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Automotive Chatbot : Appoint Humanoid Bot and Sell More Vehicles Online

Automotive Chatbot : Appoint Humanoid Bot and Sell More Vehicles Online

Customer-driven industries are in the dire need of automation, so they can better manage resources, cut short operation cost while enhancing the ROI.

Today, in the automobile market, if not thousands, then at least hundreds of cars are available with different grades and year of make. That makes, buying a new car an exhausting process, customers have to go through a lot of information, analyze it, and compare it to get a result. Hence, sometimes, it may take weeks to months to pick a car of their choice.

New cars launch every few weeks. So, as more time extends, it’s unlikely that a customer will buy a selected car.

And, in the meantime, chances are high that a customer may postpone the plan and wait for the upcoming car. It creates a shift, as a result, OEM’s lose prospects that might be procured into customers.

All-time active customer support is the need of the hour. But, with traditional tools and handful resources, it’s unmanageable to answer the queries of 1000s of the customers.

Traditional Tools May Degrade the Brand Image

Customers who are willing to pay millions aren’t supposed to wait for days to connect with the salesperson. This degrades the customer experience and eventually, customers lose interest in the product.

When a customer asks a query, it’s the best time to pitch a product.

On the other hand, an automobile chatbot can make it easier for prospects to get their queries answered in real-time. This can be a driving factor in enhancing the engagement rate, and as well as seamlessly winning more prospects.

Get Smart: Change the Lane With Frontman

OEM websites get a lot of visitors per month, and to be specific some big OEMs get around millions of visitors daily. But very few of them fill the forms and submit their details, which ultimately leads to slow sales.

However, this can be changed with AI chatbots like Frontman. This bot can serve the website visitors 24*7, answer their queries, get the required information and send it to the concerned team in real-time. Business benefits of integrating Frontman


Service Without a Snag

With 24*7 Frontman, you will never miss a service lead. Automated service and repair bookings reduce the stress on your staff and uplift customer experience


Increased Capacity

The chatbot can interact with multiple customers simultaneously. Without increasing headcount, your team can handle more queries all-day-everyday


Qualified Leads

The Frontman captures visitor information while engaging with them and builds your customer repository. Your sales team will get qualified leads to follow up and continue the conversation.


Timely Offer Blasts

Frontman can broadcast newly launched vehicles, price reductions on stock inventory, and other relevant promotions to shoppers in the course of conversation.

Plus, on the analytical front, it collects the important metrics, such as visitors’ Last seen, Total visits, Geolocation, Device type, Total sessions, etc. These metrics can help you decode and understand the pulse of the prospects, and how much interested they are in buying a product!

How Frontman Can Improve the Functioning of OEM’s?

Reducing waiting time per customer can yield better results in less time. At first, it helps the human agents to work on the genuine leads, which makes it easier for OEM to sell directly without wasting resources on false leads. Hence, Frontman can serve OEM’s in simplifying the process from customers as well as for them in an interactive way:

Answering the queries

Frontman can answer approximately 80% of the monotonous queries of customers instantly. Plus, it can tackle thousands of visitors at the same time, segment them as per their interaction level and filter out the interested ones. The fascinating fact is, this bot can do all this while answering the queries of the visitors.

PPC campaigns

Pay Per Click campaign is often considered effective to attract interested car buyers to the product web page. And, after landing on such pages, visitors might get comprehensive information about the newly launched car. But, after spending time on gathering the information, when they witness a long web form, then it gets unmanageable for them to fill all the details. On the other hand, Frontman lets OEMs' build a conversational landing page which is effective for gathering user information and educating the users about the car. Plus, such landing pages are easy to build, cost-effective, and are best suited to analyze the success rate of products based on the visitors' conversation.

Leads that matter

Are you still calling and asking visitors if they have shown their interest in a product? If yes, then you need to switch to smart ways. Frontman can verify the genuine visitors in real-time by verifying them via OTP sent via Email/SMS. This bot can efficiently create a pool of genuine leads that matters for your business. All the verified leads are sent to the sales team in real-time so that you can connect with prospects without wasting resources and time.

Book a test drive

If users are showing interest in a car and are willing to book a test drive then you’ll surely not want to make them wait. But, with traditional tools, it often happens. Whereas, Frontman allows interested buyers to book a test drive right through the chat-window. Plus to make sure that prospects don’t forget the test drive date and time, this chatbot sends the details to their Google Calendar as a gentle reminder.

Locate nearby dealership

In case a customer is willing to visit the dealership then you’ll surely not make him wait. Because even a short delay can result in the last goodbye. In this situation, Frontman can be a great help. It asks for their geolocation and suggests to them nearby dealerships without wasting a second. This lets the prospects to connect with the salesperson and get human touch without any friction.

Car Dealerships: Connect with Customers As They Ask

Dealerships are the endpoint where all the necessary conversations begin. Frontman being an automobile chatbot can reduce friction by educating the customers beforehand about the processes that will take place while visiting the dealership. An advanced user is always more focused on the product that eventually diminishes the possibility of answering silly questions about the car.

Better manage resources

Dealerships often face a shortage of skilled salespeople, but Frontman being a smart chatbot can simplify the process from the very beginning. By filtering the genuine buyers, it funnels down the interested ones to the dealership’s sales team. This makes it easier for the agents to establish a connection with the prospects while having sufficient knowledge of their choices and preferences. Also, on the customers’ front, it gets much better as they also feel a mutual connection when agents pose good knowledge of their choices.

Test-drive often means a sale

The reason why sales agents often pitch interested buyers to take a test drive is that it gets easy to make a sale when customer experience is rich and practical. It slides the ball into the customers’ side, so either they will ask some questions and make a purchase or can also say No. But, the point here is taking a customer to the test-drive phase is one of the time-consuming tasks that can be made easier with the help of Frontman. It lets customers pick a suitable date and time, and schedule their test drive in just seconds.

Avail RSA and book car service slot

Apart from being the Frontman of dealerships, AI chatbots can also be used to help customers in need. A user can avail RSA service simply by asking the Frontman for help. It then sends the Geolocation and personal details of the users to the concerned team, so that immediate action can be taken to help them. A prospect can also book a convenient time slot for repairing the vehicle. Frontman by asking user requirements can reflect the estimated money. This makes it easier for the dealerships to better manage the services while enhancing the customer experience.

Send personalized quotation

Dealerships are sales-centric, that’s why many times they announce offers that interested buyers can’t resist. Frontman can do the same within the chat window. It can segment the visitors based on their requirements, and if a user poses a good chance of sale then it can further keep on the conversation while displaying the offers that are pre-defined by the dealership.

Car Aggregators: Getting Enough Traffic, But Little Lead Generation?

The revenue model of car aggregators solely depends on the number of visitors filling the forms to get a callback from the company. However, with the rise in the conversational channels, today’s users are less inclined towards forms. As a result, forms get a submission rate of 5–15%. So, when you get generated leads below 15% then it eventually results in a low conversion rate. Therefore, it affects the revenue model as well.

Generate Genuine leads, Upscale Customer Engagement and Boost Revenue with Automotive Frontman Chatbot

Hence, there’s a need to turn towards conversational platforms like AI chatbots that can start the conversation with the visitors as they land on the website. The two-way communication enables prospects to submit their requirements without thinking twice. It eventually results in the higher lead generation as well as Chatbots like Frontman sends the details of the prospects to the sales team in real-time. That further enables the instant connection between an organization and buyers. The fast connection often leads to a higher conversion rate as well as boost the revenue while reducing the operation cost.

Enable 24*7 active customer support

It’s one of the main aspects that strengthen the relationship with the important clients that matter. A chatbot can be the best resource to answer the monotonous queries of the website visitors as they ask. Like Frontman can instantly answer 80% of the repeated queries of hundreds of visitors at the same time. This bot can effectively filter the prospects from visitors at a fraction of the second. Also, it leads to a high engagement rate, which directly turns up the conversion rate. Whereas be it live chat or telecentre, the same support can’t be provided by traditional tools of customer support at the same cost.

Deep prospecting is the key to win more

A lot of users often feel a lack of trust in the organization. AI chatbots can be a big bet on this front. They collect the deep insights of the users like the previous conversation, car choice, budget, color, estimated time of purchase, city, etc. By conversing with the users based on the previous conversation, smart chatbots like Frotman incites a sense of trust in the users. It leads towards enabling more sales and also improves the brand image in the market.

Let visitors compare cars

Extracting the filtered information after comparing it via web tools is tedious and time-consuming. But, a smart chatbot can make it simple yet interactive. It can filter out the specific details between the two or more cars and tell them to the visitors in a conversational manner. This promotes natural conversation, and it gets easier for the users to grasp the knowledge and get a better understanding of the car.

Apply for EMI

When it comes to filling forms, not many people prefer filling them. This ultimately leads to the average performance of the promoted services. But, the same is not the case with AI chatbots. A bot can interactively ask for user details and reward the user with a visual message. By enhancing the conversation, a bot can get all the required details one by one, without letting users feel tedious. Moreover, chatbots like Frontman can even collect the KYC documents of the users within the chat screen and sent the user details to the concerned team for quick action. Some of these unique features enable businesses to get on top of the customers’ priority list, and they prefer to buy from such businesses, whenever in the future they prefer to avail such services.

Personalize the Conversation and Step into the Shoes of Customers

Personalization stands for understanding user requirements and pitching products accordingly.

What makes AI chatbots smart? There can be many features, but talking in the tone of the customer is the most powerful one. They can begin the unstoppable conversations with the interested car buyers while personalizing the conversation as per their input. This can be used to set the pitch and target relevant cars to the customers that match their requirements. Hence, it gets easier for the prospects to buy a car that fits their terms and budget.

An AI chatbot is a win-win for both customers and the automobile sector.

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