24+ Valuable Chatbot Statistics That You Should Know in 2020

24+ Valuable Chatbot Statistics That You Should Know in 2020

In the last few years, there has been a subsequent increase in the Use of Chatbots. Here we have analyzed a few important stats about Chatbots that you should know in 2020.

General Statistics For Chatbots

1. 64% of website visitors believe that 24*7 availability is the most powerful feature of a chatbot.

Enterprises know how much it means to have the power of being always available to their end-user. Meanwhile, they are familiar with the fact that humans can’t provide 24*7 availability with a manageable budget and uniform efficiency. But after the introduction of chatbots, many companies and institutions applied it to their website. Results were very obvious as chatbots were found to be a great success in allowing them to provide 24*7 availability.

2. 65% of user accepts that they feel more supportive in getting an instant response on their problems and queries.

Searching for answers and not knowing where to search for it is the biggest issue that users face while visiting a website. Implementation of Chatbots can answer that problem very swiftly by decreasing response time for the user on their queries or problems.

3. 62% of user prefers texting over calling for customer support.

The increase of messaging and texting in social media for conversation in the last few years has made users more fond of texting than calling for communication. As a result, they have started preferring texting at other platforms also.

4. 95% of users are using or have used chatbots in 2019.

The increase in these numbers has not stopped yet, as it can hopefully rise to an even higher percentage in upcoming years.

5. 72% of user accepts to use Chatbots for their work, only 5% of user disagrees on using chatbots at all.

The Acceptancy of using chatbots has been gaining high numbers with its increasing influence. In the next few years, over 90% of user acceptance would be achieved by chatbots.

Chatbot Statistics for Companies

6. 74% of the company that uses chatbot has under 50 employees.

Chatbots are cheap to afford and provide better results than human employees. It has ultimately decreased the need for human employees for monotonous tasks in the companies.

7. Most of the leading companies predict that by the end of 2020, 88% of human interface would be substituted with Chatbots.

Advancement of Chatbots is becoming faster than ever and when analyzed thoroughly the predictions are being accurate as time goes.

8. 61% of user finds chatbot more reliable for communicating with a company.

When a user gets to interact with a chatbot on a website, it makes the user feel like interacting with a company representative. This sense of trust creates more reliability with the use of chatbots.

9. Many businesses have estimated at least a 45% reduction in customer support services costs.

Financial management in companies is also getting a lot of help from chatbots. Ultimately, it has been very affecting the growth of the company by eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Chatbot Statistics for E-Commerce and E-Marketing

10. In e-commerce, more than 42% of users prefer Chatbot for availing customer's support.

For many reasons, chatbots have become an easy tool to gain the trust of a customer in the e-commerce industry more easily than any other AI tools.

11. 86% of website visitors primarily look for a chatbot to make a conversation.

Searching the “Contact Us” or “FAQ” page to get inquiries answered has become an old fashioned way. Chatbots are getting high preference than them, as they assist better and faster.

12. 67% of chatbot users have used a chatbot for buying online products in 2019.

Filteration ability of chatbots has resulted in saving time for users to search for their required product.

13. 89% of marketers use a chatbot for email/SMS marketing and promotions.

Chatbots can analyst data from users and can predict product that customers most probably buy. Marketers use chatbots to promote products or services using a chatbot and its data, and it is been highly effective in increasing sales.

Chatbot Statistics for Banking and Finance

14. Recent bank surveys say that by 2021 they will automate 92% of their interaction with customers using chatbots.

Reports from the implementation of chatbots on many banking websites in the last few years have analyzed that there is a lot of scopes of chatbots in the banking industry.
Within a few months, many private and govt. banks will implement chatbots in their banking system to an even higher extent.

15. By the end of 2020, 88% of customers will manage their association with the bank via chatbots.

A chatbot is a kind tool that has a highly advanced security system. And with its increasingly positive impact in this industry, customers are starting to trust more on these bots. It will show its result by the end of this year with the high increase in association of customers with banking through chatbots.

16. 80% of insurance customers are satisfied with the chatbot voice experience.

The insurance industry is much more complex than any other finance industry. Chatbots have been gaining success at their too.
It is expected that in the coming years, with the help of chatbots insurance industry will be more simplified and easy for customers.

Chatbot Statistics for Education

17. Chatbots have shown a 45% decrease in operational costs in the education industry.

Chatbots have shown a cost decrease in the education industry by eliminating paperwork from management.

18. Provides better teaching ability to teachers which has shown an increase in student grades.

Many abilities of chatbots like providing virtual assistance to teachers are helping them to give better productivity. This impact of better performance of teachers with chatbots has shown an increase in the grades of students also.

19. The education industry stands on 3rd position in contributing chatbot engagement with 18% of the total contribution.

Apart from the business and industrial sector, the education industry holds the highest engagement in the contribution.

Chatbot Statistics for Healthcare

20. The success rate of chatbots is predicted to rise from 12% to 75% in the next two years.

Healthcare is one of the most important areas for basic human needs. Chatbots are playing a very crucial role in helping the health care industry to provide better services. It provided chatbots a lot of scope to upheld their services.

21. Healthcare can save almost 4 billion dollars by 2022 with the help of chatbots.

These chatbots are being used to diagnose basic diseases with the data provided to them.
Many hospitals and clinics are saving money and resources with the help of chatbots, and with this uniform growth, savings will reach billions in the next few years.

22. 71% of physicians believe that with the right use of chatbots many sudden deaths can be avoided.

Due to the lack of information and in-connectivity with medical authorities, sudden death occurs. Chatbots can prevent them from being happening by providing instant connectivity with medical authority in times of emergency. Chatbots can also help in providing basic medical escort when the situation lacks human availability.

Chatbot Statistics For Automobiles

23. The automobile sector is predicted to grow by 48% in the next two years with Chatbots.

Autonomous driving was used to be a dream a decade ago. But at present, the automotive industry is just a few steps away to earn perfection there. Chatbots technology is being upgraded day by day to become smart enough for autonomous driving.

24. 45% of Automotive users claimed that they had a better experience in selecting brands and vehicles with a chatbot.

Using a chatbot, customers find it easy to sort out the vehicle that they need from the catalog. A chatbot is also helpful in comparing vehicles and book an appointment for a test drive directly from it.

25. There have been 3 times more lead to engagement conversion calculated.

A chatbot can keep the user engaged, which has resulted in 3 times more engagement in the automotive industry.
But according to analysis, there is a great chance to gain even more engagement conversion in upcoming years with the advancement of chatbot technology.

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Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.


NPS is on the rise! Filters + Zapier + Exports 💪

Now, with Our NPS beta stage is almost finished! Now you can filter all the NPS responses by date, user, score or any custom field you are sending.

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