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B2B Chatbot: Grow Your Business Network with Real-time Conversational Marketing

B2B Chatbot: Grow Your Business Network with Real-time Conversational Marketing
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The true art of marketing lies in the personalization to the extent that users can’t anticipate what’s coming next?

Real-time marketing is another word for real-time personalization. It mainly focuses on catching the attention of the users by displaying suitable products as per their input. This makes it easier for the buyers to scroll the customized list of products and get ahead to the transaction page.

A big factor in enhancing the user experience with real-time marketing and personalization is relevancy. It means, if a user has searched for a particular product on your website, then you should be able to assist the users with relevant products and queries regarding the same. It’s not a complex task to tailor the user experience as per their interest. All it takes is smart tools that can interpret user inputs and tailor the services as per. Such tools can be a great help in boosting the buying experience, as they cut out the clutter and displays only relevant information on the screen.

B2B: Enhance Business Communication and Create A Sense of Urgency

Be it B2B or B2C market, today customers expect an instant response from businesses. That’s the reason why many E-commerce giants have deployed conversational AI chatbots. Mainly, to take care of the queries of sellers/visitors/customers as they ask. With on-the-spot customer support, it gets easy for business persons to get their queries answered at any hour of the day. Eventually, the real-time help desk availability benefits the companies in continuing the business cycle 24*7 and retain the trust of their customers.

However, there are few differences in selling to customers vs selling to businesses. Like in B2C, end-users can buy products based on their opinion. Whereas, in B2B there’s nothing like this, as a product purchase cycle begins from the procurement department to accounting to the head of the departments for approval. This long process makes it challenging to sell a product in the B2B domain.

So, what makes the B2B domain different?

In the business to business interactions, the complexity of leveraging buyers is intricate when compared to the B2C market. Certain factors drive the attention of other businesses like, possible use cases, pricing, what competitors offer, features, end-user impact, and scalability of the product.

Main challenges in B2B:

  • Not an easy task to directly contact decision-makers.
  • Change in perspective of businesses. As a result, today only a few businesses want to be approached by sales executives.
  • Businesses make decisions based on their research and pick up the best product.

The challenges in the B2B domain are different, and that’s why it’s important to understand how AI chatbots like Frontman can help your business establish and secure sales with other companies.

How Next-gen Chatbots Can Bring B2B Together?

Undoubtedly, there are many challenges that a business faces while establishing a connection with another business. But, by leveraging next-gen technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing a company can automate the process of answering the general queries of the buyers at any hour of the day.

AI chatbots offer a wide range of applications, that are useful in enhancing the end-user experience as well as product experience. Specifically, when it comes to Frontman, it can help you go the extra mile with the industry first and industry specific features, such as:

  • Set up a meeting:

Let business connect and book a meeting with your experts in no time. By scheduling an appointment in real-time via chat screen, a user has to pick a suitable date and time to get the appointment fix. You can send the user details to the concerned team and follow up on a business in real-time.

  • Strike with personalization:

A personalized conversation is more likely to draw attention and shift the user's interest in a product. You can personalize a product and service on personal as well as business level. Also, this can help in enhancing the buyers’ engagement rate.

  • Enable real-time help desk:

When it comes to queries, businesses are just like a customer. They ask a lot of questions to clear their heads and proceed forward. Many of their queries are repeated and monotonous, which can be easily answered via a smart chatbot in real-time.

  • Boost lead generation and get genuine leads:

In today’s business environment, it has become necessary to focus on what matters! However, it has been seen that traditional tools yield a low engagement rate that ultimately results in a low conversion rate. On the other hand, conversational tools are proving to be effective in leveraging higher engagement and conversion rates at a cost-effective price.

  • Deep prospecting and market R&D:

AI chatbots pose good memory allocation skills. They can store information regarding user engagement. This can be useful in interpreting the interest of the prospects. Also, with the hands-on information about what users liked/disliked, you can customize the conversation as per their interest and pitch a product in a better way.

  • Emails may not be the best way:

The traditional tools are proving to be less effective. Therefore relying solely on the E-mails for approaching clients or connecting with the prospects might not be the best way. The reason being that one-way communication is less engaging when compared to the two-way interaction. Because, with two-way communication, users feel a sense of connection. Plus, by making use of next-gen chatbots, you can interactively market a product or service.

Businesses Are More Likely to Pick You

It has been seen that organizations that rely on high-end technologies are more likely to preferred by other businesses. You can leverage AI chatbots to connect with the clients and at the same time market products and services to them. By personalizing the bot interaction as per your prospects’ interaction, you can actively enhance the engagement with them. And, that'll ultimately help you to sell to the already engaged users.

Takeaway: Solving digital transformation challenges for enterprises

Our platform offers engaging digital experiences that convert, by blending your digital and physical assets. Frontman comes loaded with features like a multi-turn conversational chatbot, click-to-conversation, and behaviour based messaging into one centralized data-driven UI for your customers. This creates personal, instant and easy interactions online that have proven to:

  •  Increase online conversion rate
  •  How to get more leads and signups with chatbots INSTANTLY
  •  How to build a huge business network
  •  Enhance online customer experience