Conversion Rate: Is Your Website Getting Enough of it?

Conversion Rate: Is Your Website Getting Enough of it?

Online business is solely laid on the foundation of the visitor's interaction and conversion. At first, it is challenging to attract the visitors on a website, then begin the game of turning them into customers through various conversion methods.

After it, the revenue model of a website starts to grow and expand further. But, is your business website getting enough conversions? Are you able to explore the potential of your products and services? And, is it enough for your business?

The answers to these questions mainly depend on the conversion tools and methods an online business implements. So, let's revert to the basics and understand where businesses commit grave mistakes!

The talks of traditional tools are now over, with it, the days of static content are also over. And, enterprises need to understand this fact as soon as possible. Otherwise, the losses will go higher and ROI will hit the bottom. Nowadays, people spend most of the online-time while interacting with the dynamic content, and it’s obvious that they have now become habitual of it. This is enough to understand that masses have shifted from static to dynamic culture.

That's why it's recommended to build and deploy an AI chatbot on your business website. A bot can start the conversation as a visitor will land on the website, and ask for the purpose of the visit. The first-hand interaction makes it easier for the prospects to inquire about a product and get specific details in a short period. Including this, a business chatbot can help you get genuine leads (verified via OTP), and as well as boost the conversion rate. 

Tried and Trusted: Here are the ways to perfect the conversion rate

  • Perfect the Strategy Step-by-Step
  • Consider Going Other Ways
  • Conversation to Conversion
  • Toss it and Take it
  • Keep Up the New Ideas

1. Perfect the Strategy Step-by-Step

It all starts with pitching the right services or products to the right audience so that interested ones can come forward and turn into customers. But, this is not it. As the methods that are practiced to attract those customers don’t work on over 80% of the people, that can too become a part of your customer base!

2. Consider Going Other Ways

If a particular strategy fails to give the best outcome, and after manipulating it with the best resources is still not helping. Then, it’s time to consider adopting a new strategy, or a new gameplan. So, at first, you should try to understand why customers are not paying their attention, and what is distracting them from the conversational landing page. As there might be many external factors that you can’t control. So, it’s best to apart your business from unproductive ways.

3. Conversation to Conversion

Conversion rate is directly proportional to the number of visitors interacting with the landing pages. But, it is also directly linked with the onboarding experience that visitors feel after visiting a specific page. And, to enhance this experience it is necessary to add some zing to the bot conversations. This can only be done by a smart chatbot like Frontman which keeps people engage from the beginning to the end of a conversation. Plus, it can also ask, fetch user inputs and save them into the database, even if a user left the conversation in-between. 

4. Toss it and Take it

“Toss it and take it” is the concept that works when there are so many external uncontrollable factors, that businesses can’t act upon or handle. At those times, it’s best to understand those factors and take chances with different strategies. You should record the outcome of each of them and analyze which one is best. The possibility is either it’ll work or not. If it’s working then keep it, and if not then toss it again.

5. Keep up the New Ideas

Every business, products, and services are different, hence it’s not possible that what is working for others should work for your platform. Besides, with the dynamic shift in the customers’ nature of the interaction, it is not possible to entertain them every time with the same content style. Therefore the conversational landing pages should be built on the foundation of product character, and what kind of visitors will engage with it. By keeping these two points specific it’s possible to achieve the best conversion rate.

Don’t ever, ever, ever parody others’ strategy, it can be a bane for your business. Because you have just followed someone else’s technique, therefore it is best to dive into your customers base and examine their buying pattern, product choice, marketing ideas that had worked before. And, then work on creating a conversational landing page with Frontman.

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