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Healthcare Chatbot - Conversational Helpdesk for Medical Emergencies

Healthcare Chatbot - Conversational Helpdesk for Medical Emergencies
Healthcare Organizations lose $5 Billion annually due to waste in the supply chain.

From ancient time to the present, the healthcare system has changed a lot. Technologies are developed; doctors are now able to cure diseases that were not even known to them.

Still, after so many years, there are so many errors in the system. Like people die because they didn’t know what should they do during the first five minutes after an accident. Healthcare Industries couldn’t help patients who get a heart attack, because, by the time they connect with the medics, it already gets too late. Also, the hospitals remain crowded, and during hectic hours it sometimes leads to an error in the process by the management.

To create stability among the crowd, emergency services, and management. After trying many different methods, the innovators came out with the idea of automating health care services with conversational chatbots.

Healthcare Chatbot

Whether it is about scheduling an appointment, providing emergency services, assisting patients with prices, and guiding them with procedures, Healthcare Chatbot can do all of it without human interaction.

Healthcare Industry can solve most of their problems with conversational chatbots. And besides getting resolution, they can also observe higher leads and engagements. All that they need to do for it is to deploy a Healthcare Chatbot on their website.

How Can Healthcare Chatbot Be The Solution?

Similar to other industries, conversational AI can benefit healthcare services also like:

Automated Customer Support

When visitors land on a Healthcare Website, they mostly feel confused about how can they get their queries answered. The questions are mostly like, “What are the working hours of the hospital?” “What is the name of the physician in the hospital?” “What is the location of the hospital?”. To answer such utterances, healthcare companies invest a lot of workforce and capital in customer support departments. But with the Conversational Chatbot, these queries can be solved more interactively than humans can do.

Automating Customer Support with Healthcare Chatbot can further help businesses to free their human workforce and allow that resource to work on more productive tasks. And with less stress in the job, it can subsequently decrease the chances of human errors in the process.

Live Support With Hybrid Chatbot

We do know that chatbots are a smart tool, they can answer every query that they are trained on, but what if someone asks them a question that can be answerable by a human medical expert only? Or a problem that they are not qualified to answer?

Well, AI-Chatbots has a solution for every problem. In the case of complex queries that a bot can’t answer, it can hand over the conversation to a human agent. Visitors can also directly ask Healthcare Hybrid Chatbot to connect them with live agents.

Sharing Information During Emergency in Real-time

Let us suppose that a patient is suddenly feeling hard to breath. And their friend calls at the healthcare department to get to know what should be done. First, it may take minutes for customer support to connect the call due to long queues. Then by the time they understand the problem and redirects the request to the concerned specialist, things may get complicated.

If you had a chatbot in the above situation, then the process can be many times faster. The bot would have connected the patient with the doctor within just a few clicks, which can ultimately help to prevent anything wrong to happen. Furthermore, it can enable Healthcare Industries to provide better services to their patients.

Scheduling Appointment

One of the most crowding reasons in Healthcare departments is patients coming at the hospital for booking an appointment. Even if they use customer call support for the same, it still causes trouble for the concerned team to handle multiple calls.

A Healthcare Chatbot can make appointment booking system more manageable and quicker and can eliminate the need for human interaction for it. Patients can directly go to the healthcare website, choose doctor, available date and time slot, provide necessary basic details, and book their appointment. Meanwhile, doctors can also get a real-time update via SMS or/and e-mail about the meeting.

Pathological & Pharmaceutical Department

While hospitals are using a chatbot for jobs like customer support and appointment booking, Pathological & Pharmaceutical Department of the healthcare industry can also get benefits from it.

  1. Pathological Chatbot

    A Pathological Chatbot can help patients in getting assistance about test pricing, test centre location, and combo offers form the website. Furthermore, patients can book an appointment for home blood collection in case of a histopathological test within the chatbot window. for instance chatbot can provide assistance with delivery and pick-up of at-home COVID-19 test sample kits

  2. Pharmaceutical Chatbot

    A Pharmaceutical Chatbot can help patients in ordering medicines online. This bot can also assist visitors with queries regarding medicine like its salt contains, side-effects, precautions, what to do if over-dosed, and when to not take it.

Healthcare Chatbot As A Virtual Assistant For Doctors

Till now, we discussed how we could decrease the workload of management and make services better for patients. But what about doctors?

Healthcare Chatbot can help doctors also in many ways like by being a virtual assistant for them. It can ask patients about their problems in the form of questionaries while they sit at a waiting room or after booking an appointment. Also, it can find the most relevant disease that the patient can have with the symptoms that they answered.

Overall, it can make the job easier for doctors, allowing them to be more accurate with their diagnosis, and helping them by decreasing their work-stress.

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