Chatbots Vs Web Forms: Do Chatbots Convert Better than Forms?

Chatbots Vs Web Forms: Do Chatbots Convert Better than Forms?

Have you ever visited a website and found yourself being welcomed with a webform asking details like your name, phone number, email-id, etc. and felt annoyed with it?

What is Web-Form?

Web-Form is a webpage where user can fill their information like name, contact number, and email address to sign up for a newsletter, to connect with the website, or to place an order, etc. They may vary in length, format, content type, and appearance. But the purpose remains the same for all. i.e., collecting user information.

Although, it is obvious that businesses need user’s information to connect with their potential customers. But from the user’s perspective, web-forms are more like a headache.

Web-Forms: Headache > Source of Connecting With Users

When a user is interested in a website for its content or services or anything else that the website provides. (When a user lands on a website to purchase products and services). And suddenly, a form pops up, asking details or suggesting to subscribe newsletter. Then it may annoy users and ultimately deflect their interest in the website.

Even if there isn’t any pop-up form on a website, then still the users may not fill those dull and unengaging contact pages or contact web-form to connect with the businesses. This mostly makes it tough for marketers to obtain information about potential customers in terms of user preferences and feedback.

So does it means that there is no way to get user information without annoying the user? 😰😧

The world is full of possibilities and innovation. And to overcome unattractive and irritative web-form, innovators have introduced Chatbots.

What is Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an AI-Based real-time conversational tool. It is a more user-friendly tool than web-forms for interacting with users. Chatbots can communicate with humans through text message as per they are trained. They are the most successful substitution for web-forms. Apart from being a useful substitution of web-forms, chatbots can be employed in a number of business operations.

How Does Chatbot Work As Substitution Of Web-Forms?

Unlike web-forms, the chatbot doesn’t simply pop up on the screen asking for the details of the users. They initially greet the users with a simple message like “Hii, How Are You?” or “Heyy. I am Bot. What’s Your Name?”. Chatbot window may open automatically (as specified) at the corner of the webpage so that the user won’t feel disturbed by its turmoil while surfing the website.

Let's see how a chatbot works when a visitor lands on a website:

A user lands on a website and starts looking for desired content or product ✌

A chatbot may open as soon as the user lands on the website, or it may open after the user clicks on the chatbot icon 🙋‍♂

A chatbot may greet the user to start a conversation or directly asks the user's name pleasantly, as instructed 🎉👋

When the user answers to the chatbot with his/her name. Chatbot continues the conversation by asking, “What Are You Looking For?”, or “How May I Help You?” 😊

Once answered by the user, a chatbot can offer every service that the website provides and is relevant to the user’s desire 🤗

And when the user selects or answers chatbot’s offering, the chatbot asks the user’s contact info delightfully to connect with him/her 😃

Now, As A User, Ask Yourself, “Which Way Of Interaction Will You Prefer, Chatbot or Web-Forms?”

Chatbots: More Than A Substitute For Web-Forms

The idea of inventing chatbot was not limited to use it just as a better substitution for web-forms. There are many many other uses that you should know, such as:

  • Chatbots As A Virtual AssistantLet's imagine you are going to a place, and an assistant is continuously working for you on your commands, making you feel like a real king 😎. That’s exactly how a chatbot can work for every user who visits your website. The conversational ability of chatbot is not limited to attain connectivity with the user. It can accomplish more than that if trained accordingly. 💂‍♂️🤝

  • Chatbots As A Next-Gen Marketing Tool: Nowadays, marketing with a chatbot is one of the most debated conversations. Many global brands and businesses have seen a resolutely high increase in their lead-to-engagement conversion after the implementation of a chatbot. 📲📊

  • Chatbots For Booking Appointment And Assisting CustomersLet's suppose that you want to book an appointment for a test drive of a car. Traditionally, you would have to go to the website and search for the nearest dealer and then call him for a test drive. After 10 min - 15 min of conversation with the dealer, you will be able to select which model you want to test drive and decide a date to appoint. But with a chatbot, you can do it within three to five clicks!! 😮😍

Jeep-India has implemented the  Karl-Chatbot  ⚡️by on their website to assist users with their JEEP SUV related queries, book a test drive, locate dealer, etc. You can see the functioning of chatbot’s appointment booking ability on Jeep India Website


The traditional functioning of the digital market has changed a lot in the last two decades. People used to pay mobile bills, electricity bills, water bills, etc. at recharge stores after waiting for their turn in the long queues. But today, with the rise in digital services, this all can be done in just a few minutes with e-wallets or UPI, that too without waiting in a queue.

Same is the case with web-forms, as today users are not willing to pay much attention to those traditional and dull methods of form filling. They seek more conjunctive and conversational ways to interact with businesses, that can only be fulfilled with chatbots.

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