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Conversational E-commerce: Make a Lasting Impression with Bot Conversations

Conversational E-commerce: Make a Lasting Impression with Bot Conversations

Conversations can be the sole factor in initiating impressive engagement and conversion rates on a commerce website. Since the last decade, businesses have significantly shifted their interest towards AI chatbots. They have leveraged bot technology to enhance their work operations while reducing the operation cost.

In 2020, bots have grown much smarter than before. The latest advancements in the field of chatbot development are the inclusion of the Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. These next-gen techs can enable a business to delight website visitors by personalizing the conversations and market-relevant products according to user input.

The Need for Conversations

Conversations can serve various purposes, but primarily they keep people engage and involved in the process of exchanging the information. With the rise of messaging platforms, a large part of the communication is now taking place via text messages. In fact, people worldwide exchange billions of texts via messaging applications.

A conversational chatbot can take advantage of the text messages to connect with the landing website visitors by merely saying, “Hi, there. How can I help you?”. This single message can enable the users to engage with the bot and ask their queries, and as well get answers in real-time. By assisting the users, a chatbot can advance the prospects to submit their requirements along with personal details. Hence, by deploying a conversational platform on the website, a business can enhance the engagement rate, and enable real-time transactions at any hour of the day.

However, there are a lot of factors that influence the visitors in having a conversation with the E-commerce chatbot, such as user interface, selection of words, placement of CTAs’, and personality of the chatbot. By perfecting all these aspects, a business can establish a prompt relationship with the website visitors and sell faster.

Percepts of Creating Unique Conversational Experience

E-commerce businesses need to understand the basics of chatbots and how to take advantage of this platform to execute end-user goals. But, before this, constituting bot-conversation as per the domain of business is critical. So, let’s get ahead and understand how to perfect a chatbot from conversational aspect:

Step 1- Get Started with Frontman’s LEGO Boardgame

LEGO is the soul of Frontman; it enables the businesses to tailor the conversation in the most natural way possible, without any coding. This means you need to drag and drop the cards from the right section of the Story Builder to create never-ending bot conversations.

P.S: By assigning two different blocks into the A/B testing card, you can play and analyze two different bot conversations.

Step 2- Do the Groundwork and set the Conversational Stage

The basics of the chatbot conversation should project it as a digital shopping assistant. For instance, if you want to present the bot as the face of a virtual shopping assistant. Then it would be best if you begin the conversation with “Hello shopper, I’m your shopping assistant. I can help you pick the best collection!” This message, right from the beginning of the conversation, clears the purpose of the chatbot. Also, it makes it easier for users to pursue the same goals as stated by the bot. By stating the intention of the e-commerce chatbot, you can avoid getting irrelevant queries of the website visitors.

Step 3- Deadlock: Clear the Clutter and Keep Going without any Hassle

Make it effortless for the visitors to get the answer to their queries in the easiest way possible. As bots that aren’t trained well with the queries get stuck in between the conversation. Hence, this can degrade the user experience and as well as affect the sales cycle. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what a user can respond to in reply. By satisfying every aspect of the conversation, you can assist users with adequate answers to their problems.

Frontman allows you to plan and build the conversation smartly. By using the Phraser card and Instinct AI function, you can set the possible user input as keywords, and reply via text or route the conversation to a particular block.

Step 4- Personalize the Conversation and Win More Customers

Conversations that revolve around the interest of the buyers are more likely to tempt them. Personalization in the world of bot conversation is just like magic. We have seen that chatbots that converse traditionally get a lower engagement rate as compared to the ones that offer visitors a personalized environment tailored as per their input. So, it’s necessary to build bot conversations smartly. You can do this by saving user inputs and using them to route the communication as per the interest of the buyer.

Step 5- Give and Take: Build Fair and Rewarding Conversations

Besides personalization, to keep visitors engaged with the e-commerce chatbot, you should build rewarding conversational flow. Therefore, it’s necessary to collect the input from the website visitors step by step. In between, when they submit the asked details or perform a particular task, then you can reward them with GIFs/images, or send them a simple thank you message. The visual graphics promote user engagement and keep users inclined towards business goals. But you should avoid using irrelevant and fast-moving GIFs in the conversational flow, as it can cripple the user engagement.

Step 6- The Human Factor: Converse with the Users like a Friend, not like a Machine

AI chatbots are the new black in the E-commerce industry, and that’s why users are not used to buying products from them. Many people are not even familiar with the concept of chatbots. Therefore, it cannot be elementary for them to purchase products via such platforms. So, it’s necessary to tailor the chatbot conversation humanely. You can do this by composing a bot character. It would be best if you shape the bot conversation by including these elements, such as compassion, humor, emotionally intelligent, precise and straightforward.

Step 7- Make it Platform Friendly 

E-commerce users now rely on mobile devices; hence it’s essential to deploy a chatbot that can be optimized as per user device. In 2018, more than 58% of e-commerce customers were mobile users. These numbers are expected to increase by up to 70% by 2021. Therefore, you must make use of a device-optimized and future proof chatbot platform. So, you can connect with the next-gen buyers as they land on your commerce website.

One More Thing

A chatbot’s user experience largely relies upon its behavior of communication with the users. Therefore, it’s necessary to understand the goals of your E-commerce platform and tailor the bot conversation accordingly. Along with building and designing the chatbot, you should also give it a friendly personality that resonates with your business.

Makerobos presents you with an advanced AI chatbot builder platform, “Frontman”. It enables you to customize the E-commerce chatbot (Home menu, chat window, conversations) as per the domain of your business. By shaping the chatbot accordingly, you can enhance the engagement with the visitors while delivering a lasting impression.

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