Enterprise Chatbot Platform : Conversational AI for Sales & Support

Enterprise Chatbot Platform : Conversational AI for Sales & Support

Compared with earlier situations when people used to put notices to share information, and the public needs to visit the offices to get assistance on their queries. The present is much better, now people can get assistance in real-times via conversational tools like chatbots, and companies can share information with their customers with these tools.

Its been quite long since the tools like chatbots and virtual assistants are buzzing in the market. Why wouldn’t they have such popularity? They completely deserve that !!

Enterprise Chatbot Platform

So, when we talk about chatbot for businesses, the question comes first in mind is, how can companies get one?

Well, many platforms offer businesses to build a bot for their website. And also, enterprises don’t require any programmer or coding expert to install and develop them.

Enterprises Chatbot Platforms allows huge companies to build a chatbot for their website to automate multiple tasks. Besides that, businesses can use these tools for internal management, comprehensive analysis, error elimination, conversational advertisement, feedback acquiring, and customer engagement.

For example, building a chatbot with Frontman (⚡Powered by Makerobos) is like playing a lego board game. You just need to pick and drop the cards to make a good conversational flow. With Frontman, you can create a bot for tasks like automating customer support, appointment booking, feedback & review collection, advertisements & promotions, etc.

What makes Enterprise Chatbot Platforms Different From Other Chatbot Platforms?

It is perfectly reasonable if you have been curious about this question. People often confuse between other platforms and enterprise chatbot platforms. The only difference between the both is Enterprise Chatbot Platforms designs bot for huge business level purposes. While other chatbot manufacturing platforms may not be able to build bots powerful enough to meet with the needs of huge enterprises.

Enterprise Chatbot Use Cases

Let us explore more by understanding how Enterprises Chatbots can be helpful for different industries.


Healthcare is one of the highest demanding industries for chatbots. For tasks like symptom checking, appointment booking, doctor or hospital feedback, files & reports download, etc. businesses can make good use of chatbots.

Even for other tasks like customer support, emergency responder, and live chat support, healthcare chatbot can be quite useful.


Today, almost every sector is developing at a quite high rate. And surprisingly, the education sector comes third in the fastest-growing industries. To stay at the top of the chart, many enterprises are using advanced technologies like chatbots for virtual learning and better management.

Undoubtedly, the applications of chatbot can benefit in the education sector. Enterprises can automate their admission registration system, provide virtual assistant to their staff for decreasing their workload, and enable parents to connect with teachers in real-time with chatbots.


In the last few years, the e-commerce market has grown a lot, so do the chatbot market. Businesses are inclining towards bots for jobs like order tracking, delivery confirmation, customer support, feedback & reviews, and surveys.

Moreover, these bots are so much capable that they can even predict what customers may buy next. The behavioral analysis and prediction ability of chatbots can help customers in selecting outfits for them. Furthermore, this can help businesses to get higher upsell and boosting the impulsive buying capacity of their customers.

Real Estate

When it comes to chatbots, no one can deny that the real estate industry has the most potential of getting higher leads with these tools. Companies can automate their customer support, enable their customers to get details about their desired property conversationally, and substitute web-forms with conversational forms to get up to 60% higher submissions.

There are also other use cases of chatbots for real estate businesses like from Frontman; companies can track the source of customers visiting your website. Also, the Frontman can analyze that from which keyword on google the prospect has redirected on your website, following that it can converse contextually based on their interest.

Digital Marketing

It is quite surprising that from using newspaper and radio broadcasts for promoting a brand to using social media and search engines for the same, a lot has changed in the atmosphere of marketing. Nowadays, the concept of digital marketing has the highest popularity. And businesses are investing billions in it.

Also, many companies are using chatbots with their digital marketing campaigns to automate and improve their promotions and advertisements. Moreover, for tasks like analyzing and monitoring, chatbots came out to be the perfect tool.

HR Department

The HR department in any company plays a crucial role in maintaining the productiveness in the workplace. A chatbot has been found very beneficial for helping human resources in the same. A chatbot can monitor the performance of employees, provide information to them about their employment policies, help HR to decide which task should be given to particular employees.

Businesses can also help the HR department by deploying a chatbot in terms of sending and receiving files, automating tasks, doing surveys, and leave approvals conversational.

How Can Enterprise Chatbot Platforms Help Businesses?

There are many ways enterprise chatbots can help different businesses. Here are the most important benefits and uses of chatbots for businesses.

Automating Monotonous Tasks

The primary function of a chatbot is to automate monotonous tasks. Like to answer user utterances, book appointments, guiding website visitors to particular webpages, and answer FAQs.

By automation, businesses can save a considerable amount of capital; for example, on average huge enterprises invest up to 60% of their capital in customer services and support. And with a conversational marketing tool, it can lower down to almost 8%-20%.

Boosting Leads And Lead Conversion Rate

For sure, every lead that visits the website wants something from there. And still, for many reasons, they leave the website even without purchasing anything. How can it be resolved?

Expecting 100% conversion is indeed wrong, but obviously, having maximum potential conversion is expectational. With chatbots on the websites, businesses can converse with every lead and ask them what do they need. After knowing the requirements of the visitors, a chatbot can offer everything that the website has for the same. It eliminates every reason for the website to not get the conversion, except that the website doesn’t have anything that a visitor wants. Also, in case of possible prospects dropping out, businesses can allow their customer service representative to take over the conversation and turn it into live chat service.

Moreover, this tool can also help websites to understand what customers do want from them, as every conversation stay saved in the analytics.

Improving Customer Services

A fundamental problem that every enterprise has to face is providing the best customer service. While trying to do so, they often end up investing more than they should. Also, even after such high investments, they couldn’t be able to provide flawless services.

With automated conversational customer services, businesses can make their customer services better and more engaging. A chatbot can answer queries of the customer, assist them with the essential services provided by the website within the chatbot window and that too 24x7. Also, in the case of complex queries, a human representative can handover conversation from the chatbot.

Behavioral Analysis & Digital Assistant

A chatbot can analyze what a lead may want to buy with the appropriate amount of data. So, now think about how much businesses can earn if they know what their customer exactly want to buy?

Moreover, like a digital assistant, a chatbot can work on the commands of a particular individual, if trained accordingly. You can compare it with a servant working for someone as per the training without even asking for a holiday !!

Getting Started with A Chatbot For Your Enterprise

If you are new to “Chatbots,” then it will be exciting for you to build chatbot with Frontman AI

How to Sign-up?

Ohh, it is so easy: Click Here

How to install Frontman?

Installing Frontman is quite easy and quick task too

  • Open Dashboard
  • Create an Instance or clone a template into the Instances section.
  • Go to publish section
  • Insert your website link the “Website Domain URL” section
  • Copy “JS Script” of the widget
  • Paste it in the HTML, preferably before the closing body tag (</body>) on each page of your website.
  • And you are done !!

How to Build Enterprise Chatbot?

Have you ever played the LEGO board game? Well, making a chatbot via Frontman is as easy as that.

  • Log in to the Dashboard
  • Select your Live Instance
  • Go to Style Builder to customize the design and appearance.
  • Visit the Story Builder section and Instinct AI section to train the chatbot with monotonous queries and build the conversational flow.

  • Copied

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