in buying something from your website often ask questions about the product or service that are same always. Now tell me, does human assistant should be spending their time in answering these same questions again and again?

A hybrid chatbot can converse with each visitor and answer their monotonous queries, and by the time your human employees can work on other tasks where skills can be used. Also, it can offer visitors to switch between a human agent for resolution of the complex queries.

Mind is a stronger workforce than muscles.

If a chatbot designed correctly, then it can help businesses to achieve new heights of success. It can save their time and money, and perform multiple tasks at a time. Also, these technologies are for helping employees not for completely eliminating their need.


Hybrid Chatbots are a great tool to stay connected with your congregations and to keep a trustworthy line of help between your website visitors and your business. Whether you are just thinking about building a chatbot, or you already have one on your website. By now, it must be clarified to you that implementation of chatbot doesn’t eliminate the need for human employees in the company, but to help them in helping visitors. Besides, it can help human employees to simplify their jobs, and provide higher productivity to the organization.

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